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  1. Yes irresponsible lending, i am trying to get back the interest and loan fees what I don't understand is why on some of the loans no interest has been added?
  2. I am trying to get my money back from the cheque center I have asked them for a statement of the loans i have had with them this is what they sent me Loan amount. Interest. Loan payment 03-Oct-12 26-Oct-12 15-Oct-12 TOP UP 150 0 187.5 15-Oct-12 26-Oct-12 15-Oct-12 TOP UP 250 0 312.5 15-Oct-12 26-Oct-12 26-Oct-12 REPAID 300 75 375 26-Oct-12 30-Nov-12 31-Oct-12 TOP UP 50
  3. Yes it is sorry I forgot to add the last letter hand delivered is for £1425.28
  4. I need some help with the bully Boys jacobs ! I have asked for a full breakdown of charges, to me this is a joke. We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 10th July 2015, and we note the contents therein. * Please find attached statements of the accounts for your perusal. * We can confirm that our Enforcement Agent, Tom Wright attended your property on the 9th July 2015 at 13:35. No contact was made and a letter was left. An Enforcement fee of £235.00 was incurred on Jacobs reference only. * A second visit was made by Mr Wright on the 10th July 2015 at 10:07.
  5. I know my fault, I have asked them to take it back but they want bank statements even before they think of taking it back why do they want bank statements?
  6. The sofa I have had over 3 years and has £147.78 left and the TV have not had long about 7 month's and has £2,392.67, can anyone advice me on what to do next please.
  7. Hi everyone Please I need someone's help I have a TV and sofa from perfect home but now due to debt and benifit cut I am unable to afford the weekly amount anymore I emailed perfect home to explain I got a reply from them saying they will have to see bank statements before they think about collecting the stuff, why do they need bank statements? I am not sure what to do next? I am behind on payments two weeks because I can not pay anymore please someone help
  8. I have found one which is for £5.45 i will try find the other two and let you know. Thanks
  9. I think so i moved house not long ago so they maybe in the loft.
  10. Hi everyone I need some help with perfect home i have just asked them to take off coverplus and they have but now need help reclaiming my money back just have no clue how to do it please help! Thank you
  11. Hi everyone i hope someone can help? i am trying to rent a house i have passed credit check, employment ref and now waiting on letting agent ref, i have had a lot of trouble with my current letting agent which in the end made me involve environmental health and i have held some rent back because of this, i have now paid all my rent arrears . my question is will they give me a bad ref? and if they do will the letting agent refuse me because of this? i have been honest with my new letting agent and told them all of this please let me know what you think also if it goes against me
  12. Hi everyone hope someone can help, I have had it up to here with the state of my bathroom and how the landlord wont do anything the bathroom is damp and mold growing everywhere no matter how much i clean it, it comes back the next day i have a 3 month old baby and don't take her in the bathroom its so disgusting don't know what to do about it, hope someone can help. i have posted some pictures below [ATTACH=CONFIG]44372[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44373[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44374[/ATTACH]
  13. Yes they have I took BC in myself and they photocopied it, but that was over a month ago and I just received this months benefit which was the same amount???
  14. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me I am a single parent on income support, claiming housing benefit and have had a baby, I sent in baby's BC over a month ago but still reciving the same benefit amount I was told by the benefit department that my claim would got from shared accommodation to 2 bed and that I would get more money close to my rent amount but that's not happened can someone please explain whats going on I just don't understand. Thank You
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