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  1. Days and nights make a huge difference in this case because the pay per hour is much higher on nights, weekends and public holidays. It used to be that they always put annual leave through as Monday Tuesday Wednesday dayshift and that was doing people out of a lot of money compared to what they would get from their 'average' working week so there was a campaign to make them pay holiday fairly and lots of people got backdated money.
  2. I'm also on the staff bank and had a substantive post too until recently. This was something our health board did ages ago, it is basically to make you actually take holidays. They should be paying you the average of your last 12 weeks rate, thats what a lot of people got backdated pay for a few years back (sure it was the 'pay as if at work' campaign they called it) but you need to request annual leave and wont be allowed to work the days you have taken leave. This was a huge issue in my health board and I would be surprised if other boards didn't take the lesson mine learned the hard way on
  3. There are lots of reasons why these drugs are more commonly prescribed in more deprived areas, addiction is of course an issue but it is not the cause. The vast majority of working people in deprived areas are in jobs where they are more likely to have injuries or wear and tear that would require these medications - manual jobs are likely to lead to back pain for example. People in deprived areas are far more likely to suffer from depression for multiple reasons, some of which are obvious but also reasons like a lack of facilities, a lack of green space, job stress, an inability to take time o
  4. Sorry DX I never seen your reply, yes I record calls. The letter has now arrived saying they are not changing his points, although at least it has an actual description of why that I can argue against at appeal. One example is that he can take his own tablets which is true, but if he cant/wont order them himself then he wont have them to take will he? they are also still adamant that he can budget and make financial decisions which is news to me because this wasn't something he was capable of before the depression got bad due to a learning disability, but because he has a bank acco
  5. I know with the NMC they see the difference between a motoring conviction and a criminal conviction as being the issue. motoring you don't need to report, criminal you do but just because you need to report it doesn't mean it will actually have any effect. It will go on your PVC/DBS check though so it is likely something you will need to have a discussion with someone about if and when that gets renewed. I haven't personally had an issue like this but a nurse friend has a criminal conviction for a car related offence and they just asked her what happened and if it had any effect on
  6. The only time I have called is when they have given so little notice of appointments that I have no choice, I think thats why they do it so you have to call rather than write. They have received my letter, now we wait I guess
  7. not the exact same thing, but the other half got a text saying something like 'thanks for filling in your form' we hadn't filled in a form, then another one a while later saying something about an assessment that never materialised his money has continued and the only other thing we have had from them was a confirmation letter that his ESA wouldn't change when his PIP did
  8. We aren't entitled to anything as i work full time. We have applied for the mandatory reconsideration but i can see us having to go to a full appeal, although i haven't told him that yet the stress will be far too much for him. Got the text to say they have got my letter and to wait up to six weeks for a decision, just a waiting game now i guess
  9. Well the home assessment eventually got organised and the woman that came was quite nice. I did make a point of explaining to her the stress this situation caused and how it had made things worse, particularly them causing him to be struck from the GP list. They have taken his mobility away from him which we expected, he only got the mobility component because he was having back issues related to the job he had just been unfairly dismissed from before getting PIP the first time round, because he is now not working his back pain is well controlled with medication so we knew we would lose
  10. I used to freelance through sites like that when I was in college. obviously I don't know what site you are on but they are all pretty similar and usually have a way to contact the site itself about disputes, although I have never had to use it so I don't really know how it works. I stopped doing it in part due to clients demanding more and more for less and less and I found there were better ways to make money to get me through my studies. you should ask the site itself to take a look and see what the outcome of that is
  11. all trusts are probably slightly different but I do know people argue about 'implied contracts' in my trust all the time, the general feeling is that if you have been getting the shifts you want for two years or more you have one of these magic implied contracts and there is nothing anyone can do about it. As far as I know there is no policy on the same, but it seems that in my trust anyway that it is the way it goes. and yes I am bitter about it because when I came back after a significant injury I couldn't even get my shifts split despite that being the recommendation of everyone
  12. We had a nightmare with them the first time round, but it did all get sorted out in the end. All I hope at this point is that they don't send out another unsuitable appointment because I know what happens if that becomes the case. I just wish that they would give you a choice of dates when you call to change an appointment but they don't and they just don't give enough notice for me to be able to change my shifts in work (I have just started back part time after my injury) i'm a nurse so I can only get a day off if I can organise it in advance or possibly swap with someone at short notice. I t
  13. Just thought I would update this thread as I know how frustrating it is when people don't update. So a while after my last post I got a text saying 'we have sent you the form how your disability affects you' so I figured we were going to be asked to reapply but nothing ever turned up and I have made the decision that I am not going to chase them. Weeks later I get a text thanking me for filling in the form that we never even received and that they would pass the info on to ATOS (that wasn't their wording but it was clearly what they meant) again I just ignored and left it to them to get back t
  14. I must dig out the paper work, I always meant to take it up with them after everything was finalised but then things got really rough for a few months there and to be honest it has been the last thing on my mind. Thank you to this thread for reminding me to chase it up, I will definitely do so. I only got the final bill a few days before it was due and had to extend my overdraft to pay it as I had no other quick way to access that much extra money. I am going to look out the paperwork tomorrow
  15. We used them to buy our house and ended up paying much more than we expected . I would need to dig out the paperwork to find out the exact figures but off the top of my head we expected to pay something like £800 but ended up paying nearly £2k what annoyed me most was that the seller wanted to move quickly which we agreed to as we were renting before so no reason not to - at no point did anyone tell me this would cost me more and as it wasn't my suggestion I didn't even think to question it they simply asked me if I could move by this date, would mortgage process be finishe
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