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  1. Thanks DX100 I cant see why they are managing parking at all if 1st 4 hrs is free?? My Reply: Merry Hill has 7 car parks according to their website. They are all free but the blue car park is subject to time restrictions, meaning the customer has the benefit of free parking for upto 4 hours. Anything over 4 hours in that Blue car park, the motorist will receive a parking charge notice. I am not sure therefore how they make money get up on planning website find if they have it..i bet not
  2. Dave, para 3 relates to my residential/post al address address. When the contravention occured on the 15th June 2019, I had just moved from Cheltneham to Gloucester. My driving license had not been updated to Gloucester at the time. In addition the Gloucester address was not reliable because the mail isnt delivered specifically to my flat int eh complex, but its all left downstairs with no pigeon holes etc.. So when I posted my initial defence a long time ago using private parking appeals to help me, I made it clear that I live now in Gloucester, but because the posta
  3. Thanks Dave 'In paragraph 23, after "The Market Shopping Centre", add "in Crewe, 57 miles away".' My Reply: Thanks Dave, but are you sure its para 23. Did you mean Para 12 ?
  4. Thankyou Dave. Really most obliged Thankyou. I am reading through the links you posted on previous cases and reading through all the previous defence WS to see how I can perhaps make mine more concise and bried..
  5. Im sorry I am panicking now. I am reading through some successful cases and defence statements and am very impressed by them. Mines is no where as good and as Dx 100 is of 35 paras. I have my points made in a meticulous way but very disorganized and disjointed . Non eare from the internet. they are all my logical deductions. For example, the NTK charge is £90 yet in the Claimant WS para 23iii, they mention £100. Is tn that by its own virute confusing to the defendant? If I did owe them, which I dont then, is it £90 ? £ 100. Im trying to make the point to the court that
  6. https://www5.dudley.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=2099431 https://www5.dudley.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPCRITERIA I have done this search on the dudley coucil site for the relvant post code and left the date fileds empty. I have looked through all the 4 pages that the search result yileds and see no proof that the PPC has ever made an application
  7. I have a question please about Planning permission Is it the managing company , in this case Intu management limited which mages the Merry Hill centre that needs to apply for permission to erect the parking signages and ANPR or is it the parking company Bank Park which has to apply to the planning and town authorities In effect, should it be specifically the PPC who applies for these kind of permissions from the relevant authorities?
  8. Thankyou Dx100 Your awesome 'and all those are within that merry hill complex great no need for anything more then.' My Reply: All these transactions belong to retailers who trade at Merry Hill. Hand on heart, the bank statement doesnt specify for every transaction if its the branch at Merry Hill or not. The Nandos transaction does specify Merry Hill on the bank statement, but MacDonalds, BM , Costa..etc transactions on my bank stateeent dont specifically show whether it was at the branches located at merry Hill or not
  9. I have a few transactions on my Bank statement dated 17th June 2019 ( 15th was a Saturday, so on my Bank statements, the actual transaction shows up on the 17th ( Monday). There are a few transactions on My bank statements which appear wwith the date 17th June 2019 1. Sainsbury transaction- 2. B&M 3. The Range 4. Macdonalds 5. Costa Coffee 6. Gelato Divino 7, Nandos I have to wait and ask my ex partner ( she is at work, I have asked her but she is at work over the weekend)
  10. Thankyou Dx100 The car park in question is FREE. Nobody has to pay any parking fees. I DID NOT pay any parking fees. I hope that clarifies that matter.
  11. Hello Dx100 Its OK lol for you not seeing that point, but can we use the fact that they have filed irrelevant evidence to our advantage? Its over 1.5 yeas ago but from my recollection , as the site is vast, ( I even visited it yesterday !!!!), in order to visit some shops, like Homesense, which is a fair distance from the blue car park park, rather than keeping the car in one spot and walking all the way to the distant shops, its far easier to drive and re-park at a new site, which as I recollect is what I did, but cant give exact times. I must have returned at some p
  12. This is a draft of my WS By no means final Negatives: doesnt follow smoothly long winded not much referene to cases except Beavis I have tried to attach appendied but failed miserably, but I may not need them The appendix are essentially: IPC COP example of a contract between landowner and a PPC IPC COP re entrance signages IPC COD re sanctions on members who dont comply JPEG of the erected signage showing that its back is to the entrance of the car park hence n
  13. Thanks DX 100 haha i totally agree with your comment about the page 20 Yes I am awake and been all night w my WS BUT can I point this very very very impt point please, which I am not sure if it has come to your attention 1. The payment machine and 6 hours and the free parking after 4.30 pm on a Saturday etc....all taken on board. HOWEVER, and I cant stop myself laughing, this pay machine he eludes to is based at The Market Shopping Centre Car park , after googling it is in CREWE. It is not even relevant. They have put in a signage
  14. The Letter of claim was dated 19/11 2019. Claim form 8/7/2020. Therefore 8 months apart
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