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  1. Hello its been almost 4 months since my speeding i sent the nip in time and got an acknowledgement of receipt so far i havent heard anything else yet im aware of the 6 months rule for court summons from the daye of the offence Is it 6 months to hear back from the court or have they got 6 months to file it with the court which means i may hear feom the court much longer than 6 months from the daye of the offence ? essentially what is the clear 6 months deadline for please thanks
  2. I am not sure if anyone is familiar with the M5 southbound , between junction 5 and 6. Before anyone judges I admit yes I was speeding and will plead guilty I would however appreciate some useful feedback Yesterday in daylight I decided to check where I was caught speeding Just before approaching junction 6 on the M5 southbound maybe 2-3 miles prior to the junction there is a a speed limit sign of 50. There are 2 of these along the stretch. the reason is that there are works on the slip roads, not the motorway itself, so the three lanes are all working. Its not that the motorway has been narrowed to a single lane only. Now I am not 100% which camera flashed me. Just as the exit number 6 comes off the M5, there is the sign indctaing the end of the speed limit. Then a few yards after that, there is the T shaped post with the camera on it. Few yards after the camera theres another sign indicating the end of the speed limit zone I know a camera flashed me because it was at 9 pm. What I am not sure is if it was one before junction 6 or the one after it. If it was the one just after the first end of speed limit sing, then technically speaking was i now still in a 50 or 70mph zone In addition, the stretch of the M5 where this speed limit was imposed was I think only 2 miles. The 2 speed limit signs are on the left hand side where the hard shoulder is. I was in the middle lane, and either I was too tired and didnt see them which would be my fault or its also possible that because I was in the middle lane, the lorries on the slow lane on the left had obscured my view. If the camera caught me was one before the junction 6, then I have no qualms, but f it was the one just after the J6, then right at the separation of J6, the end speed limit sign can be seen. I have sent my NIP back. Will anything be held agaisnt me if I ask the camera office for the photos just to see whch camera caught me. If it will affect my case, then i wont ask for that and just plea guilty Can I use this in mitigation? again I am not saying I wasnt speeding. I was caught at 76 and i respect that but wanted to run these two point by the very helpful CAGGERS
  3. Thanks Kirstyo for the feedback Very reassuring to know Ive sent the NIP form back signed and awaiting the single justice procedure
  4. Dear Bazza Thanks for your helpful advice . I have just sent back the notice of intended prosecution yesterday, so I will be awaiting the highly likely court summons. The whole thing is very fresh and recent and I have jut started the research. I haven't received any summons or anything further tht the notice as of yet I did call the loophole experts and they did actually advise me to ask GMC anonymously. They warned against identifying myself when asking the GMC at this stage even for advice, though I haven't had any summons. I called the GMC for advice. They refused to give any advice without me identifying. BMA- I was a member with them for 20 years. At some point last year I asked them to help me with an industrial tribunal at work. I was very disappointed with their help and the service so I discontinued my membership MDU- I am a member but they deal with clinical governance issues and patient care and clinical incidences/negligence's but I will ask
  5. Dear Sidewinder First of all many thanks for your comments Secondly I like your username. In my specialty, we use some tubes which have various shapes and one of my favourite ones is called Sidewinder I spoke to one firm last week on a free consultation basis. They asked can cope with upto 56 days ban. I said yes because although I do use my car for work, I have a colleague who works in the same department lives close by and has offered to give me a lift. The legal advice I got was than the ban would last the duration but I wont have 6 points on my license. Your suggestion is than irrespective of the which one I get, I will have a SP50 on my license. I presume after 4 years that will no longer be there. Am I correct? Finally, I know I maybe contradicting myself, but if I am accepting a guilty plea, and if a ban or 6 PP are ultimately the same code and implication with regards to my personal circumstances ( as I have this willing colleague) would I even need to go and mitigate if I am certainly going to end up with one of the two outcomes?
  6. Thanks BankFodder I personally thank anyone who makes a useful comment in my thread. I will keep everyone updated once I hear more because I am aware the police can take upto 6 months to file a court case
  7. Dear BankFodder I been driving since 1998 Had two previous FPN for going over 30 mph. They were 5 years apart so the maximum points I had at anytime was 3 points on my license and I spent them ages ago in 2010 I called various firms. the most famous one, who we may all know, who defend footballers and celebs said it may cost upto £8K for pleading no gulty as they are loophole experts Another firm said £900 fixed fee and they will send a barrister with me to mitigate a guilt plea Anyhow many many Thanks for your feedback - - - Updated - - - Lol
  8. I do apologise for the grammatical errors. I am using my iphone to do this I am on call and posted this in my break Hence please accept my sincere apologies for all the spelling and grammatical errors. Its embarrassing
  9. Hi Al I have a clean driving license I am 45 yeas old. I am a doctor by profession and have had a clean medical record I received a NIP for doing 76 on 50mph on the motorway. Asking for advice rather than being told off Ive contacted few 'free initial advice solicitors' I gather the options I have are 1. plead not guilty ( I don't think Im going to that) 2. Plead guilty and hope for mitigation The offence allegedly carries 6PP and maximum £2500 ( n view of Motorway) I have clean driving license. One firm told me tat they can mitigate for me for my circumstances and get me a 7-56 ay ban which think I can cope with My questions are 1. If we ( solicitor and I0) mitigate for this option instead of PP, I think my license will be endorsed for 4 years. This will have an effect o my insurance, but after years have passed by, is it still taken into consideration for insurance purposes. For example I am aware that I money has penalty points, after 4 yeas the are no longer on the license and after4 years one does not need to declare them to the car insurance companies. Is hat he same with a disqualification lasting les than 56 days 2. I am a medical professional . Please dont attempt to shame me I unintentionally exceed the limit according to the speed camera and hold my hand up. Will any conviction ( e it 6PP r shot ban) be criminal record? It does have implications because I will have to declare it to my professional body, which I would certainly do. It may cause me to be suspended for 3-6months Finally, I have looked on the Gov website. What is the code for a short term disqualification ban which will appear on the license. am not talking about BA10 an BA30, which I believe are driving whilst disqualified. Rather, asking what code will be displayed on my license if I am disqualified for less than 56 days Your feedback is appreciated Many hanks
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