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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Al I have a clean driving license I am 45 yeas old. I am a doctor by profession and have had a clean medical record I received a NIP for doing 76 on 50mph on the motorway. Asking for advice rather than being told off Ive contacted few 'free initial advice solicitors' I gather the options I have are 1. plead not guilty ( I don't think Im going to that) 2. Plead guilty and hope for mitigation The offence allegedly carries 6PP and maximum £2500 ( n view of Motorway) I have clean driving license. One firm told me tat they can mitigate for me
  2. I think the general jist is for me to own up to a speeding offence. I do not remeber this incident though, as in the location and why I would have been there.. 'I' was apparently doign 39 in a 40. I have never had a speeding ticket or one of these in the door. I did get a DD10 (drink and drive) and that was 4 years and 7 months ago so nearly up. Clean license. Should I just sign it and own up or challenge it, I am meant to be leaving the country end of January.. What are my options? Thanks.
  3. Good Evening, Group I am deeply ashamed to say that I have been caught cancelling items in waitrose value of 40£. I have been accompanied by the security to a room. No police involved. The took picture of me and my I address. I took my lesson but now I want to know what is the best reaction on this wrong doing except that I will always pay my bill. Thank you in advance for spending your time on my case
  4. Some of you may remember - I run a small retail store, in a shopping centre, there is parking but you only get 20 mins or something. I had no issues whatsoever for the first 2 months, everyone did it, then in around feb started to get yellow NTK... Now whether my next action was right or wrong is not the point here.. I just binned them taking no notice of them.. Let's just say I maybe got about 20 or so over 3 months... I was told to not worry about DRP, I am not... Just had a letter in the door saying 'intended court action'... I have absolutely no intention of
  5. Hi all I'm new to the forum. I seem to have an unusual situation. My father in law (visitor non EU, with a non EU or UK license) was caught doing 36mph in a 30mph road, we received a Notice of Intended Prosecution some days ago. He's on a visitor visa only, i was able to add him to my own insurance so at least he was covered when the offence happened. The car is registered in my wife's name, she's not a driver though. The Police's letter came addressed to her (obviously) Not sure what to expect in this case. Certainly they can't take points off his license as it is not
  6. Hi folk, nearly 2 months ago [13/06/2017] I got caught by a speed camera van doing 38 in a 30. they sent me a letter of intention to prosecute [20/06/2017] which asked for the details of the driver. I was out for the day my mum decided to fill it in saying that it wasn't her driving and sent it off. Ages later (I can't remember the date, but it must have been 3-4 weeks later) they sent me the same letter asking for the drivers details again. Luckily I was in that day so filled it in and sent it off again. That was now ages ago again (feels like 3-4 week
  7. Hello, A number of PCNs from Smart Parking were delivered to my address in the last few weeks, for an alleged breach of the terms of parking at Matalan in Sutton, Surrey. This was subsequently followed by a Notice of Intended Court Action letter from Debt Recovery Plus (DRP), stating the reason for the PCN being issued as: "Overstayed Paid Time". Earlier this week, another letter was received from SCS Law who claim to act on behalf of Smart Parking Ltd who have allegedly instructed this law firm to recover the PCN charges. The letter then goes on to state that Smart Parking ar
  8. Hello, just to give some basics. The past couple of years has been seriously bad healthwise and has caused the obvious roll on effect of being skint because i am stupid enough to be self employed. Money being tight and getting even tighter i have allowed myself to get in trouble with my council tax. On my 2016 account i owe £116 + £75 compliance stage fees, this is now with Collect Services. I have agreed to pay £20 per month on this which should get me out of trouble. Unfortunately, and please don't judge me as i have suffered and still am with severe depression a
  9. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I have an old MBNA debt which I defaulted on in 2010. Since then I have religiously been making pro-rata payments up to and including this month. MBNA sold the debt to Aktiv Kapital who in turn sold it to PRA in 2014. I know that PRA have been receiving my payments because they sent me a letter towards the end of last year saying "...thank you for your ongoing commitment to the payment arrangement on your account". It goes on to say "....We would therefore like to make you aware that if it suits your current financial situation, y
  10. Hi Guys, I just got this from MMF. CURRENT OUTSTANDING BALANCE: £1777.50 Our efforts to contact you are becoming exhausted as we have made several attempts to offer you a repayment solution and even a discount. In light of this we are preparing your account for one of the following possible actions: Legal Assessment - your account may be sent to our legal partner Moriarty Law, who will assess your account to determine if legal action is suitable. If they consider this to be the most appropriate action, we will inform you of the next steps. You should be aware that ther
  11. I parked in West Quay Retail park today 16/10/14 at 11:10. as I intended to shop at Maplin that is situated at this place. I parked right under the sign where the parking regulations where stated tho I couldnt read the small print as the sign is about 12 feet high and i wear varifocal glasses meaning i have to look through the bottom of them to read small text and I could not bend my neck far enough back to do this because of the height of the sign. in large print it clearly states 1 hour maximum stay with no return within 2 hours. I walked out of the car park at the back
  12. Evening all, Came home from a few days away to find a lovely letter (in Welsh..!!) from the South Wales Police - 38mph in a 30mph Limit - I always thought the road was a 40mph; anyway my fault. Couple of questions..... 1 - Likely outcome... £100 & 3 points or what's the chance of being offered the Awareness Course?? (currently licence is clean, and has been for over 7 years.) 2 - I thought they have to supply a photo? or does that only come along if you deny / argue and it goes to court? It would be a rear pic anyway as it was a Gatso jobbie at some traffic lights.
  13. Hi All, I have been browsing the forums for a while and am finally in a position to aim to repair my credit file. This is where I stand at the minute: £428 - Lowell - Showing as Defaulted in 2014(not sure of original creditor) £767 - Kapama - this a payday loan and is FAR FAR higher than original debt to i beleive minicredit - Defaulted 2014 £216 - Myjar - Defaulted 2016(don;t understtand this as had no contact since February 2015) £77 - Lowell - Defaulted 2014, again, unsure of original creditor £251 - MKDP - Defaulted 2011 - Again, unsure of original creditor# £291 - B
  14. Hi all, 1st post! I recently had to move my horse from a livery yard on the basis of his welfare due to the yard owners management. They since have retained £100 from my deposit. A written contract was also involved. I believe I have the deposit has been extorted and fraudulently held. Before I post the full story....am I in the right place? Are there any 'horse people' or here or is that irrelevant, as in, facts are facts so post story and we'll see if we can help? My biggest question is whether a Small Claims Court will deal with my case which involves a perc
  15. Hi guys, I had a disputed account with HSBC with a balance of around £800. (All made up if charges and interest on said charges.) It's been through pretty much every DCA in the UK at some point, and they eventually "refer the matter to the original creditor," when I point out that it's made of charges etc. My credit file shows it as being defaulted in early 2009, and the last payment was presumably some time before then, so I have a feeling that it's almost, (if not already) statute barred. Recently the compello group appear to have bought it, a nd have been
  16. Hello forum members, Today I got this NIP with date of 24/07/2014 and says that I have to fill it with my details and send it back to them. I read somewhere that this NIP would be only valid if I received it within 14 days since the offence was made. Can anyone explain to me if this correct ?? This is the first time I receive a NIP and I do not know how this works. The thing is that me and another friend rented a car to visit some places in England ( it was our first time) and on the letter it says that we exceeded the limit which was 30 mph and we were driving at 35 mph. Tha
  17. On 25/2/13 the vehicle was caught speeding at 72mph. There were three possible drivers at the time and the registered owner and keeper at the time changed hands to one of the other drivers. However, it wasn't until around 5 months later that a request for information was sent out and I don't believe this was even a NIP. I'm not too sure though. I was able to obtain photographic evidence from the speed van that caught me and it was in fact me that was driving. So today on the 29/8/13 I received a Notice of Intended Prosecution - Request for information to identify driver of vehicle.
  18. I've received a notice of intended prosecution from Surrey Police for doing 71 in a 60 zone in Puttenham, Surrey at 11.32. The problem is, I was 240 miles away decorating my daughter's bedroom, in York, with my dad. The car registration on the paperwork is mine. The car make (Seat) is correct. I have evidence of where I was 2 hours later in the form of a debit card payment and receipt (we took our girls to The Chocolate Story in York - well worth a visit in case you're wondering). I'm assuming that the reg has been entered manually, and incorrectly, and "the allegation is supported b
  19. Hi, I posted on here around a year ago but need some more advice. A few years back ~ 2004-5 I took out a HP agreement with BCT for a car, a focus which I picked up at my local car superstore, around a year later changed the car keeping the agreement with them. In 2007 After having a baby, I split up with my partner and lost my job, I was living on a tin of beans a day (no joke) BCT were of no help on the phone, so I decided to stick my head in the sand for a while as I couldn't deal with it and was suffering from severe depression. In 2008 I phoned up BCT and told them I couldn'
  20. hi new to this but googled this this morning. we had such a shock, last night a notice of intended prosecution arrived for the car my son occasionally use. He passed his test on 12th June and had gone for a drive with one of his friends, he went trough outskirts of a village with a sharp bend and coming around the bend he saw something ? rabbit run out towards his car, he pulled the steering wheel to avoid this and realized he had pulled it too far and by pulling it back oversteered and want up a grass verve and hit lower rung of ranch fence. he stopped and looked, he realized he had knocked
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