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  1. Hello, Can anyone give me some guidance please? I need to provide my figures for the month online for Universal Credit. The only thing is i don't know where to enter them and they were due yesterday but i cannot get an answer anywhere. I just need to know,as this is the first time,where and how do i do this? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am waiting for a call back from the council and i will tell them that i can pay the complete outstanding amount spread over until next March. Dan
  3. Hello,it was served on 22nd May for the 2016 account for which i have now agreed payments terms with them,so really 2016 is not a problem (hopefully). 2017 is what worries me,and i mean really worries me. Dan
  4. Hello, just to give some basics. The past couple of years has been seriously bad healthwise and has caused the obvious roll on effect of being skint because i am stupid enough to be self employed. Money being tight and getting even tighter i have allowed myself to get in trouble with my council tax. On my 2016 account i owe £116 + £75 compliance stage fees, this is now with Collect Services. I have agreed to pay £20 per month on this which should get me out of trouble. Unfortunately, and please don't judge me as i have suffered and still am with severe depression along with many "real" ailments ,i have now got into trouble with my 2017 council tax. I received the bill in April with imstallments,but i have not paid any. So far the council for whatever reason have not contacted me, i am going to start paying the minimum amount plus additional to catch up, however i do not see the council accepting this and fully expect it to take the same route as the 2016 account and end up in the hands of the bailiffs ... ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS WOULD BE GREAT. Thanks Dan
  5. What will the CCA REQUEST do....sorry for my ignorance? As for charges,i believe over the years there were plenty.
  6. Hello, i have been paying towards a DMP for a couple of years now (Stepchange) and have just been notified by one of the creditors (Vanquis) that the debt has been sold to a company called capquest. Capquest have acknowledged that i am paying the DMP and have stated they will not be adding any fees or charges to the account (good of them....) I was just wondering if,as they have obviously bought the debt for peanuts, would i get a chance to make a ridiculously low final settlement offer or would that affect the fact that i have a DMP in place. Also should i be requesting anything from capquest with regard to the debt or just let it run. It makes my blood boil to think that Vanquis could have offered to me a chance of settling the debt at a low value but went and sold it on.
  7. Hello,some advice would be appreciated. My wife had a catalogue way back in the 1990's with Verbaudet and until recently we believed that we had paid it up years ago. However recently we received a letter from Moorcrofts asking us to contact them to arrange settlement for £121.81. Now i am trying my hardest to remember about this debt, and i seem to remember a while back getting a letter saying that Vertbaudet had ceased trading (i may be wrong on this), but what do i need to do to Moorcrofts about settling this. Should they provide proof that my wife still owes this? Look forward to some replies... Thanks
  8. Hello, in early february i was involved in a gas explosion in clacton,essex. Many would have seen it on the news channels. I was driving past with my two children when the explosion happened. My daughter suffered, still is, with neck and back pain and i have shoulder and ear problems. My car was written off. The insurer Direct Line said the car was worth £650 and they have sent me a cheque for £250 as they are stopping paying my excess of £400. This apparently is because they cannot prove liability....my god a house blew up, i have a fair idea that it wasn't my fault. we also have contacted a solicitor on a no win no fee basis for the personal in jury suffered by my daughter and myself. My question is, i have heard that the old people that were living in the house that exploded had no form of insurance on the property, is this the reason why i am being denied the payment of my excess? Also what will happen with the no win no fee solicitors if it is true that the householders had no insurance?
  9. Thanks very much,after another four calls today i will be sitting down and writing the letter tonight. These people are really stressing us both out,i can't understand why they are doing this,we have said we want to pay the debt but they just persist in ignoring us and carry on harrasing my personal mobile. Oh well,it's about time i told them what is going to happen. Thanks
  10. Thanks i appreciate that view,but what i am worried about is even if i insist that they are only getting a certain amount of money each month what happens if they carry on piling the charges and interest,effectively this would mean the debt would probably take years to repay for a smallish amount. Do i write to them and tell them that my wife agrees to pay the debt at £30 per month but only if all charges and interest is stopped? This is where i am falling down as Vanquis have such high interest charges minimum payments would just be negated with charges. Thanks
  11. Ok ,thanks from now on we will only deal with in writing. Is there a specific letter template that i can use to send them so that they hopefully will agree to stop interest and charges and also accept the offer of repayment. I dont want to be badgered into paying more at this moment in time than what we can afford,but on the same token if my minimum repayments are not going to see the outstanding balance reduce,then i dont see the point in paying...i am stuck really in knowing how to deal with these people directly to pay the debt down. Thanks
  12. Hello,was needing some advice please. I have previously been in debt up to my eyeballs and managed to get a DMP in place,and gradually it is all going down. However,my wife has a CC with vanquis and she is not included on the DMP. Now she only has a small limit of £300 and up until a couple of months ago she was working and making payments. Some months the full amount was paid others only minimum payments. Now she has lost her income and we cannot afford to pay the card off. We were inundated with calls from vanquis and now we have received a letter from Impact Collection Services asking for a payment in full. Obviously we cannot afford to make the payment (otherwise i wouldn't be on here ) but i have tried to reason with them over the phone to stop interest and charges and let me make an affordable payment of £30 per month to clear the debt, i should also point out here that my wife will not talk to them as she feels harassed by them and is not fully conversant in english. However they refuse to deal with me and keep demanding that she talks to them. I want to clear the debt,we are not trying to run from it, but i just want the constant calls to my mobile??? to end and also cant see the point in them keep adding £12 charges and interest when we cannot afford to make the payments. Can anyone offer some advice please on what my next move should be? Many thanks
  13. I have been in touch with CCCS and they have told me to save the worry by getting all my benefits paid into my wifes account,of which i have done straight away this morning.I will now close the new basic account down and deal with all the creditors via CCCS. Thanks for all the replies .....this forum certainly has good information and people willing to give advice.
  14. oopps...sorry about that...i should have realised not to open two threads about the same subject..sorry. Thanks for the advice so far.... I still fail to see how Barclays will allow Wonga to take money(£800) from an account that has already reached it's maximum overdraft limit(£300)? I mean if i go to the cash point now or try to transfer money via online banking it just says i haven't got enough funds to cover the transaction,so surely this is what would happen when WONGA try to take their payment?....
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