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  1. Following various complaints in local newspapers - Aldi have had to back track and increase the limit to 2 hours
  2. Same at new Portishead Aldi - no planning consent for the ANPR camera pole or the signage. I complained to Council Planning officer, that the pole & signage were not detailed on the either the exterior , landscaping or car park layout plan - Council agreed and they have to apply for consent for the pole. Council advised that consent wasn't required for the signs on the permitted lamp-posts as they were smaller that Planning Consent required.
  3. New Aldi has opened up in Portishead, Bristol - and includes ANPR cameras for Parking Eye, with an hour and a half parking limit. They have made two mistakes..... (1) They bought the store from the Co-Op who decided to pull out of the town due to increased competition (Waitrose, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsburys etc) but the original covenant when change of use was placed on the land and Co-Op got planning consent was that a minimum of 2 hours free parking is provided. (2) The planning application for Aldi to make various changes to the store appearance & to redesign the car park di
  4. Newport Road A4161 / Rover Way junction - there's a Gatso - I thought it was a red light camera. Obviously not..!! Had a look on Streetview (i know it's out of date) but can't see any speed limit signs or camera warning signs either. Got offered the course.
  5. Evening all, Came home from a few days away to find a lovely letter (in Welsh..!!) from the South Wales Police - 38mph in a 30mph Limit - I always thought the road was a 40mph; anyway my fault. Couple of questions..... 1 - Likely outcome... £100 & 3 points or what's the chance of being offered the Awareness Course?? (currently licence is clean, and has been for over 7 years.) 2 - I thought they have to supply a photo? or does that only come along if you deny / argue and it goes to court? It would be a rear pic anyway as it was a Gatso jobbie at some traffic lights.
  6. It doesn't state you have to be a customer at that exact moment - I've had this argument with the Co-Op, parked in their car park, went shopping next door. Came back to a a jobs-worth who stated only customers of the Co-Op could park there as per the signage, I showed him my Co-Op Membership Card and advised I am a customer and that the signage didn't make reference to when you had to be a customer
  7. I put in a complaint about UK CPM & DRP to the BPA for breaches of BPA CoP & harassment - BPA's response was pretty much as expected - no evidence of a breaches or harassment - so I threatened to complain to BPA CEO about the BPA's complaints department's lack of ability to fully & properly investigate a serious complaint against two of their members, and copied in the Daily Mail..... haven't heard a peep from either UK CPM or DRP since then, almost a year ago now
  8. So basically P.Eye have seen your defence and realise they won't win in court, so are backing down, but trying to still get a few quid out of you to cover their costs. Personally I'd refuse their offer, if they do continue with the court case, take this letter as further evidence
  9. It's been a year since the PCN was issued...... no correspondance has been received from UKCPM or DRP since June, and no response from BPA to my second complaint in August; so I guess I can assume this is going nowhere!!! MERRY XMAS ALL
  10. Not worried by it, but I do use this hotel 2-3 times a month, so am expecting to receive one of their "fines" at some point...!!
  11. I don't think it's solely for Travelodge use, as you have to enter the car park to access / egress the KFC drive-thru, and KFC have branded bins throughout the car park. The guy who owns the Off Licence leaves his car in the car park (normally in one of the disabled bay right outside his shop, without a blue badge) all day.
  12. Travelodge Halesowen have recently employed the services of one of the Cowboys.. .. this is the notice on Reception desk, next to the keypad to tap on your car registration plate. There is signage in the car park, it's now a 1 hour limit as there's a KFC, Off Licence & Greggs under the Travelodge, no ANPR cameras (only Security CCTV which has been there since the hotel was built), so must rely on a drive-by check. Car Park signage is quite small, and high up on the lamp-posts so not overly readable or even noticeable, especially if you arrive at night. And
  13. UPDATED: Well, its been two months now since my last email to BPA when I threatened to complain to BPA's CEO about the BPA's own Complaints Department's in-ability to properly investigate my complaint - they decided my original complaint about the two BPA members blatant lies and unprofessional activities was unfounded, and they hadn't done anything wrong. My email was also copied in the Daily Mail. And it's back in early June since I last heard from the pet debt collectoricon..... am I safe to assume this is now finished? or can I expect a letter to arrive at some point in the
  14. I would write back to the Smart Parking, and advise them that you have discussed the matter with (insert ASDA woman name) at the ASDA store in question on date xx/10/2014 and she agreed to have the charge cancelled - copy in ASDA woman & the Store Manager. Advise Smart Parking to address all further correspondance to ASDA Woman & Store Manager. That way, everything is in writing and everyone knows what has been agreed, if Smart Parking disagree then you can just pass it to ASDA woman.
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