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  1. How can I know that the company is shady? Can you share please
  2. Yes this is true. But my yhoughts are that ok I did sth bad and they have evidence, in the end no one lost any money so my question is if there is sth to fear in the whole case. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Thanks for providing these information on that issue. Will post my news here.
  4. I am betting on that also . Will keep in touch for my case. This group is very helpful.
  5. These are the exact words. You are right the word fine is not there... The paper says. This company is entitled to seek compensation from you through Civil Recovery to recover its losses being the cost of the disruption to its business in the investigation apprehension and administration costs caused as a direct result of your actions." "This company will instruct Retail Loss Prevention Limited who will contact you and they will detail the amount that you need to pay and how the payment can be made. Failure to pay the amount due under our civil action may result in A.Count Court pro
  6. Oh did not want to avoid the question. I have a paper that says that I will have a fine based on goods, security staff involved, cctv costs etc. no fine for now. When and if I receive will post again here. I will ignore! . Thank you for providing info
  7. From what I read here all people say ignore. But I am wondering what happened next. I know that RLP have no legal right against me. However they can go to retailer and he can place charges. But his cost was 0 so it doesn't make sense to do so. This what I get. The bad thing is that if you cannot ignore the case of waiting someone to or not to do sth against is you are struggling. I guess this is the whole point of RLPs... Thank you for watching this thread. What do you think?
  8. Hmm sounds Ideal but how long they will annoy me with these letters. Not sure what to do here. Maybe some legal advice is good, but if it is going to be more than the fine what is the point? Thank you for your reply. I did not find anyone saying that -I ignore that and now its all good... But maybe the lack of continued threads is because people get away and don't care to post it
  9. Thank you for your reply, I already read quite few threads. I am thinking of just pay (if it is no sth more than 200 ) and live hassle free even though I see here similar cases to be encouraged not to give as because the goods were returned.
  10. Good Evening, Group I am deeply ashamed to say that I have been caught cancelling items in waitrose value of 40£. I have been accompanied by the security to a room. No police involved. The took picture of me and my I address. I took my lesson but now I want to know what is the best reaction on this wrong doing except that I will always pay my bill. Thank you in advance for spending your time on my case
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