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  1. Hi, about 2 months ago I had several direct debits set up on my account by a fraudster. Luckily my bank spotted this and returned them unpaid. To be honest they didn't seem particularly bothered about it, but that's another story. One of the direct debits was a subscription to a website for £40!!! Since the direct debit was cancelled unpaid I have received numerous letters from a company called Legal Recoveries and Collections which I ignored. They have then passed it along to Rossendales who appear to be trying to be far more intimidating. Today they have sent me a "Notice of V
  2. Received a "Statement in relation to the below agreement which is governed by the consumer credit act 1974" from MKDP today. First I've ever had, it's from 01.12.13 to 30.11.14. It just details interest and the £55 legal fee they've added to the amount. Do I need to worry?
  3. That's what I thought, I wasn't sure if they were allowed to keep amending it? Also, as the claim is stayed, and likely to remain so indefinitely, will it stay in my credit file indefinitely?
  4. Sorry to resurrect an older thread, I was just checking my credit file, and I noticed that it was defaulted in September 2009, the balance had been a steady amount since then, but 5 months ago MKDP seem to have stuck on an extra £55, are they allowed to do that?
  5. My defence was that it's all charges, and that it may be statute barred, but they won't provide me with information to verify if it is or not. So presumably it would have to be statute barred before the date of the claim? Would it need to be stayed for another 6 years to be SB now?
  6. How does that work with regards to it being statute barred?
  7. Duly noted Sir, I didn't know it would be that difficult. What would you advise I do? Can it be left stayed indefinitely?
  8. Thanks Brigadier, how long do I wait before I apply to have the claim struck out?
  9. Rang the court to check today. MKDP haven't responded to my defence so the claim is stayed for now. But apparently they tried to get a judgement in default at the beginning of June which was refused by the court as I had submitted a defence. I'm a little confused as to what they're doing here?
  10. You're right of course I will write to them later. They just really got to me! Which I suppose is what they want. Thanks for you're help!
  11. I had an inkling, always good to have you guys confirm it, thanks for your help
  12. That's my plan, am I right in thinking that the charges and admin fees are unenforcable?
  13. i was wondering if someone could take a look and see if I need to be worried, I'll include the email exchange I've had with the guys at CRS recently. ME: Dear Nick Bright, Thankyou for your letter dated 22.04.14, the contents of which have been noted. You claim that you wish to come to an amicable solution, so therefore let me reiterate my offer of £xx.xxfor the final two months fees. Thankyou for your kind explanation of the legal process involved in small claims court. Could you possibly provide me with a true copy of the agreement which I signed with yourselve
  14. Court confirmed receipt of Defence today. Been reading a few threads, but can't see if MKDP tend to challenge defences in cases like this or not. They do seem to have bought a Job lot of old HSBC accounts and gone litigation-happy though
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