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  1. Hello to all, been a while since I've been about it. Hope all are well. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight to the following: I've been in ESA [sG] since day one, had one reassessment in 2016 which put me back in SG, the second ESA50 arrived in Oct 18, which was duly filled in and sent back by deadline date in Nov 18. I've heard nothing from anyone until yesterday. Yesterday, I received a text message from 'DWP' as follows: 'We've received your Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note) and details of your Work Capability Assessment. Your ESA payment will continue. Please don't send us any more statements (Fit Notes). You do not need to contact us.' Two points: 1. I've never sent Fit Notes since my initial claim back in 2012. 2. I've not had the mentioned Work Capability Assessment. Has anyone had the same situation happen to them? I don't really want to contact them. Someone mentioned it may have been done via a paper assessment, but I've never had one so don't know what that entails and should I have been informed by CHDA? I've looked around online but not really come across anything that helps me. Hopefully someone here can give me a clue about this situation. Thanks in advance for reading and any help/ information you can provide. Regards CookieRocks
  2. MS No probs. I just want to confirm nothing is on her Credit File and nothing has been re: Co-Op/ CDL. I also agree with DX re: CAB From experience, they are very quick to start contacting and writing to companies and before you know it, you'll be in a payment plan. My folks got royally shafted like this, it's only when I got whiff of what was going on did things actually get sorted, 80% of debts were SB or unenforceable. So, by all means speak to them, but be wary of signing/ authorising anything for them. Kind regards
  3. Hi MiloSaint, My sister also had a CDL with the Co-Optaken out in 2011, and like yourself couldn't afford the repayments, no job, no income.... etc.. So, obviously, she stopped her repayments sometime around 2012/2013 I think it was. I've got a thread somewhere about it here. We tried dealing with Co-Op directly, and they were not helpful at all. We got letters from DCA's for a while and then all of a sudden everything stopped. As far as I'm aware, there is nothing on her Credit File [i'd need to ask her to double check], but it's unlikely to be, as she's never been rejected for any credit applications she's made over the last few years. From what I understand, as it's Government back, the Co-Op will get their money as they have an indemnity, regardless of whether it's paid or not. So, whilst I can't definitively 'confirm' whether it's true or not, from personal experience, via my sister, what they have said, might be true. Regards
  4. Thanks Nystagmite. 4 points off for Care 2 points off for Mobility I hate their term 'aid'... it's used so often, yet doesn't actually fit in where the actual descriptor should be used, eg: the difference between using an aid to dress top half compared to the reality where I need another person to help dress up top... Going through the descriptors, if the correct points were added, they will both be at least 12 or more. I'm sorely tempted to go through with it, my Advisor is not the smartest of cookies, bless her. But, she's a rush job on most things.
  5. Hi all. Been a while since I've been around. Life's gotten hectic. So, I have been referred to the Social Care Team earlier this year, and as part of the package, I was given a Benefits Advisor who convinced me to apply for PIP (which I have avoided, due to the difficulty in qualifying for it). So, I've just survived with my ESA SG. Anyways, I applied for PIP in July, and was given a extremely short notice Assessment date end of October which I cancelled and requested a Home Assessment as I had a severe case of Bronchitis at the time. Surprisingly IAS (Formerly Atos) offered The Home Assessment which took place first week of November. Received decision today Standard Care and Standard Mobility which is all well and good, actually surprised it went so smoothly until this point, was expecting a battle which I would have found hard to fight. Here is the where I need some advice. Having read through their decision, and where I was awarded points, I think I should definitely have been awarded points with descriptors where I was given 0 points, and parts where I think I should have been awarded more points than have been awarded. Obviously, I have one month from date of letter (20/11), but I'm not sure if I should go for the Mandatory Reconsideration? I've read around that there is a likelihood that they could completely remove the award? I've read that their is no actual time limit for them to make their decision, therefore, during the MR, will the current award be paid whilst they go through the process, or does it stop completely until they decide on a verdict? But, I genuinely believe that I should have been awarded more points. A lot of their long winded decision explanation is wrong and very assumptive and I don't think the Nurse HCP who did the assessment gave a realistic picture of the situation, or included in their report important things that I explained during the assessment. If fact, some of my health conditions they needed me spell out as they had never heard of it, understandable as CES is quite rare. Hopefully I can get some advice or viewpoints from others here who have been through the process of PIP and MR. Thanks in advance. Kind regards
  6. mzfrfd Amazing! Thank you so so much for this. Just had a little play around with it with a few figures, so not fully stacked up, but I'm gonna jump on it properly in a bit and populate it. Can't thank you enough. I'll let you know what it comes up with. You're a star CookieRocks
  7. I'm not sure or confident of adapting the formulas. Halifax's offer was 2.4K, if I use just the lowest interest rate of 17.9% which was what it was at the start of the card, it comes to 4K. If I use an average which works out to 24.5%, it comes to 7K.
  8. Thanks for looking in DX. Adapting formulas sounds tricky, is it relatively easy to do? Yes the card is still active.
  9. Hi I made a claim for Mis-sold PPI to Halfifax for my CC. Initially used the FOSCI spreadsheet. Wasn't expecting any uphold, however, just received a letter upholding the claim. However, the offer is 1/4 of the amount. I've now got all the statements, so going through to use the FosRunning spreadsheet instead, so I can back up my reasons for their offer being too low. My issue is that over the life of the CC, the interest rate has changed 10 times. How do I incorporate that into the FosRunning spreadsheet? Thanks in advance for your help. CookieRocks
  10. They're owned by NewDay Ltd. If no luck, maybe contact the CEO: James Corcoan [james.corcoran@newday.co.uk] Hope it helps. Regards
  11. Hi coggy67 The ESA3 link seems to be fine now. Also, here is the IS10 Form if you need it: Regards IS10 Form [1014].pdf
  12. Thanks honeybee13. Hopefully someone will sort it.
  13. I don't think its your browser, I'm having the same issue as well. I've sent a message to the Mods to see why that is. In the meantime, if you haven't got the IS10 Form as yet, I'll try upload it for download. Regards CookieRocks
  14. Morning coggy67, I've uploaded the ESA3 form on the forum for download. It's printable. You can download it here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?439890-Esa3-(Current-as-at-Jan-2015) Like I said, its printable but bear in mind it is 52 pages long. Kind regards CookeRocks
  15. An update: No go with the home assessment, they have dug their heels in. Instead the are offering to provide a taxi to and fro. Should I take them up on the taxi? It's their own contracted taxi company, so do I assume that they start an assessment from home pick up? Cameras? etc... CR
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