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  1. I was asked "why haven't you killed yourself yet?" at my ESA medical just over a month ago. Luckily I was expecting it so had a prepared answer. She laughed, so I shot her down in flames without being rude or offensive. She did introduce herself by name, but for the life of me I cannot remember it, only that her title was Doctor.
  2. Yet another update, and some good news! first I passed my medical, so one last thing to worry about. Secondly, mandatory reconsideration went my way, ESAIR and its premiums will be backdated to October 2013 so I'm expecting a five figure sum! However, that was on March 10th, 6 weeks ago. I've heard nothing from them, I've not even received the MR decision in writing, despite asking for it 3 times now (today being the third). On 3 occasions they have supposed to give me a call back, but nothing. I really don't know what to do next: it's ring them expect callback, letter in writing, nothing. Rinse and repeat. Can anyone advise me what to do next, as it just seems as if things are going round and round and I'm just being fobbed off.
  3. anyone?
  4. An update. I have still heard nothing regarding mandatory reconsideration. However, despite being given the 'all clear' regarding the ESA50 I was sent in January, 2 weeks after asking for MR I am summoned to a medical. I immediately rang them asking for audio equipment (March 3rd), and was told they would get in touch with me if there was any problem. Despite not hearing from them, I rang them today for reassurance. They told me that they don't record for 3pm appointments, only 9am and 1pm. Naturally i queried this and was told it was because it takes 30mins longer if being recorded. I asked her why this was as surely the assessment should take the same amount of time, and was curtly told "because it does. Please hold the line" I was then told to change the time to 1pm, but couldn't agree to this as i obviously hadn't spoken to my carer who will be accompanying me. I settled for 2pm. I am now paranoid as hell! So my question is this: if there is NO audio equipment when I turn up, do I have the right to refuse the assessment? I'd really appreciate any advice on this...
  5. No need for anyone to reply to the above post, I HAVE misread it. Nevermind....*sigh*
  6. Hi Bones. I was in this situation about 3mths ago....and yes, I had all the fears, stress etc that your going through now. I got an up to date letter from my GP and added any evidence I had from the last 2yrs from consultants etc. To my utter amazement I received a letter from them extending my PIP for another 2yrs...no face to face assesment or phone call. However, I don't understand why you ticked 'no'. This is a standard question on all forms related to PIP and ESA. Of course if you've ticked no on all your previous forms relating to benefits and still received them then perhaps you have nothing to worry about. But it could well raise an eyebrow with these people.
  7. So, I've been holding off sending my appeal until I received the confirmation letter from the DWP which arrived today. Note the dates: From 8th October 2013 your ESA will be £112.05 a week From 3rd December 2013 your ESA will be £107.05 a week This is because of: a change in deductions from your ESA. From 24 January 2017 your ESA will be £181.90 a week. This is because of: a change in savings. Now, maybe I've read this all wrong, but am I right in thinking they have changed my ESACB to ESAIR back to 2013, and therefore it's VERY good news in my appeal to have my SDP and EDP paid from this date?
  8. Thanks Speedfreek. When I was eventually awarded PIP, a good 10mths after applying for it, all I received was a notice of entitlement and the backpay into my account. Nothing else, no forms, no advice I may be entitled to other benefits etc. It was only when I received my revised letter regarding my Housing Benefit did I even know about about EDP .They had wrongly said I was receiving £15 EDP on their breakdown, and suggested I may be entitled to other benefits. So I rang the DWP and they just said they(the council) had got it wrong and I wasn't entitled to any other premiums as I was on ESACB. There was no mention that I could even try to change it to ESAIR and claim anything else. Can I ask if the breakdown of ESA where it states what my ESAIR amount is but says that they're giving me ESACB as it's slightly more is actually an admission of entitlement to ESAIR, and therefore relevant? I will look over those links over the weekend and take notes. Thanks.
  9. i received another call today. The lady asked me some basic questions, is anyone receiving care allowance on my behalf etc and then told me I will now be receiving SDP, so good news! However, she said it will only be from 27th Jan 2017 and read out the decision makers decision to me. ....that being there's no proof of entitlement prior to this and I'm outside of the 13mth time limit as stated earlier. Naturally I will be appealing this. I'll be reciting Speedfreaks earlier statement, in case they've misunderstood me, but from there I have problems. Even though it shows on there system that they sent me out an ESA3 form back in September 2013, they say there's nothing on their system showing they received it. I can only find an ESA breakdown letter from 2015 which says what my Income related would be, but that they'd be giving me ESACB as it's £2.75 more (as posted on page 1). Any help or advice guys?
  10. Thanks Speedfreak! although in my defence I think most people would have made that mistake, though i clearly stated to them in my ESA3 that ive been eligible for this for some time and the error was at their end and easily checkable.... Anyhow got my call back....he was incredibly rude! his opening line was, and i quote: "You asked for a call back, what do you want?" so i explained to him my 2 questions, why hasnt my money been back dated at all (i know, I know...lol) and why haven't i been moved to ESAIR. His reply was "We have contacted storage, you have to wait 10 working days for it to be processed as the decision was only made today". Which didn't answer anything as far as i could see... So I asked "fair enough, but as the decision has been made, and processing will only rubber stamp this, should I wait for your letter before I appeal, and can you explain why I haven't been awarded ESAIR please" He simply repeated what he said, almost word for word, on a loop, until eventually saying: "I've answered your questions, you refuse to listen. I'm not having this conversation. Your a simpleton" At which point he hung up! I'm still sitting here absolutely stunned....
  11. Another update. I received a letter from the DWP today. Its a breakdown of my ESA. EXACTLY the same as that I posted earlier. I rang them. Apparently a decision was made today(??). They will not backdate it 3yrs as it falls outside the 13mth limit they have. However, they have not even backdated it for 13mths. Nothing. Even more bizarrely, they have not moved my ESACB to ESAIR. Infact, they have completely ignored my request to do so. i am still not receiving the premiums I should be getting, even though Im fully entitled to them. The lady on the phone had no idea why, and gave me, in her own words, a "hand off". Someone will apparently call me back in 3 hrs. Then she said that as it was a Wednesday, it would be 24hrs. I have mental as well as physical disabilities and my brain is frazzled. I'm at my wits end....
  12. An update... ..received the forms yesterday, and trotted off to the PO to send by first class recorded delivery. The new one line freepost addresses CANNOT be sent by recorded delivery, as the PO's system insists on a postcode. So, having stood at the back ringing ESA listening to Greensleeves for several minutes before i got through, the lady told me to save my money and use the freepost system. I politely declined and insisted on an actual address. In my case, for my postcode, it was the Hackney benefit centre. Well worth knowing for all of us who don't trust things to actually arrive using their pre paid envelopes. Forewarned is forearmed.... ;-)
  13. Thanks again. Have to admit im really surprised by the address being ok, it seems woefully short!
  14. Trust me, im the king of paranoia, but i wouldnt worry about this. Had something similar to this in that the assesor decided i could walk less than i stipulated on the form (admittedly i was having a terrible day at the assesment, having to cling to walls). Being a former member of the infamous "Atos Zero points club", just embrace everything that goes your way.....
  15. thanks cookie, not sure my printer could handle 50+ pages but its good to have a plan B!
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