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  1. Hi, I need some advice please. I joined this new company last Monday. The company itself is only a month and a half old. I asked today for my contract of employment becuase I have not been told what holidays, sick etc entitlements I am allowed and they said I wont get one until I pass my 12 week probation! Is this legal? What if I left and they decided to not pay me? My assumption is, I wouldnt be able to do anything because I dont have a contract to prove I even worked there. Any advice would be great. Thank you
  2. Thats the way its always been done, The previous cheque I paid in said the exact same. Counter cash crd. The cheque does not clear after 2 days however the fund are made avalible and you can draw upon it after 2 days becuase the law was change that you now have to earn interest on it etc. Its T+2 Wroking day. Either way, The account balance should show at minium £6070 but it doesnt, It doesnt show. The day it was paid in, it said account balance x amount and avalaible x amount, The next day it was showing was over drewn by £6k and today its completely disappeared. Very stra
  3. I cant, I simply dont have enough credit on my phone to allow me enough time to speak to them as I am going to have a few choice words for them (Not nasty) You know what I mean. I was hoping someone on here would know if this is common practice or if somehow I have a red flag that basiclly says to not clear my cheques or something? If it was a few days later, I would have assumed something had happened and it bounced but the next day really says to me that something not good has happened.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem I have just discovered on my cash minder account. I paid in a cheque for £6070 on the 22/05/13 yesterday I went to the bank to take some money out, When I did this I checked my balance as always and it said it was £59100DR! I was gob smacked and then I remembered that the co-op debit before credit so thought nothing of it as I could still take out the money that was cleared. Tonight I went to the cash machine again and my balance was £160 and that was it, no sign of the cheque waiting to clear. Just said, Accout balance £160, avail
  5. I agree with you qpips, Every single member of staff should be treated equally unless there has been prior "special" arrangments made. It would upset me, If I had, had less sickness abcesses and got a wanring etc and another member of staff had more and got a stage one report. I would wait for the appeal, If at the appeal they do not take into account the new evidence from OVH ( Wich they most certainly will) I would put in a grievance stating the reasons and this the whole thing would have to be investiaged from both ends. Good luck and I hope your condition dosnt give you to much h
  6. If you have 3 weeks left on your contract I would be looking for other employment. They may actually believe you have done said things, Becuase if they want you out the door they would simply wait until your contract ended and not renew it, It would save them a lot of time and effort. Also a bit of cash as they should be paying you while you are suspended. You should receive the exact amount you normally recieve. So if I was in your boots, I would take this free time off and look for other employment. Getting paid to look for a job cant be a bad thing. If you want to fight this so yo
  7. Hello I have a cash minder account. I paid in a cheque on Wednesday 22 for £670, I aklready had £10 in the account, Today I went to the cash machine checked my balance and it said £660 overdrawn. The top said account balance £10 below it "avaliable balance £660DR" What the hell has happened? How can I be overdrawn? Surly it should say account balance £680 avalaible balance £10. Help please, I dont have a phone to call them and im going to panic about it all night if someone cant help me. I ask because I read someone that they debit before they credit the account so im hopng this
  8. You can still make an offer, When I worked in a local prison there was several people who took a very generous cash settlement to leave. One couple was caught doing the naughty on a wing so they went off sick, they stayed off on the sick until the time had run out for the disciplinary ( This is from memory there could have been other circumstances invloved) When they came back they offered the prison the same thing we are suggesting to you and the prison took them up on it and after a week of to and throwing they ended up with a years salary each! That was £22k each! Obviously this was
  9. Sorry to jump onto this thread just thought it was better then starting a new one. My work says my holidays are accrued through the year so if one week I work 30 hours and the next I work 20 hours will I get a different holiday allowance for each week? All I know is I get 2. something days holiday a month. If this is the case then I only get 2. something x my daily contracted hours? So all the extra hours I work I get nothing for? I ask becuase I work at minimum an extra hour a day so at minimum an extra 260 hours a year so if I dont get anything I loose around 26 hours of holiday a year
  10. You dont want to be seen as working for 2 seperate companies. Im sure you get taxed more? I could be wrong but thats what iv been told. My partner got a letter from the tax man this year asking for £900 because she was working for 2 companies at the same time which they didnt know about until the angency she did a bit of part time work for finaly sent them earnings 2 years later!
  11. Please dont take this the wrong way but you can come across very strong and rude sometimes. Remember this is very foreign to a lot of people and just the word Disciplinary can make someone really scared and dont know what is going on. Me personally would be very shaken if my employer took me in a room and said theses things. This would imply they have already made there conclusion as how could they loose confidence if they have not yet investigated the matter? I know sometimes you have to be blunt to get it through to people but this should only be done after someone is not listening to
  12. I also strongly agree to keep things basic. Dont say anything that is not relevant to the case. Just hope that the manager didnt take notice to your "story" It may be true but thats how it will be looked at. Tit for tat and thats never going to look good. Just reply to the specific allegation and nothing more. Getting personal about her is just going to show immaturity and even though she may be doing it, you need to show you are not that person she is making you out to be. If I was the manager and you started getting a bit vocal it would probably make me beleive that this happened when y
  13. From what I have read around the forums. Yes if a company has overpaid you, you should have to pay it back plus its the honest thing to do. However they cannot take or withhold money from your wages without you first giving them your permission to do so. I would ask for a simple break down. Ie first payments was supposed to be x amount but you was paid x amount meaning you was over paid by x amount and so forth so at the end of each collum it would have a figure for each month and then at the bottom will have a total. Very easy to understand. I believe a lot of company send you the
  14. I understand the point and I would agree be it 5:57 however he has already forced us to stay behind and he purposely makes us clock out at that time. We could easily do another few minutes work. My main frustration is, he is asking the earth off of us. Making us stay behind without notice etc and then dont have the decency to allow us to work until the full hour. Todays wage slip was wrong once again. I worked 26 1/2 hours but my wage slip showed 24.57 I told the manager that it was incorrect and he checked and said no its correct. saying "you are paid in 15 minute intervals so if y
  15. Okies, What should I say and how should I construct it? Im not very good at this stuff. I would sound like im moaning and groaning about being flexible. Im sure you get what I mean. A guidline to work from would be great from the information I have told you. If you have any questions etc to get a better grasp of it please ask and I will happily tell you
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