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  1. Thank you so much Brigadier 2JCS I will get that sorted and sent of xx this matter is certainly getting my poor old mum down now bless her x
  2. Hi, thank you responding. We have no paperwork what so ever with regards to this matter only letters from the debt company saying my mother owes this money from an account that she allegedly opened over 10+ years ago at an address she never lived at until many years later. I have asked for a copy of the original form that my mother was supposed to have opened but there seems to be none, I have also asked for the original copy of the business contract that was taken out by a third party in my mothers name they said they don't have this info either, how can w
  3. Hi Lee, can you please let me what's the progress with this matter as since speaking to you on Thursday 29th May we have heard nothing. During our phone conversation there were discrepancies that was simply not correct so you said you was contacting the fraud investigation team and they would get back to me!! that was 5 weeks ago and we are still waiting to hear from yourself or the fraud team, as this matter is certainly not resolved. We have since had a letter from Lowell stating that Vodafone has confirmed that my mother owes this money!!! I don't see how this can be with the amoun
  4. Thank you Lee for replying. Look forward to speaking to you today between 12-1 pm. Stilettonails
  5. Lee at Vodafone can you please confirm you are going to call this Thursday 29th May between 11.30am to 1pm as you have not replied to my email since asking for a contact number to speak to us.
  6. Hi Lee ok thanks. Just a query I have just received via my email, 2 returned emails that I sent to web relations on Friday 16th May and Wednesday 21st May it says my emails were deleted without being read (today) Friday 23rd May. Can you confirm that you got my emails with dates and details of us trying to sort this issue out with Vodafone. Regards Stilettonails.
  7. Jenny the number you requested is 210205444 That is the number we have been given on the paperwork.
  8. Can anyone tell me the address to send a letter of complaint to the CEO at Vodafone please. I have sent a complaint letter to Lowell recorded delivery, and feel that Vodafone is doing nothing to resolve this matter as there has been no contact nor acknowledgement of my letters or emails.
  9. This is the email that I received from Vodafone I cannot see a reference on the email. Thanks for contacting Vodafone customer care. We’ve received your Email and in most cases we will respond within 48 hours. Vodafone Help Centre – online help for hundreds of queries ranging from price plans, using your phone at home and abroad and using our exciting range of Music, news and entertainment services. Looking to upgrade your phone? Simply click here and we’ll take you through the process. Delivery is FREE when you upgrade online. If you are having problems paying your bills and nee
  10. Hi Thank you for that information. I followed the link and put in the info in subject line, sent but I when I got an email back it had no reference on it. Is that because we are not Vodafone customers.
  11. Fkofilee Is there someone on here who will be able to advice us on how to get hold of the account details as we would like to know when this account was set up, who authorised the account and get a copy etc as it certainly was not my mum. When I asked for this info they have told me they do not have these details. So I said if you do not posses these details then how come there is an outstanding debt on this alleged account that is in my mums name.
  12. Thank you so much for replying to my thread, really appreciate any help.
  13. Hi all new to the site, hope someone can help us. My mother received a letter from a debt company on 23rd April 2014 stating money was outstanding from a mobile phone account and the debt company was assigned to collect it. It states there is outstanding call charges/line rental as well as early termination fees. We went to the mobile phone shop concerned as my mother has never taken out a mobile contract let alone ever had a contract phone. The man in the phone shop put in the details and nothing came up so gave us a number to call. Went home and called the mobile
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