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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, My landlord is wanting to send estate agents round to value the property because he wants to put it on the market. He has not yet served me with a Section 21 notice so I have no idea when he is expecting me to vacate but I would have thought a valuation would be more realistic once the house is empty and after he can do some redecorating, etc to get it ready for selling. At the moment, we have been too stressed over searching for a new home and we have been having a mad declutter and we have half packed boxes everywhere and the housework has become less of a priority, so al
  2. Hi All, I've been a member here for a few years since the original debt caused me problems, but I cant remember my log in details. At the end of 2011 I had a Tmobile phone stolen and £340 rung up before I realized and reported it missing. During the phone call to discuss the bill with their complaints dept, I was offered a goodwill gesture of £170 *IF* I took out a new 18 month contract at a higher monthly rate than I had been paying. I asked for some time to think about it and took an email address (as at that point I wanted to get things in writing). After I ha
  3. Following an endowment maturity I tried to make a large overpayment to my C&G mortgage this week. I'm in the position where the mortgage is in base rate plus and non-fixed so figured a payment of £25,000 would take me close to almost completing my mortgage - certainly on taget to sort it over the next 2 years. I call C&G get given the bank account and sort code to pay into, go onto my online banking and get a can't pay using this method. Call C&G again get told I can go into branch and make the payment using my debit card... so off I go. Branch say I can't make that amoun
  4. We don't get many bad posts on here about Excel maybe this is why I recently found out that a close family member(single parent) has a magistrate court fine now with excel the bailiff has been in there home and done a levy the fine has been getting paid every month however depending on what day on the month the pay day lands on payments are sometimes a few days late If the payment is going to be late I advised to phone and tell them exactly what day they would be paying (even if its the next day) relative is off work with stress and doesn't have thi
  5. Hi everyone, When I took out a Vanquis card a while ago I was talked into taking on the now worthless CPP protection. With all the ruling from that the CPP customers are getting their money back and not hearing from CPP I wrote to Vanquis asking my money back as it was them who sold it. They wrote back saying no the policy wasn't miss-sold etc and they wasn't going to give me money back. So have sent another letter and see what happens. Has anyone else had any luck with them? JJ
  6. This morning I was awoken by a very rude man man from Marstons and if I said nearly banging the door off its hinges it wouldn't be an understatement. The account relates to my wife. after having a fine fore non payment of a tv licence. I tried to speak with him but that was no good as he asically refused as it named my wife and not me. His also opening line was Im from Marstons do you know why I am here?? Gotta love it havnt you. He claimed to have a warrant to which I replied may I see it please answer was a flat no. Now he has left a letter and claimed to be coming back tomor
  7. Could anyone help me please, I emailed lowells on the 21 with the following letter 21 Oct. 13 Dear Sir or Madam Re Account/Reference Numbers:- 1. Account ref removed - Lloyds £875.16 2. Account ref removed - Orange £168.18 This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreements relating to the above accounts, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I would like this to be sent by normal post. I expect you to comply fully and proper
  8. I have just had an a bailiff from Rossendales round who wanted to seize a vehicle on my drive. The vehicle is a 11 year old vauxhall Astra with body damage, no tax and SORN'd. Maybe worth about 200 quid if lucky. The Notice of Distress merely describes the car and puts the fees as: Client debt and costs outstanding: 415.31 Walking Possession: 38.00 Other: 130.00 I called the police as I did not feel safe and they suggested paying the bailiff £300.00 which I did and he wants the balance on Friday. He also wants to make an arrangement for £100.00 a month after.
  9. Hi, I really hope someone can help me with this. I attempted to input my Eon readings last night and to my horror, I noticed that all previous readings have been in-putted the wrong around. The Normal rate appears in the Night rate box & visa versa. Eon have sent their meter readers round several times over the course of the last 5 years and not once has this error been noticed or rectified. I rang Eon to report this (about an hour ago) and was told that I have to ring them back later this afternoon as they are currently experiencing a data issue on their servers and they ca
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