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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or head up on Welcome Finance. My bf has a debt with them for £1383 and back in November I spoke with them and it was agreed on the account that I would be speaking for him as I am sorting out all his debts (many of them!!) Anyway they agreed on a payment of £10 per month and when we asked to set it up as a direct debit they insisted that it can just be an automatic card payment every month and his details would be kept on file. Great...or so I thought!! We received a letter yesterday to say that he is behind on his payments?? The letter has the payments taken for November (when I set it up), December, January, February and then nothing for this month...because they haven't taken it. There is money in his account as I always make sure of that!! So anyway I rang their offices today and spoke to a lady who really couldn't be arsed talking to me and she said she couldn't speak to me because I am not named on the account grrrrr...so I said can I get my bf to ring from work to OK it and then i'll ring you back. She said yeah thats no problem...or so i thought!! BF rings to say that they won't approve me to talk as i'm on the same line as it for approval grrr...anyway they inform him that they have sold his debt to "Empingham" WHO ARE THEY?? Are they allowed to do this without telling us? Having looked at the letter again which they sent not only have they charged £35 default (which is their fault) but after the first initial payment back in November it says the dec-feb payments were taken by Empingham!? I am very confused and annoyed!! Hope someone can fill me in on Welcome Finance and Empingham?!?
  2. Hi Guys - Fairly new to this posting malarky so i'm expecting a good response from those who know: I took out a loan from Welcome Finance some 6 years ago now and fell behind with repayments on the loan shortly before this PPI scandal kicked off. Pretty sure most of the debt is now paid off however I've had a letter from Empingham chasing me for just under 3k to which clearly I dont have. I was sold PPI at the time of the loan to which i told was a condition of acceptance. I've SAR'd these con merchants and they've sent me a copy of the agreement with my signature on it. My question is how do i proceed from here in terms of going about to repair my credit file as this is proving to be a massive dent and red mark all over my credit report. Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Who to email? Write to? Sample's all would be most helpful. Thanks in advance
  3. Has anyone ever heard of this company? Short & sweet, a mate got into trouble with credit/store card in 2005, heard nowt since 2006 and knows for certain that he has had no correspondence with OC since 2006 and is stat barred. Stat barred letter has gone off today, just wondered who this company are. Registered Office: Jubilee House, 32 Duncan Close, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN3 6WL. Reg No 041111298
  4. Hi I hope somebody can help please I have received 16 letters from Empingham stating that I owe a debt to N Power. Each letter has a different account number and different amounts that they say I owe. In total they say that I owe over £25000. This does not look right to me as I cannot remember ever having had an account with N Power. Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Kim
  5. Hi We had an account with welcome finance dating back 8-9 years, last made payment approx 5 years ago and since then apart from a few attempts from various unsavoury dca's we have managed to avoid making payment. This is due to two main reasons - we are heavily in debt and have negative available funds at the end of each month Welcome stung us for PPI knowing full well it would be of little use as my wife is chronically ill and has been for 14 years. We have made attempts at reclaiming the PPI but have never got anywhere and to be honest i can't recall the stage we were at as its such a long time ago. We did have a letter from (i think) the FSA regarding them pursuing a PPI claim on our behalf against Welcome and advising us that they had gone into administration or something but we have not had any response and thats at least 12 months ago. in the past 6 weeks we have begun to be bombarded with calls from Empingham regarding the welcome debt! Can anyone advise on the best course of action please? Can they chase a debt from a company who is in administration and if they now own this debt can we pursue them for PPI? I am at a loss and my wife is still having chemotherapy and her phone is ringing constantly with these hounding us both at all hours Any advice would be greatfully received. Thank you
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