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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all Hoping for some advice. I recently returned my Peugot 208 following the end of my PCP agreement. The car was well looked after and unmarked inside and out with the exception of two small stone chips on the bonnet. Mileage was well under. On the day the car was collected, I was there in person, the inspector went through it with a fine tooth comb, checking everyting off. The weather was dry and sunny so any marks would have been visible. The inspector actually stated that the car was in perfect condition and the best he had seen. He took photographs of the stone chips and logged them and I signed to say that I agreed with what he had found. I asked him at the time where he was taking the car as it was quite late on a Friday afternoon. He said that he was taking it home for the weekend and then taking it in on Monday. Surprise, surprise a week later I receive a letter from RMS Receivables indicating that there were dents on both front doors and that there was a charge of £50 to pay for the damage! This is absolutely not the case. There were no dents or any other damage on that car other then the 2 small stone chips when the car left me. I have emailed both RMS and Peugeot Financial Services today to say that they are wrong, there was no damage other than what I signed for and suggested that if there was damage they should speak to the inspector who collected the vehicle as he took it home for the weekend and that there was no damage when it left me. I have told them that I reject this claim in its entirety and ask them to confirm this. I haven't received anything back from them as yet, but I'm not expecting them to say "Oh sorry our mistake". I flatly refuse to pay this out of principle. If there was damage then fair deal but there was not! Does anyone have any experience of dealing with these people and any idea what I can expect next please? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Jan
  2. Hi long story attempted to be short. Son leased a care from Peugeot back in 2013. year and half later he landed a job as a rep, therefore got a company car. He decided to voluntary hand back the Peugeot at the beginning of this year, as it was costing him near £300 a month. After lots of arguments with the company and the insurance company, they finally agreed to the voluntary hand back of the car. The car was finally collected at the end of September. It had been parked up since January and not used. The car was immaculate inside and had general wear and tear on the outside, no major dents/ scratches or anything. However today a letter is received by son from RMS Receivables, saying that he is in default of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 under s86E ???? they are claiming that there is £250 worth of dents and scratches on the car that " the vehicle is found to be damaged over and above industry fair wear and tear" and payment is to be made in the next few days. How do they determine industry fair wear and tear? My son has not had any bumps accidents in this vehicle and it has not been driven since January 2015. I want to support him in disputing this but how do I go about it? Any ideas?
  3. Hi I have read with interest the posts around VT and an earlier Peugeot VT. I have done the same thing reached the point where legally I have handed the vehicle back having met the % criteria. It states quite clearly on the HP agreement - You have the right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to our Customer Services Department at Quadrant House, Princess Way, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QA. We will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half of the total amount payable under this agreement, that is £7,082.56 . If you have already paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the goods, you will not have to pay any more Correct me if I am wrong but it states nothing more to pay. I have received an email that states that I am in "Default" and must now pay them excess mileage which amounts to £1,400 and damage in excess of "Industry standard wear and tear" amounting to £600. Surely this is covered by Nothing More to Pay. Please advise
  4. Hi Herbie53, Did you manage to sort your PPI claim for the car you bought from Peugeot? Why I ask is that I also took out finance with Peugeot in 2001 and want to know where best to start with my claim! Thank you in advance, Jon
  5. hi there, I'm very new these forums, and after reading a few posts my issue is not as drastic, but i thought id post an see if anyone can give any ideas. i bought a 2012 Peugeot 208 from a local arnold clark dealership. originally i was looking at and was shown around a brand new one, but i had to stretch the finances for the second hand one. anyway, i was told over the phone that the car was essentially the same minus sunroof and sat-nav, id already looked at online specs and was happy with what i saw. few days later i went and picked up the car a lovely looking rose quartz (subtle pink to you and me ) over the next few days as i was getting familiar with the car, i started noticing what was missing. i should say here that although i'm a 40 something guy i only sat my car test last year, and bought an old peugeot 206, so this is my first really nice and almost new car. so, what i assumed was on the car was...... parking sensors on specs as dealer option radio/cd player on specs as dealer option DAB radio upgrade on specs as standard similar options on the touchscreen as to the car id looked at interior options I.E. armrest the car has a radio controlled through touch screen, but it is an fm radio and reception is crap at best. no cd player, as said no DAB upgrade, touchscreen really only has the bluetooth function for phone music ect. this works great and has good sound, i like my music so i need perfection:|and no arm rest. i've been in to dealer a few times saying i felt ripped off as if i knew none of these were on it id have paid to get them put on with extra finance i had, and the fact that i was never even offered them. they've given me quotes for some of the stuff but i don't have that money now. most things the can say are dealer discretion but the DAB radio says its standard on the specs, ive spoken to peugeot on phone an popped in to two other peugeot dealers who all said it should be on as standard, one even said he was baffled as to how/why it was removed. i had asked for a bit discount if i bought what i wanted but nothing. so now its just about getting what should definatly be there, the infamous DAB radio upgrade. can i demand they upgrade ? is there somewhere i can contact for advice or help?would i be covered by any law around being sold something different from what i was expecting....???
  6. Hi folks sorry if im going over old ground, to cut a long story short i bought a car from AC and within 7 days it broke down with an inherent fault, the code of which we have documented 5 times by the AA over the last year, the car did go in for repair during the warranty period (was in garage for 53 days at one point) but the obvious fault was never dealt with and we feel the car was managed to get it through the warranty period, is it worth getting a solicitor involved or is there any other people who can help us get our money back, unfortunately our house insurance has legal aid but it wont cover motoring claims. We are waiting to hear back from my credit card as i payed a deposit with that, what is the chances we will see anything back!? Cheers for any info
  7. Hello Question on car finance. Our term is due to end in February, but we have fell behind with payments due to change in circumstances and redundancy. We have received letters demanding settlement in full or voluntary surrender of the vehicle. Finance is due to complete in February. We tried to pay the arrears 3 weeks ago and were told by Peugeot that they no longer had the file and had closed it and had passed to an agent for collection. Passed it to IRS (Recovery Services) then when I spoke to them they agreed for me to call on the Monday morning to pay the £817 arrears. I called on the Monday to be told the girl had since left the office and the case was closed and returned to PSA. Called PSA, they wouldnt speak to us as it had been closed and referred to a new agent and to await a letter. We waiting and then went on holiday for 12 day. Upon our return, no voicemail OR letters received. Following day, letter through the post with a card signed saying Sorry we missed you when we called !!! From Grosvenor Credit Recovery. Called them three times and left three voicemails and finally a guy called me back and said they had also timed out and it had went back to PSA, and his advice was to wait on next company ... What do I do? Peugeot wont talk to me as they say its closed ... we havent paid around 8 payments due to PSA not wanting to take it OR not knowing who is handling the case and PSA say they cant tell us who is handling the case. The only figure outstanding we have been able to obtain is from the last agent (Grosvenot) that the outstanding balance was £2330 and that was including multiple fees from the agents. Help, as we need the vehicle for our family and kids and work.
  8. My girlfriend and I just bought a 2006 Peugeot 307 from Quicks in Sunderland. No advisories on MOT the conducted 27th March, good service history, few minor cosmetic issues. During the process of sale their customer service was shoddy at best, but my other half liked the car and we purchased it last Saturday. Since purchase, we noticed the left rear brake light is out, one of the number plate lights is out, and the brake lights don't work, other than intermittently. How on earth did it pass an MOT? One issue we might accept as coincidence, but it would appear the car was sold in unroadworthy condition. Their literature refers to a 7 day money back guarantee, but this is not further detailed in the documentation we were given. We work during the week and couldn't return the car until Saturday, which will be a day after the expiry of the 7th day after purchase. We don't want to return the car as it's comfortable and appears to drive well, but beginning not to trust it. I believe the sensible thing to do is give them chance to remedy the faults, and if they refuse, or issues persist, return the car in line with SOGA and request a full refund. Any advice please?
  9. Hi there, I bought a 2nd hand car in Robins & Day in Hanwell. It is a Peugeot 207 dated from 2007 and 30000miles, early June. Within the first 2 weeks a bunch of issues came up, 3 small ones and 1 big one. The procedure took over 2 months and I was told: -The 1 year warranty doesn't work because the warranty people say that the problem was there when I bought the car -The sales department refuse to pay because the problem wasn't there when i bought the car. I paid this car £6000 and I did not cause those problems. Why should I be paying for it? The funny thing is, the warranty accepted to cover 1 of the small problems, the sale department 2 of the small one and of course no one want to pay for the big one. And the 3 small problems have only been fixed yesterday. Meaning it took 3 months for them to do something. Now I want to fight the fact that they refuse to fix the biggest problem, which, I am sure, the more I use the car, affects the rest of the car and will cause other parts to fail soon. Any suggestion?
  10. hi my 4 year old peugeot has started (done 3 time) completely loosing revs after filling with petrol when i change down into 1st. i presume its something to do with filling up but i cant be sure it could just be a coincedence? i change to 1st and the rev counter drops like a stone and then either jumps but to normal sitting rate or stalls the car completely. each time it has happened i have stopped the car, cut off engine, waiting about a minute and restarted and the problem has gone?? my garage hasnt a clue, has anyone hada similar problem??
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