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  1. Hi all, I have 2 bank account, one is Halifax other Lloyd's. On my Halifax account I could go overdraft £1250, in 2013 I move to new place and forget to inform Halifax bank about my new address, and at that point I did not use Halifax account at all. I was on overdraft around £500. At the beginning of 2014, Halifax canceled my overdraft, which I realize in March 3 months later, I quickly repay outstanding fee, informed about my new address and start using this bank account more often. Recently I was shopping for mortgage and have been informed that I had 3 late payments on my Halifax account (outstanding £500 - my overdraft has been canceled). This mess up my credit score big time from 966 went down to 677!!! It was my fault I know, but is there any chance to fix that for example by witting a goodwill letter if yes, have anyone did it? Has other advice? Thanks for helping
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