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  1. Hi guys, I'll be ringing up the company tomorrow and Wanted to know what they are like dealing with ? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if comet extended warranties are being honoured? my 82 year old dad has a tv he paid £1000 for plus £300 for a 5 year warranty. tv has developed a fault and the aftercare number is now just a statement of comets closure. I cant find any other info or number to contact. Hate to think my dads gonna be £1300 outta pocket.
  3. Hi there, I've recently discovered I have a CCJ from a Comet Store card of around £970 which was registered when they were underwritten by Santander. I've contacted the solicitors who dealt with the process and they say it was passed back to Santander. Who are now New Day ltd, I've spoken to both Santander (who have no record of it existing) and New Day who can't find any record of it either. I need to get a certificate of Satisfaction in order to rent a property and can't seem to do so.? Is my only option to write to the court to get the judgement set a
  4. I brought a Beko cooker from Comet over a yr ago took out 5 yr cover. Since I brought it, the oven turns itself off in the middle of baking!! Anyway 6 months ago I noticed the paint work at the botton of the cooker is rusting either side, when I asked for a replacement they said I was not entitled to it cos it's only cosmetics & does not interfere with the cooking / baking!!! Told them it was under 1 yr old & that should not happen they then said sometimes it does & they lef it at that. Cover runs out in 2017 what are my rights (
  5. Hello, I need some help from a SOGA expert. My Sony Bravia failed after almost exactly 3 years needing a new circuit board at a total cost of £122. The TV new was over £600. SOGA suggests that it should have lasted at least 6 years. Obviously I cannot go after Comet so my question is can I pursue Sony through SOGA, to the courts if needed. Their so called customer service is based off shore with very poor english and they were most unhelpful. I certainly won't buy Sony again. Any advce would be welcome. I will write to them suggesting they cough up as a good will ges
  6. hi everyone, I need so help from an expert on the Sale of Goods Act, as I bought a PC from comet in July 2011, it was returned as faulty in October 2011 with a faulty dvd drive, memory and hard drive which they then repaired under warranty it's worked fine ever since and has only had light usage but sadly it wont work at all since July this year. It's a packard bell all in one touch screen pc and the screen fails to work, at barely 2 years old and I think (though cant be sure as I am not an expert) that the graphic card has failed as the screen doesn't come on at all which makes the PC
  7. Who is comets insurer for camera's etc, I bought a camera last year and took out the 5 year plan to insure the camera, when i went into store before they closed the person in there said there's a number on the back which is the 3rd party's contact details which reading through i cant find anywhere. Does anyone know who the insurer is so i can give them a call, Before comet went under i sent my camera to them to be fixed due to a error keep popping up something to do with the lens not releasing when the camera was turned on, that was fixed but they also cleaned the camera in which recently
  8. Hi people, Hoping you could offer me some advice. Anything appreciated. I discovered on Friday that my 50” Plasma LG 50PJ550 purchased from a Comet store 18 months ago was no longer working. It has the following problem: When I tried to switch the LG 50PJ550 on with either the remote control ormanually on the LG 50PJ550 itself the red standby light goes outand the LG 50PJ550 tries to illuminate briefly then goesback to standby mode and then tries to switch on again then switches off. There is also some loud clicking when this ishappening therefore I believe the unit as fau
  9. As we know comet are in administration to keep the better half happy i brought her a nice new TV from comet have had the TV for 1 week to the day there is no sound and no picture Phoned comet helpline and a nice automated message gives me the phone number for UMC rang them to be told `we are not covering any products sold by comet as they have not brought the warranty` and have told me to go back to comet if you phone there help line due to circumstances beyond there control they are not able to take the call and to try later must say tv looks good sat in lounge until
  10. dahleigh

    comet insurance

    hi i really hope someone can help me i bought a camera from comet in july 2012 a cannon finepix (i have dreamt to have this camera for ages ) i was sensible or so i thought at the time and also purchased 3 years insurance. i treat this camera as if it were my baby so really carefull with it and i also work for a charity so need it for this. however this evening the camera isnt working and the number on the warrenty is a comet number and does not work and there is no other number to call.. i am now so stressed out having saved up for this camera for a whi
  11. I bought a dishwasher on Monday from Comet which they had in stock in their Distribution Centre. It was due to be delivered on Saturday morning . As I understand that dishwasher is now mine. On Thursday after hearing that Comet was going into Administration I phoned to make sure there wouldn't be any problems but they assured me everything was in order for a Saturday delivery. On Friday evening I got a call from Comet to say it wouldn't be delivered and that I was to go back to the store for a refund. I went to the store on Saturday to be told there wouldn't be an
  12. These are from Head Office. Administrators say there are no plans for further redundancies at this time,and stores will continue to trade. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20274129
  13. Just doing my morning news reading and came across an article on the BBC news website and in the Guardian saying Comet are close to appointing an administrator, possibly today. Its shame for the 6000 that might lose their jobs.
  14. I bought a Nikon Camera (£365) from Comet last August 2012. at the time i bought a 5 yr extended accidental damage warrenty from them too, the total price was £65 for the warranty, I used my credit card to pay for both products, the camera also came with Nikons 2 year standard breakdown warranty, I do realize that if it broke down now, i would obviously approach Nikon as comet are going to the wall, BUT this is my question. I bought the extended warrenty for the accidental damage cover, As i paid on my credit card for that i would have protection through the
  15. I have a Comet Gift Card, is this still valid? The Administrators are currently considering the position in relation to gift cards and gift vouchers and at this stage they cannot be used to pay for items. The Administrators are reviewing this position urgently. As a result no further gift cards or gift vouchers will be issued to customers. I have fully paid/ part paid for Goods which have not been delivered as yet. Will I still receive my Goods? Provided your order has been paid for in full and the item is currently in stock at one of the distribution centres or is already in process of
  16. we bought comet insurance on our washing machine on 2-1 12 . can anybody tell me what will happen now please i am a pensioner and bought 3 years cover so i did not have to worry but it came up on the television they are in trouble where do i go to find out if i am covered and if so who with,
  17. Following the confirmation of administration today,which will be from next week,We await a statement from administrators giving information to customers with pre orders which have been paid for.returns and warranties etc etc. Comets warranties were underwritten by The Warranty Group who will still have a responsibility to customers irrespective of Comet going into administration. Their website; http://uk.thewg.com/product-warranties/electrical/index.html Their Customer helpline number for the UK is 01594 863000 Customers with vouchers should use these ASAP. If you paid for go
  18. High-street electrical chain is estimated to have lost £35m in a year and could go into administration on Thursday http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/nov/01/comet-electrical-goods-jobs-risk
  19. High-street electrical chain is estimated to have lost £35m in a year and could go into administration on Thursday http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/nov/01/comet-electrical-goods-jobs-risk
  20. Anybody got any advice because COMET have done nothing in 6 weeks after I reported a fault with a coffee machine that has a 5 year warranty. Their customer care is appalling, they make promises and nothing happens, they don't answer emails. I will think very carefully about every buying from them again. What's the point of a warranty if they just hope you'll go away.
  21. Hi, I purchased a TV about 3 years ago from Comet, The tv at the time cost me £700, I purchased the Total Product Cover warranty which also covers accidental damage, 2 weeks ago I was moving the tv to another room and it slipped out my ends, to cut a long story short it was damaged, So I phoned up and the engineers came, took it and I phoned in today to check progress and they said they've written it off and will replace it. Here's my issue, I said that was fine but they offered me a replacement tv which I did not like, They stated I could take the replacement or vouchers BUT they wo
  22. Title refers to another post in 2011 clearly nothing changed in 2012! I took my 18 month old Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ combination oven/microwave back to Comet when its inverter failed. This meant that although the oven still worked fine, the microwave didn't work at all. No problem because although the part was expensive, I had wisely (or so I thought!) taken out Comet's extended warranty. The store advised me on Friday August 24 that the repair could take up to 28 days, but was unlikely to do so. A good job I thought as maybe some people might be using this oven as their
  23. Just over 1 week ago I bought a Samsung TV from Comet. I also said we were interested in a soundbar for a better sound system as we didnt want wires to speakers all over the room. The salesman told us the better option would be to buy the Bose Companion 3 system, which has 2 small speakers that stand at the side of the TV. (there was one on display actually connected to the TV) So, we spent a total of over £1800. At the till, just before paying the assistant tried to give us the hard sell about an extra 4 year warranty for about £400 but we declined. We messed around setting everyt
  24. I recently visited local Comet store, enquired about Bose home cinema systems and was shown a Companion 3. At no time did the salesperson say the Companion 3 was not a home cinema system so I bought one, got it home and it wouldn't work with my tv. Went onto the Bose website and discovered that what I had been sold as a 'home cinema' system is actually marketed by Bose as computer speakers. Took it back to the store for a refund on the basis that I had been mis-sold a product that wasn't what I wanted but they refused to give me a refund stating that the product was 'Multi-media', the pa
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