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  1. Hi BB and rebel11 Thank you for your reply, i am assuming it is the same fault as exactly the same thing has happened as last time but only an engineer can confirm that but they cant come out until the 20th yes the machine was brand new and was one of the latest models at a cost of £700 paid by a natwest visa debit card if after the second repair it fails again would i have a good case to get the retailer to refund me or replace it Regards Casper
  2. Thank you dx i will inform them asap, but just to clarify if i allow Hoover reasonable chances to repair and the issue continues am i entitled to a refund or replacement by the retailer under the soga Regards Casper
  3. Hi All i purchased a new Hoover washing Machine from a local independent electrical retailer in January this year after only 8 weeks the machine broke down so called Hoover who came and repaired it now 2 weeks later it has broken down again and seems to be the same fault, i have now booked an engineer with hoover online as can never get through on phone. 1) So my question is have i done the right thing to let them come and repair it again. 2) If so and it breaks again what would be next step 3) As it is only 3 months old what rights do i have under the sale of goods act now i have let hoover try and fix it. Kind Regards Casper
  4. Hi citizenB there are quite a few charges for the period late 2005-end 2006 i would not no where to begin with a spread sheet or calculating the interest at standard court rate. regards andy
  5. Hi Fellow Cagers just wanted to share my latest letter from NCI hand delivered today the wording is hilarious read the line with the words tone of letter regards casper
  6. Thank you for the replys i will look into both and i have a barclays branch just round the corner didnt think to ask them Kind Regards Casper
  7. Hi all i need to get a bank account just a very basic one just to have wages paid into via bacs and a cash point card to draw money out i dont need a debit card or anything like that....so does any body Know the best place to get a very very basic account preferably with no credit checks Regards Casper
  8. Hi All back again as i have had a letter put through my letter box today from a field agent saying they called but got no reply ( i have been in all-day ) they say they have made a appointment for me ( i dont think so ) now problem is my printer is not working so can not print out the doorstep letter so will a simple go away do or should i contact the number supplied (will go to the phone box) and tell them to do one or email them. Are nci anything to worry about Kind Regards Casper
  9. Hi brig i have not done much about this as it never goes any where other than a letter saying some one different is acting on behalf of arrow each time i ignore them..my fault for not doing anything about it but reluctant to get involved in letter tennis or spent any money on sars or recorded delivery when i Know they cant do anything with it, perhaps it is time now to put it to rest. i have attached link to original post hope it works. regards andy http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?333666-muck-hall-help-please&p=3933124#post3933124
  10. Hi Briggs been a while hope your good I understand what you mean but my point is i should not have an account with them as the said debt is not mine and has been in dispute for years for that reason in fact you helped with some advice on some while ago..I just found this letter interesting as never seen one like it before regards andy
  11. Had a odd letter from arrow global wondering if its some way] to get you to contact them... I particularly like the line your account is being managed by rossendales collect ltd, I do not have an account with arrow or any one representing them nor have i ever had any correspondence from rossendales last i heard was from debt managers on arrows behalf but have never responded to anything in the last 2 yrs as a) the claimed debt is not mine, and was put in dispute in 2008, B) would now be stat barred.
  12. Well emailed job centre they emailed me back thanking me for bringing it to there attention as it was against there terms and conditions and they would speak to the company in question. Checked the ad Friday evening and it had been corrected... Now just hope now they have had the error of there ways pointed out they dont just offer the job to some one in the age bracket they want but offer it fairly to a suitable candidate.. In the mean time my friend has gained employment else where, Just wondering if i should phone up and apply see what happens as im 50
  13. Thank you for the link will have a read of that Job ad only gives a phone number no email or company name and address so cant forward his cv to see what there response is regards casper.
  14. Thank you i thought so this is advertised on the jobcentre plus web site should he go in to the local office and report it regards casper
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