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  1. What I would also be curious to know is, does this in any way affect my credit file? Can they actually enforce this? I can't afford it!
  2. In this particular scenario, it appears that the debt company only have a copy of an invoice. I'm not certain whether or not there is a copy of an agreement anywhere in place. Opus, who seemed uncannilly relaxed about things on the phone, didn't appear to be pushing for payment but more or less outlined action that I could speak to the college or come back to them if I agree with the amount outstanding, and set up a payment plan. I just wonder what my rights and responsibilities are in this scenario.
  3. No, Presumably I am entitled to see a copy of the credit agreement before continuing? Is the standard credit agreement request template still applicable for Scotland? I think it would be fruitless to enter into a discussion with the institution, but I would like to see some paperwork at least!
  4. I left college in 2013 (Scotland) having completed a proportion of the course but left due to an injury at work. I don't recall any further communication from the college, however I received a letter today asking for an outstanding balance of the full course amount (£1,285) on behalf of the college. I have been instructed to communicate only with them regarding this scenario. I am wary of what my next steps should be as I don't trust these people and I expect that they would quickly use my words against me if they could. At the very most, I feel I should be liable for the fees only for the proportion of the course I completed. I am curious as to what my rights are in this scenario. I don't recall specifically if there was some form of credit agreement in place. Advise would be most welcome.
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