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Found 19 results

  1. Hello I am looking at releasing a large % share of my residential property, to an investor. Its currently my prime residence. But I want to get some cash out of it, pay down borrowing, move out, and run it as a short-term joint venture BTL - until the market improves. Would the in-coming investor be liable for sdlt? Its not a huge issue, it just affects the yield proposal. Are they buying - Thus liable for sdlt on their %? Or is it an investment - No sdlt? Just a legal arrangement that an (equal value) % of the rental income goes to the investor? I think I
  2. I have two unpaid defaults from August 2012 and would like some clarity and advice about what to do. I know defaults drop off the credit file after 6 years but what actually happens to my file if the accounts remain unpaid? I know its not the same as being statue barred and i believe i have made a payment to both in the last 3 years or so One of the defaults i am not actively being chased for it and havent been for years The other one I am being chased for but the dca has agreed to give me 30 days to sort myself out (find emoloyment) and has froze the account during this time
  3. My debts and some clarity: Since becoming involved with CAG some 6 years ago I have learned so much, but sometimes my mind is clouded and confused. Story: I am long term disabled and in receipt of some benefits and have been debt free twice in this period. But due to moving and having a bad credit rating and a horrible bank I switched to a new bank. I was offered a nice account with Nationwide with a good overdraft and a new credit card, my OD was at £650 and used often, free for a period, this is now sorted and in credit, the credit card was issued with a lim
  4. Hello everyone, Credit card- Citi with Cabot Financial Europe. I am paying to Clarity (online payment via their website) which I guess has been employed by Cabot to take the payments of £1 since 2013. Noddle is updated by Cabot on regular basis showing –£1 each month. Information on Noddle: Account start date 07/2007, opening balance £1436, default balance £1436 ,date of default 06/2010. Between 2010 and 2013 I was paying more than £1 a month so the current balance is down to around £590. The last letter I have received from them is a confirmation of arr
  5. Hi all, I had an overdraft with the Abbey and after they revoked the overdraft and required instant payback I had to move banks as couldn't afford to pay it all back at once and they wouldn't accept anything else. This was in 2006. Its been long gone off my credit files and last year I got a letter from Lowell asking for payment of this overdraft and I sent them back a letter saying that it was statute barred and hadn't heard nothing until this morning. Today I get 2 letters in the same envelope, One from Lowell saying that I've not repaid my Lowell Financ
  6. Hi I have today received an external agency recovery notification that a debt has been passed from cabot to clarity. The original debt is for next retail and is for 576.44. Clarity are offering a reduced settlement of £432.33 or an affordable payment plan. Do I contact them as I only have their word this is the correct amount as it was such a long time ago ( 5/6 years ago ) or do I ignore this letter until they send solicitors letter. Many thanks for any help
  7. Hi, I received the below letter a few days ago and wondering what to do about it? I was in debt a few years ago when married to my ex with credit cards and as far as I was concerned its all now been cleared. This letter came out of the blue, I have remarried and changed my name 18 months ago and moved house 3 times in the last 5 years, I don't want to ring them, do I just ignore it? Thank you RESPONSE REQUIRED Dear Mrs......... Clarity Ref: ...................... Customer Name: (My Name!!) We need to contact
  8. Someone has asked me to enquire on their behalf regarding the new PIP rules when someone is already in receipt of DLA. They received their award following their consultant completing form DS500 which advises the DLA team that they have a terminal condition. They have a motability vehicle through the scheme and their DLA award is due to expire next summer. They have spoken to the DLA team this week and been advised that they will receive a telephone call approximately 20 weeks in advance to be interviewed over the phone and subject to their answers is whether or not they get it renewed.
  9. Hello caggers, I received a letter yesterday from Arrow Global stating that I owe them over £2800 from a credit card I took out with BOS in 2002. This was defaulted in Aug 2005 following advice from CAB due to unreasonable demands from BOS despite CAB writing to them with my financial statement. Arrow are claiming they bought the debt in 2006 (when I was still at the address the CC was in) but this is the first I've heard from them! I am just checking that considering it is now Sept 2013 and I have made no payment or acknowledged the debt in 8 years, tha
  10. Hi All I took out a Halifax Clarity Card as it often appears in moneysaving expert top picks for using abroad. Every holiday, I took my card and withdrew cash, repaying on return. I must say that the product is excellent and the rates and exchange rate are great. In January, I did a big trip and took over £1000 over ten days. Halifax dropped my credit limit to just above my balance. They wouldn't tell me why and eventually my credit limit was restored to a third of what it was. They did this on the last day of my trip and I was just lucky I didn't need any more cash. In
  11. Hi, I had car insurance 2 years ago with a company called Octagon Insurance, I did it online. when it came to renewal last year , I went somewhere else. Octagon in their infinite knowledge assumed i would renew with them anyway , so they sent me a renewal quote and promptly advised their financing arm - Creation.co.uk to deduct money from my account and set up a direct debit. I got my bank to refund the unauthorised DD, returned the insurance renewal sent by Octagon , but they have been chasing me for about £200 ever since then. I wrote to them to send me the ag
  12. Hi I am a little uneasy as I have a letter from Clarity arrived today regarding a £1500 debt to Cahoot in which it states "As time is running out our client has advised us that they will consider any offer, however small, to settle the balance" I can't help but feel that this is a letter designed to catch me out and what will happen if I offer £50... .it does say "however small". Has anyone experienced this type of letter? Thank you Deb
  13. hi everyone im lookin for help regarding a credit card i used to have in 2007 ,i got hit with a lot of charges for late payment etc a i was strugglin to find a job . the account got turned over to a debt collection agency and i told them i was in the process of claiming my charges back. they understood the situation and put the account on hold. i put my claim in to barclays and never heard a thing from them or the debt collection agency and because the amount they ssaid i owed was practically charges i assumed they writ the debt off. recently i have had a letter from the
  14. Hi All, Just received a letter from Clarity chasing an old, must be now 7 year old debt. I have had no contact from the original creditor or any other DCA regarding this old credit card debt until now. They are asking for a final single payment of 2k less than the amount which I don't remember it being so much at the time, must be all the interest, or settlement repayment plan, which I do not intend on paying anything as I am sure its SB. I have just successfully got Lowells of my back with the help of CAG members only to get a letter out of the blue 3 days later from this different DCA
  15. Hi guys, I took out a loan & Credit Card with HSBC years ago. More than 6 years ago, deffo. Now it appears HSBC have joined the two together into a single debt (£2,458.14) and appear to have sold the debt to "Clarity Credit Management", who are now sending me letters demanding I pay up. The funny thing is, the debt doesn't even show on my Credit Report on Experian. How on earth can they chase for a debt that's not even on my record anymore?! Can I fight this, or do I have to pay it? Cheers.
  16. Hello, in Feb 2010 I had just come out of a really bad and abusive relationship and I was working, but I wanted something new. I saw an ad for HLC and took a look at their website. I saw that they offered courses for webdesign and I sent away some details to request more information. Instead I got a sales woman coming over and being in the state that I was back then I foolishly signed up for CIW 1 & 2 at the total sum of £2300. I wanted to sign up for one course but the woman said that they offered a package for both courses at a "cheaper" price. by August
  17. In 1994, three days before I went into Frenchay Hospital for neurosurgery, bailiffs acting on behalf of the Bradford & Bingley ( Leamington Spa Building Society), reposessed my home and evicted myself, wife and three young children. Our house was boarded up and the locks changed. It went for auction and was sold for just £105,000. A 4-bedroom farmhouse in half an acre, it was in good repair but had been left to deteriorate, by the B&B, for almost 2 years. The last valuation we had on the property was £320,000, and that was three months before we were reposessed. The demands for repayme
  18. I have recently received 3 letters from Clarity Credit Management (Collections Department) writing on behalf of their Client: HSBC Bank Plc. The letters read.... [16/11/2010 ""We have been instructed by HSBC Bank Plc to make arrangements with you to repay the above amount...we are prepared to offer you a discount" and gives me the option of a reduced settlement or a Payment plan. [30/11/2010] The next was similar. [15/12/2010] The third gave me one final chance to make a one off payment and that the offer would last 7 days as "we have been unable to agree with you an acceptable paym
  19. The Situation Clarity writing letters claiming I owe them money. I sent them a prove it letter. They are asking me now for my personal details even though they have pursued me for this debt on behalf of their client .. Aktiv Captial. I am reluctant to give out my details cos surely they will already have them if they are writing me letters saying I owe them? After going through my credit report I see the debt is a Debenhams account I settled in 2005 account numbers match - Just 15 days before it was settled - Aktiv Kapital opened their claim on the
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