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  1. Hello people, My name is [removed - dx], I am 26 years old., From Bedfordshire. I have 4 kids (please don't judge) with 3 mother's, 2 of whom we are good, my youngest child's mother always causes issues if I give her money like the other 2, she is not grateful and wants more, which is unfair to the other mother's, she went to CSA and claimed I never got involved with my child and also went to my work place and put in a complaint, claiming I was breaching data protection a case was brought up but I was okay as she kept changing stories. But it got to me me
  2. 'LET DOWN BY MY COUNTRY' Hero war vet, 50, who was Prince Charles and Diana’s driver left homeless sleeping in bushes and feeding off scraps READ MORE HERE: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5551197/hero-war-vet-50-who-was-prince-charles-and-dianas-driver-left-homeless-sleeping-in-bushes-and-feeding-off-scraps/
  3. Hi everyone Babbling on behalf of my boy as hes not too good at asking for help Hes late 20s. He moved out of his home in January to rent. His ex asked him in August to move in with him temporarily, he said no, she whined on that she couldnt go anywhere else as her friends had said no too she moved in with him for a bit. He gave her a deadline of the 20th to leave, she didnt. Shes not on the tenancy and the police were called. they told her they would return to chuck her out but havent since come back. She is now claiming she cannot be removed, as she s
  4. Hi, There is this Homeless Charity services (they give used clothes, toys for homeless people ) that we have been using for years because we are homeless, but because we were moved out 2 years ago from our own borough, the staff of that charity ( because of personal reasons) decided that we do not meet the criteria ( we must live in the borough ) and they want to stop us from using their services and are asking us not to come any more. Note that there is another person who was asked the same thing, but she lives in the borough...I don't know the reasons behind this, but this can be purely be
  5. I understand there a homeless at home policy, is there anywhere I can get information on how this should be implemented by the local housing authority please. I am asking as all requests to them regarding this are currently being ignored.
  6. To put it bluntly Councils have been saying to people faced with homelessness that you will have the same issues as the street homeless have now so are not more vulnerable. Also because you have these issues before you become homeless there will be no risk soi we do not have to help you. Judge says [naughty word]! http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2015/05/vulnerability-a-fresh-start/
  7. I have just been treated in the most vile and sickening manner regarding my mortgage and will almost certainly be shortly evicted (there has already been one eviction order which was suspended). Does anyone have any ideas of how I might deal with this. Unfortunately, it will take an age to write down all the details and you readers will become bored witless. Birmingham Mudshires said I couldn’t pay them a large capital sum to cover a three year period of time needed to remain unemployed to look after small child as single parent and sort out the horrendous problems that
  8. Given the lack of affordable housing, how soon will it be that it will illegal to be homeless..
  9. My local council - Wycombe District Council - is thinking of introducing a £100 fine which will impact on the homeless and destitute in the area. When I first read this news I thought it was a joke - but its not - they really are thinking of imposing this dreadful fine on people who can least afford anything! Guess who runs the Council - that wonderful and caring lot - the Tory party! Anyway if you are as outraged as I am perhaps you can take a minute to sign the petition against - link below:- https://www.change.org/p/wycombe-district-council-remove-the-plan-to-fine-homeless-p
  10. A primary school teacher from Wolverhampton has designed flat-pack cardboard beds for homeless people which he's giving away for free. If you click on who they are available from there is more information Read More Here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-34910855
  11. hi, i rent a room in one town (near my works and children) and my partner (not the mother of my children) rents a house in the next town, she is signed off sick and has a daughter. i cant move in to her home as she is being evicted as landlord is selling up, section 21 ends in september and her local council are not helping much they just say she will have to rent another private which isnt easy since she isnt working and on sick benefits due to ongoing heart issues for which she is having open heart surgery for very soon. i work full time but cant have her and her d
  12. Please have a read of the attachment as it provides information for homelessness from the start of the year till the end of March. 1st quarter. It is now once again on the increase... " If faced with the loss of their home, any household can apply to their local authority for acceptance for housing assistance. A household is considered homeless if they no longer have a legal right to occupy their accommodation or if it would no longer be reasonable to continue to live there, for example, if living there would lead to violence against them."
  13. I was offered a house which was in dilapidated condition from the council. At the time an acquaintance tried to sort me out with a shared private let, rather than move into this house of horrors, but this fell through. The council deemed me intentionally homeless because of this. I was refused access to my housing officer and refused my right to make a complaint about the property, at the time when i had to make a decision. I had a couple of days time frame to make this decision. My appeal failed and i was to be cast onto the streets like a leper, but fortunate
  14. Hello, I haven't caught up with this forum for a while, so please forgive me if this question has been already answered. I'm a male in my late 40s, long term unemployed but not yet claiming (long story why I didn't claim). I'm not yet technically homeless but will be in a short time if I don't find a source of income or claim JSA. At the moment I'm living in a sort of b&b/backpackers hostel in Birmingham (not a homeless hostel) and the owner doesn't really like the unemployed. If I should receive a brown envelope, he would probably kick me out (it has happened before to prev
  15. Trusty Paws Clinic Glasgow Simon Community has announced a new partnership with 4th year Veterinary students to provide a free monthly clinic for dogs belonging to homeless people at their RSVP Advice and Information Hub. This is a fully equipped/professional “pop up” clinic overseen by a qualified vet and the clinic will take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-5pm. RSVP Advice and Information, 72 London Road,G1 5NP. People who are homeless can contact the RSVP service on Freephone 0800 027 7466 This service only deals with Dogs not other pets. htt
  16. Hi My neighbor's son and his friend have for the last year been renting with a private landlord who is now selling house. They were going to rent together again, but his friend changed his mind last week. Come Wednesday next week the neighbor's son will be homeless, and is friend he was renting with who owns a one bedroom flat which he was renting out is going back to it. The major problem is in late 2014 my neighbor's son (I don't want to go into the ins and outs) ended up with a electronic monitoring tag for homegrown for himself. He cannot afford to find a lump some to take
  17. Hi - My son has been homeless for a year or so. He cannot live at home - because of regular violence to himfrom his younger backwards brother. We have extended family units in the area and with his friends there are places he can sleep most nights. He can also sleep on the sofa here from time to time - but not too often. After more than a year of claiming JSA as homeless, the local office are now claiming he he cannot prove he is homeless and therefore they are cutting off his JSA. They also say they will visit the places he says he sleeps to see if they are entitled to "rent" space
  18. Hi, I was living with my parents from January this year, I had to go back as I had nowhere else to go. One of my parents has always been abusive to the other parent in a verbal and emotional way, however within a few months of moving in the parent ruined and humiliated the other parents birthday and was acting horribly towards the parent so I just kept myself to myself, stayed at my girlfriends house 3 nights a week and wasn't there much and didn't talk to the abusive parent. The abusive parent then proceeded to cut off my internet access, then kept threatening to cut my electri
  19. On the 2nd of April I became homeless due to eviction by virtue of section 21. In November 2013 my ex partner started to have problems with her boyfriend and with the help of the social services I became guardian of our 2 years daughter. Less than a month later on the 8 of December my ex partner was victim of attempted murder and suffered horrific injuries caused by her boyfriend. My daughter started to live with me permanently. On the next day the council stopped paying me my housing benefit as result of me applying for Income support which I didn't get because I wasn't receiving Child
  20. Can a family be found homeless if it leaves suitable accommodation to move - closer to family, - due to finding work near that said family - due to neighbours constantly arguing, general ASB. They moved in with some family members who after just 5 weeks told them that they need to leave.
  21. My friend was living with her brother, and unknowingly he handed in his notice to leave, she was informed 3 days before that she had to leave.... nice brother hey. Shes pregnant at the moment as well. So she made an application for homelessness through her local authority. They have ducked and dived on this situation, they have sent her off to other councils to apply. Anyways long story short, they have put her now in temporary accommodation. However they rang her christmas eve to tell her she is intentionally homeless as she had a tenancy on a property a year and a half ago, a
  22. Hi Guys, Any advice would be welcome as I've had enough of battling with horrid council staff. My brother was made homeless by his Ex partner July last year, Due to that he lost his job and she took everything he had it was quite a controlling relationship even now she has his bank card. My brother tried to take his life went it all became too much for him thankfully the police managed to get there in time to cut him free, Due to the suicide attempt he was taken to hospital then placed under the crisis team who would visit him at my nans. He was given a support worker along with va
  23. Hi, I am facing eviction soon from my private landlord due to rent arrears.....I understand that if he persues me under S21 then the local council will have an obligation to re-house me but I need clarification of the term "intentionally homeless" if the landlord evicts me under a S8.....I am reading conflicting stories on the net of: 1."If I am evicted via a S8 (due to rent arrears) and I leave before the bailiffs remove me (that's classed as me making myself intentionally homeless and the local council are not legally obliged to re-house me)" 2."If I am evicted via a S8 (due
  24. hi guys i am an ex gambling addict my payday loans etc have finally caught up to me I have never done anything to hurt my mom but she doesnt want the stress of having me around and having people knocking the door for money etc. which is fair enough if you ask me Soon i will be leaving the house with literally zilch, well, infact minus £15,000. I will contact shelter and see if i can find somewhere to live - but i was wondering if because i am an ex gambling addict ( very recently ) would i be classified as "intentionally homeless" I am a well educated young man bu
  25. Hi. I am new to this forum but at an absolute loss as to where to turn with my problem. Basically I signed an assured shorthold tenancy with a friend of mine in June 2012. My friend having never paid rent abandoned the property at the time and I had entered a period of depression. I was being hounded by the landlord about his arrears as they couldn't locate him. Neither could I. In January I had a friend who was eligible for DSS offer to move in. I contacted my landlord and at the time they would not change the lease to his name without us paying £250 which I couldn't afford. I was issue
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