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  1. Yes I accepted. No I don't want to enter into litigation. The illegal default was not the fault of the CEO who has been very helpful outside of his remit which I appreciate. It just seems outrageous that DCAs like Arrow are constantly getting away with negatively affecting people's lives like this. If these illegal defaults are all genuine errors, they're sloppy unacceptable ones which should be punished, and if I lose this property £200 is in no way adequate compensation.
  2. Hi Andy. Yup. But if the property I'm trying to buy is snapped up by another buyer before I have a chance to get a deposit down due to this 19 day delay, it will be Arrow's fault. That's when I will be absolutely furious. They are playing with people's lives by pulling stunts like this. Thanks for your advice a few posts up Andy and DX, I completely missed those for some reason. What do you recommend I do now then?
  3. Thanks ericsbrother. I rang Experian and discovered there was a problem with their computer system as they're switching from their old system to a new one. The default finally stopped showing 48 hours later. Arrrow got back to me, apologised again, said they were looking into it when I told them that in this case the fault was with Experian's system they offered me £200 compensation for the trouble they've caused...
  4. Things have gone from bad to worse. On the 17th July the illegal default was removed which was confirmed in writing by letter by Experian. On the 19th July Arrow put a new default on the account. I have informed their CEO, who, up to now has been very helpful, that I am reporting Arrow to the ICO, which I will do, today. This is going to lose me both a job and a house.
  5. Update Day 10 of 14. The default is still showing. Arrow's CEO has been getting back to me daily assuring me his team are taking action and yesterday told me they'd been in touch with all three CRAs who assured them the default removal had now been actioned. In Experian's case, when a case is being individually amended like this one (rather than bulk processed, which can take a month to reflect on the report) the dept dealing with it is the Debt Amendment dept whose office hours are 9-5 Mon-Fri. Experian told me last night that I need a reference number from Arrow relating to the recent (supposed) removal of the default. This I asked Arrow's CEO to furnish me with, at which point he has finally passed my case down to another colleague. After 10 days of promises I have completely lost faith that anything is being done and will be reporting Arrow to the ICO in 4 days' time. This is going to cost me my job and lose a house purchase. I am now beyond furious.
  6. I've heard that mortgage lenders are prone to valuing properties at below asking price though and this just gives them an extra excuse as far as I can see. If they knock 20k off the value because they now class it as a two bed property then we're up to a whacking great 91% LTV and bosh, straight onto a higher interest rate. :/
  7. Hi again all, we need to remortgage to switch over from an interest only to repayment mortgage. We have a three bedroom semi and last year knocked through between the front and back bedrooms. We didn't remove the entire wall, just put in an RSJ and created a gap the size of a pair of standard doors. We did this as we don't plan to sell but completely forgetting that we would need to remortgage. However, the connecting door from each room to the hall is still there. As we're looking at an 82% LTV, it's likely that the surveyor will actually visit. Will the surveyor class this as a two bedroomed house now or is the fact there is still a connecting door from each room to the hall, and a section of wall on either side of the new gap, mean the rooms can still be classed as separate? We don't want to risk waiting for the survey and the house being classed as a two bedroom. If we know that is likely, then we could fill the gap by connecting the two rooms with a set of double doors prior to survey. Would this be enough of a divide? Or would we have to fill the gap with a stud wall? Or can we just leave it as it is? All advice welcome, thank you!
  8. OK will do today, cheers Andy. The latest installment of my flurry of correspodence with Arrow's CEO is that he answered my email of yesterday within 4 hours, thanking me for my patience and telling me that his team have looked into my request and agree that they can remove this default from my credit file, and that they will be putting in an urgent request to make this happen. He also said that he was pleased that they were able to resolve this issue for me. All great and lovely jubbly, except as of 7.41am on Day 6, it is as yet still unresolved. Let us see what today brings and pray for sunshine and happiness all round because the past week has brought too many unnecessary tears.* *On my part, not on the CEO's.
  9. I have Andy, but only Experian. Should I do the other two as well? I have just sent a further polite email to Arrow's CEO asking if he would chase this case up and requesting that he gets the default removed today, as at the moment it's not an understatement to say it is ruining my life. To be honest if he responds and the default is removed immediately (we're in Day 4 of 14 now) then I don't think I'd seek compensation. I just want the default removed and to move on.
  10. That's very interesting. At one point I wondered whether this was a genuine mistake on Arrow's part, but their telephone operative (who was very polite and courteous) told me that this was a Monument default. She knew. So it follows that as a DCA should not be able to place a default with a CRA, only an OC, then she must have known that Arrow's actions were illegal and that she was willfully misinforming me. Thanks. I would like to claim compensation. Every day that that default remains on my report is causing more and more damage to my life. Every. Single. Day. How would the CEO of Arrow like it if he woke up every morning knowing that an illegal action by me was causing him further damage for yet another day of his life? He wouldn't.
  11. That's all very interesting, thanks Andy. If I could pick your brains again, in all your years of experience have you come across many people successfully suing a DCA such as Arrow? And what's a ball park figure of what it would cost? I strongly feel I should be financially compensated for this bogus default entry on my credit reference which at the moment is ruining my life. I feel Arrow should be made to pay for this and I would be prepared to have another adventure in court to make them do so. We are about to enter Day 3 of the 14 Day warning I have given to Arrow and my credit report is still showing the bogus, illegal default. Furthermore, I cannot proceed with an anticipated financial transaction until Arrow remove this bogus and illegal default. If anyone from Arrow is reading this, please let Lee, your CEO (who, if you catch up on the whole thread here, has already personally got back to me via email, assuring me that he has passed the information on to the relevant department) know that I am sitting here drumming my fingers on my laptop and counting down the hours until I report Arrow to the ICO and that I will put everything else in my life on hold to fight this case to the ends of the earth because I am feeling more and more impassioned every hour regarding the sheer unjustness of Arrow's actions and I will not rest until that default is removed from my credit report.
  12. btw thanks for this link Andy, done. Aw I wonder how many lives you and the rest of the Debt Trauma Surgery team have saved over the years? Countless I'm sure! One question I want to ask without going too much OT, is what is the likelihood of fines being introduced for CCAs who illegally put defaults on CRA reports? I was wondering how many lives these companies ruin, seemingly without a trace of conscience? Marriages ruined, houses not purchased, jobs lost, relocations prevented. The damage is unquantifiable and they seemingly go completely unpunished!
  13. Hi Andyorch! So long no speak! My husband and I were both reminiscing about you when I was on here the other evening, wondering how you are. What a crazy adventure we had a few years ago and how unbelievably helpful you were! It is fantastic to finally be free of being chased by DCAs, the relief is immeasurable. Without people like you we couldn't have done it and I will never, ever forget the time you devoted to me, patience you showed me and help you gave us both.
  14. In the meantime, I have communicated directly with Arrow's CEO including copies of the original defaul notice and he has has responded assuring me has passed my information on to the relevant department to deal with. I've also sent a hard copy in the post.
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