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  1. Hi, Last payments were around 2009. The last time any sort of letter showed up was about 3 years ago to my knowledge but only received by me a year after it was written as hung onto by my sister. I haven't managed to open a bank account yet but made progress in what they required so will try this week. Thanks for responding. At the time maybe I should have gone bankrupt in hindsight but before I left it pretty much all stopped after asking for the SAR' s. I had settled what I could prior to that. Then after a big gap I started to get random debt agencies picking up on a few, irrespective of saying there were outstanding SAR requests they came and went and I did inform them where I was living overseas which is why Amex went for the RMA and then suddenly stopped. You are of course right about running away. Seriously the whole thing gave me real depression which is something I only thought happened to other people. It has taken me all this time to get back to a place where I think I can take a deep breath and deal with it both for my sake and my mum. I will keep a log. What happens might prove relevant to others and I can't see anyone else has kept one although a lot of people seem to have similar stories. Thanks again
  2. If anyone is interested in what happens next I am going to keep a record of who and what comes out of the woodwork over the next few months. For now I have re registered on the electoral roll. I will also try and open a bank account in a month or so.
  3. Well, I took the plunge and entered mum's UK address which is my last registered address in the UK. Experian wouldn't open an account because they said information mismatch? Clearscore said that I did not have a credit file and should take up some credit to get started!!? Now I am really confused!!
  4. Back in 2008/2010 CAG pretty much saved my life - not joking! My story is fairly typical - got into too much debt, lost job, got caught with all sorts of dirty tricks with debt recovery agencies - found CAG, got help, fixed some things, more dirty tricks and bullying from debt collection agencies and then after issuing lots of SAR's things went quiet. We managed to get agreement from our lender to rent the house while we tried to sell it and went to live with my mum and stepdad in Spain and try and re-start. We have managed to scrape by, (anyone who thinks running off to the sun is easy let me guarantee you are wrong!) I was chased by American Express who issued an RMA to bankrupt me but at the last minute didn't one of the credit card companies managed to convert a credit card into a CCJ and then a second charge so when the house did sell that took the equity. Another CCJ we made an arrangement with and paid off. Move forward to the present. Stepfather has passed away, am in the process of finalising a divorce with my wife (trying to remain friends and mostly that's ok) and mum who is 83 has deteriorated in help and needs memory care among other things which is a challenge anywhere in the world but as a Brit in Spain more than it would be back home, so I have to come back so she can get additional medical help. All that builds up to the following questions if anyone can help answer please I would be enormously grateful... .I still have kept proof of posting etc for the SAR's. Over the years, much too late to do much about, odd letters from agencies have popped up - nothing for a few years now and might be invalid/statute barred anyway but I haven't attempted to reply. I don't know what my credit file is like and of course when I come back to the UK I will need to fix a bank account etc. Anyone who has been in trouble will understand the horrible bombardment of dozens of daily phone calls chasing debt, the dread of the postman, the sick feeling watching a stranger walk up the garden path....I am terrified of going back to that hell again even without a job, assets or a home for them to seize anything, I can't bear the thought of all the harrassment again. Today I checked out whether I had CCJ's at my old and my mum's address using TrustOnline as it seemed to bypass the Credit Reference Agencies and was effectively straight to the source. No CCJ's were registered and there was a comforting little Green Box ticked in the pdf file they sent. But, I know the information on that report is quite limited when it comes to things like defaults etc. My big question is, if I register with Experian or Equifax or some other agency will that 'Kick Off' notifications to credit companies and start me being persued again? I do understand things are what they are but any thoughts or help - guidance would be massively appreciated.
  5. Wow I didn't know that! That would be fantastic! Thank you so much - will read on!
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I appreciate that they can foreclose and we have been dropping the price. We understand that ultimately something is better than nothing/a debt if they sell for less than the mortgage but it still hurts to hemorrhage the only bit of money we have and you always have to negotiate a sale anyway. Does anyone have any experience of what they do in practice? Might they extend the term or allow a period longer to sell on the market? Even if we dropped to €250000 and invited bids it would take longer than we currently have!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know what Nationwide is likely to do in our situation please? Wife is 16 years older than me so we had a 10 year self cert mortgage taking her to age 65 originally through Derbyshire/Salt and now taken over with Nationwide. About 12 months ago we rang Nationwide after receiving a standard letter re repaying the loan at the end of the mortgage term. The friendly but extremely unhelpful call center guide was only interested in referring us to an independent mortgage advisor when asking about options and whether we could extend the term as they couldn't give advice and there were NO options on Nationwide doing some sort of deal or changing the mortgage. There wasn't much point in talking to a broker as my business went south in 2009 and we have wobbly credit, can't prove income to service the loan now although have no arrears or ever been in arrears. Instead we have been trying to sell the property - £255000 mortgage and 2 local estate agents started us at £395,000 now down to £340,000 and only 3 viewings in a year! I have been trying to understand 'Forebearance' but can't find any examples of any lenders being helpful to customers when they can't afford repayment. All we want to do is to continue actively trying to sell it while paying interest only rather than have it repossessed and forced sold. Does anyone know what is 'likely' to happen - particulalrly where Nationwide are involved? Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated. Wife was just going to leave today she is getting so upset. We have until Feb for the mortgage term to end although haven't received any notices about the mortgage since last year. Thanks
  8. Hi Andy,What happened in the end? We have a problem looming soon and wonder if eventually you overcame it? Thanks
  9. Well truly I am not sure what to do, I understand that on the one hand there may possibly be some way of challenging the debt agency but having been 'done' is that it, 'Game Over' so to speak? Should I take my medicine or is there a chance to reduce the debt (obviously inflated by all their fees) or the payment? I have just finished my agency contract at the moment so have no job - does that make any difference? If I ask for a reduced payment does that get reviewed annually or fixed forever?
  10. Help Please, I have an MBNA debt which is about 5 years old since the last payment. They did make offers of settlement for approx. 40% over time but I ignored those. However recently, on moving, I was tracked down - I think because I paid my TV license. They sent a CCJ Notice for Northampton County Court for £14000 which I didn't appreciate was the real thing and 4 weeks later I received a CCJ with a payment schedule of £100 per month. The claiments were a company I have never heard of and have no idea who they are - am I done for? Is it too late or in my interests now to challenge. I tried to seek some CAG help earlier but think I didn't post it under the right section so haven't had a reply. Can anyone give me some advice as to what I can do please? I am terrified that having battled on for so long they will send Bailiffs around
  11. Just an update - very late - after I was served the papers for Bankruptcy and they were filed at court - guess what - no one attended so nothing happened!
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