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  1. I have a valuation tribunal upcoming, and I have received the following correspondence. The issue is that the council will not grant the 1st month discount because the previous occupiers used up this discount. As we are first time buyers and didn't actually move in till at least a month later I was hoping the 1st months council tax would be discounted 100%. However this is not the case. Is there anything that I can backup this case with as it's basically their legislation against what I think I should be entitled to. Issues in Dispute The dispute concerns the application of
  2. Didn't move address or anything so they were sent to the correct address by the council. What's £40 is not much compared to the £250 ... think I may try it Can the bailiff just charge what they like, I can't see how they have racked up say a £50 amount due and put on £200 ontop for their visit?
  3. On the letter from the council to TEC it says: Charge Certificate sent 17/09/2009 A payment of £25 received on 30/09/2009 leaving balance of £50 Pre-Debt letter sent 10/12/2009 TE3/TE9 09/07/2010 The pre-debt letter according to them showed amount due & payment made...
  4. OK, so before christmas I filled out forms TE7 & TE9. I've received a response back from a court officer saying the application has been rejected. There is a letter attached from the council stating they posted out letters with dates. Do I fill out form N244 (£40 hearing) or do I just give up and pay the bailiffs? I posted out a cheque for £25 and £50 to the council but they returned them saying pay the bailiffs!
  5. So that clears that up then! Due to no paperwork with amount AFTER the adjudication I thought it was £25 not £50.
  6. So if I appeal at any stage I loose the right to the 50% discount? The 14 days grace period is not extended?
  7. I've just gone through the documentation again, I did receive a response from the tribunal but nowhere does it state the amount due. At the beginning of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal decision letter it states:- If payment is required, please send payment to the council, not the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. This and any subsequent letters do not state a deadline or amount or even payment is required! Just says appeal is dismissed.
  8. Thank you for your advice, I will make a formal complaint and see what the outcome is with the LGO! Can someone tell me whether the PE2 and PE3 forms is the right action for me to be taking? I've got the local court to book me in for the signing of the documents on Tuesday. (Judge was gone when I went on Friday!).
  9. I had a ticket in Jan 08. This was informally appealed with council and lost. Went to tribunal (as the ticket wording was not legal enough) and lost. Re-appealed the tribunal decision and it was dismissed. Copy of recording etc was rejected. I was advised to contact MPs etc but I really couldn't be bothered as the fight had already been 6 months, and I'd must of had 100 pages of letters and evidence etc... Genuinely paid what I thought was due, everywhere it says that the amount should be frozen to the 'pre-appeal stage' and paid the £25. The cheque was banked in October some
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