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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening all, writing this on behalf of my friend who is in need of some help. She took out a personal unsecured loan 3/4 months ago with Loans2Go for £500 and the amount that needs to be repaid is a smidge over £2,000 (Crazy interest rates, is this legal?) She's struggling with the monthly payments and will not be able to make this months payment. What's the best route forward for her? She also mentioned when she signed up they only sent her a CPA agreement and no documents about the loan T&C's etc. Thank you
  2. Hi Guys, The story goes, purchased a car from Lincolnshire from a couple. Paid in cash. Did a HPi check (Basic one) and everything clear. The couple signed receipt to say no finance etc. HPi check done with cazana. Car purchased March 2017. No logbook received i contacted the couple and it looked like they was playing games. i applied for a logbook myself and came with 2 weeks. Did a further HPi check with cazana.com in April 2017 as was getting worried why the logbook hasn't come and the HPi came back clear with no finance etc. I sold the car on the 06/06/2017 on eBay and the buyer advised me he has done a HPi check and there is outstanding finance. I then went back to the HPi I did with cazana.com and now it shows a 36-month agreement taken out on the 10/11/2016! I have removed it from eBay and apologised to the buyer. Contacted couple and the wife has advised me that she is no longer in contact with her husband and she can’t pay it off and is sorry they didn't tell me about the loan! Today I get a letter from Loans2go saying the car belongs to them and there is a BOS. Contacted HPi company who are looking into it. Where do I stand here? The couple duped me. Such a disgusting thing to do to someone. I have called Loans2go and asked for the BOS. I’m so upset with all of this. When I contacted the couple their mobile phones were dead I managed to track them down on Facebook to which at the start she was like don’t worry I will sort it out when I’m back from my holiday. Such horrible people out there. I’m a student and cannot afford such a loss, it would mean I have to drop out of university for 1 year and work as I pay my own fee’s. The lady is giving me a story that she cannot pay this loan as she is a single mother now with a disabled child.
  3. Hi I'm a new user seeking some advice with loans2go personal loans. I took out a personal loan with loans2go for £800 with a monthly repayment of £156. Now my partner has previously had a loan with them which he did not pay and has received a CCJ they mentioned this when I took out the loan but gave me it non the less. A couple of days before the first payment was due I was taken ill resulting in 2 hospital admissions and I will require surgery and I have been signed off work for a number of weeks. I cancelled my card as I just cannot afford the repayments any more I am going to struggling with priority outgoings whilst off sick. I have had several voicemails left including one stating that it could be deemed that I have committed fraud. I have emailed them explaining my situation including proof that I have been signed off work and have offered a monthly payment of £30 as this is all I can afford. Any advice or suggestions on how to deal with this are much appreciated. Have I committed fraud and what action can they take?
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. Recently my money has taken a turn for the worse with more going out than coming in. It's putting me and my partner under serious stress and difficulty and we just can't take anymore. I recently took out a logbook loan from Loans2Go in Feb for £700, the total repayment amount they are charging is £3,220.00 over 36 months. Well since then, things have gone down hill badly and it has left me unable to pay it anymore. I haven't missed a payment yet, but it's due very soon and I physically just do not have it. I recently had to move too to cut down my costs and they don't have my new address yet either. Well anyhow, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? The car is kept in a locked garage, which is guarded by a locked (very large) gate. Are they allowed to break into my garage to take it? Also, I checked my agreement and I can't find anywhere saying that I can't sign the car over. They have the MOT cert and V5 (both replaceable). I'm stuck here, I don't want to lose my car - it's nothing special it's just a cheap car but if I lost it I wouldn't be able to take my son to school, go to my psychiatrist appointments, nothing. Is there anything I can do? Kind regards James
  5. Hi Guys, I had a log book loan with loans2go and pretty much from the start I could not afford the repayments, so willingly gave them my car. At the time it had loads of MOT on it but no tax. They gave me £400 from the valuation she gave me from autotrader and basically halfed the price of a similiar car to get the value. They sold my car for only £150 one month later as scrap because they said it didnt have tax and so devalued the vehicle. they are now chasing me for the rest of the money and keep adding £15 late payment fees. In the bill of sale borrowers info sheet they gave me it states in black and white that I am able to return the vehicle to them in full settlement of the debt, provided there have been no instructions already to collect the vehicle and i act in good faith and the vehicle has not been maliciously damaged. I thought i acted in good faith by giving them my car and the car had not been damaged it just did not have tax which the info sheet does not state it should have, but there saying that I did not act in good faith and that I still owe £500 because the car was not taxed and made it scrap value. What do you think? I really need help with this one
  6. Hi, can anyone inform me who now owns Loans 2 go ltd, I believe they were bought by an American company a couple of years ago? Registration was 4519020 Any other info which could assist would be much appreciated. Going to try to start at the top to resolve my dispute. Many thanks
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