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  1. Hi all, first time poster here, apologies if I get anything wrong! I bought the car two years ago, immediately set up a direct debit and - foolishly now it seems - thought that was that. You all know where this is going... So, last month my car got clamped outside the house, that was the first I knew that my car was untaxed. It turns out I’ve been driving for a year with no tax, I was (and still am) a broken man . I regularly check my MOT and insurance online, but tax - it just never crossed my mind, the direct debit was set up immediately, it renews, so all good? Surely t
  2. Hello, Going through my credit file and I have on closed accounts with a UC marker, details of an old logbook loan that was paid off 4 years ago, no defaults, no late payments ever. I wonder why it is there. stupidly it was not the only one I ever took out but they were all paid off. Is it normal for these loans to appear on a credit file? Thanks
  3. On 25th March 2016 I purchased a van to be used for my business. I carried out an online HPI check before agreeing a deal which was clear of finance. Unfortunately this was on my phone at the time and no longer have a trace of it as it was 20 months ago. I paid £5000 cash and received the log book on the day of sale. Today I had a note posted at my home address from a bailiff company. On ringing their office they informed me they had attended to reposses the vehicle. They told me to ring another company called Varooma to whom explained the situation and have now
  4. Hi Guys, The story goes, purchased a car from Lincolnshire from a couple. Paid in cash. Did a HPi check (Basic one) and everything clear. The couple signed receipt to say no finance etc. HPi check done with cazana. Car purchased March 2017. No logbook received i contacted the couple and it looked like they was playing games. i applied for a logbook myself and came with 2 weeks. Did a further HPi check with cazana.com in April 2017 as was getting worried why the logbook hasn't come and the HPi came back clear with no finance etc. I sold the car
  5. Good morning, I have found that my wife has taken two loans out with Car Cashpoint, one in 2012 and the second last year 2014. I have checked the agreements and Bill of sales and they appear all correct and registered. I have seen on here that the issuing of 2 bill of sales is legally not correct and maybe fraudulent. Can I ask why please? They did not clear the first account with the second loan just gave a top up.
  6. Sk3ndall

    V5 Logbook

    Hello new the forum so apologies if this has already been asked. I'm looking at trading my car in within the next week or so and have realised I have lost my logbook (Yes i do own the car), because I'm moving address as well the DVLA says it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get a replacement. Can i still trade my car to a garage without my logbook?
  7. Hi, Been reading this forum the past few weeks and has been incredibly useful; here's the story in summary: took out a logbook loan last June with a company in England (I reside in Scotland and they came up to get it signed etc and took the log book). Since then have paid most of it but since have become in dispute as changes at work re-negotiated a slightly lower amount and then they called constantly for the difference; regardless of the new agreed amount etc. Having read this forum, I wrote to Royal Court of Justice and they have advised they have 'It is showing no recor
  8. So I part exchanged my car in the middle of last year; sent off the slip to the DVLA and thought nothing more of it. Then December last year I started getting letters from the DVLA etc saying my car wasn't insured. I sent off the proof of sale and they sent me a document telling me I was no longer the registered keeper. So it seems like they never received the original paperwork and I'm now still being pursued for not having insurance for a car I have proof of sale of! This seems ridiculous to me - do I really have to defend myself against this?!!
  9. the law commission has opened a consultation to give consumers greater protection when taking out a logbook loan http://www.lawcom.gov.uk/unfair-law-fails-to-protect-logbook-loan-consumers/
  10. Hello, Just wondered if anyone can advise. A friend has recently purchased a vehicle through ebay. Shortly after the updated V5 was received a letter was received advising that the vehicle had outstanding finance and that it will be repossessed on the 23rd of this month. I have done some digging and it transpires that the previous owner never sent the V5 off and that the logbook loan was in fact taken out by the previous - previous owner. I have the name and address of the previous, previous owner as it is on the logbook, furthermore I know wh
  11. Hi everyone, looking for some help on where to go now! My car was lifted by a logbook loan company today (Loans 2 go) apparently the previous owner took out a log book loan on the vehicle in March 2013. I bought the vehicle in May 2013 and had no correspondance sent from Loans 2 go to inform me that there was any outstanding finance on the vehicle. The guy who was loading my car onto his truck was the first I knew about it. I have spoken with Loans to go they say there is a £3000 loan outstanding (original loan was £650) and that I need to pay that to get the veh
  12. I am new here and this might be a strange query I have logbook loan and want the company to take the car they are offering me every alternative but to take it. I have just lost my job and have no means of finding the £200 per month as I have to prioritize my income for rent etc. I can not afford the car and informed them of this last month, they said they would reduce the payment. I told them it was a waste of time reducing the payment as I still could not afford that. I missed that payment and spoke to them this month and told them I would al
  13. Wonder if anyone can help with my situation please I am a bit unsure what to do. Just over a year ago I (stupidly) took out a logbook loan on my vehicle for £1360. The repayment agreement was £40.11 per week for 156 weeks. The idea was to use it as a short term loan and settle the balance off a couple of months later avoiding the ridiculous interest rate for keeping the loan for the full term. (£6257.16 repayable). Unfortunately circumstances changed I lost my job and was unable to do so. I kept up the payments for 11 months until July 2014 and have repaid in total £1407.69 to date.
  14. Hello again! I'm back with more issues again! haha. I swapped a 2006 BMW 330d that was a little worse for wear for a 2007 Seat Leon FR, using a website called Swapz. I obviously HPI'd it before hand and all come back clear, and as the cars where worth a similar value, and the BMW needed a little mechanical work I thought I got a good deal... Until someone messaged me on Facebook saying they had seen my car on a Seat Leon Page I had posted on, and they where going to swap for it but didn't as it had outstanding finance... I was quite blunt with them thinking they where takin
  15. Citizens Advice warns that without a change in the law, more and more innocent second-hand car buyers could have their vehicle taken from them because of an outstanding logbook loan from the previous owner. New research with 874 used car buyers, released by the national charity today, finds: 63% of used car buyers did not check if the car they were buying had an outstanding loan attached; 2 in 5 drivers have never heard of a log book loan; 44% did not know they could have their car taken away by a log book lender, even if they are not the original borrower. Logb
  16. Hi All Today i had a letter from logbook loans concerning my car. As i have just bought a vehicle from a garage which advertised the vehicle on auto trader as being hpi clear i trusted that it was hpi clear as the vehicle was bought from a garage. the debt was taken out in January 2014. After doing further inquiries with the garage he used a text message service and emailed it to me suggesting it was hpi clear. I called the number on the text message service that the garage used and it appears that he only had a data check done on the car not a hpi check
  17. Action needed on the shady lenders who can take your car Aggressive behaviour, sexual harassment and death threats are just some of the brutish tactics logbook lenders used to intimidate customers, reveals new evidence from Citizens Advice. The charity exposes the murky world of logbook loans as it finds borrowers face high interest rates, ridiculous charging structures and bamboozling language. Citizens Advice analysed 261 client cases about logbook loans which were reported between February 2011 and January 2014. New voluntary practices for the industry were introduced in
  18. I need some urgent assistance. I took out a logbook loan with a company called varomma. I have defualted on payments. they have on several occasion sent round balliffs, but as the car is in a locked garagre they have not been able to get it. I contacted them last june had been made redudant suffered a bereavement and could not make the 500 a month payment but offered 200. sent banks statemnets and debtline budget sheet showing what i could afford i had no response, however they took 2 paynets of 200 in july. i contacted them in september aga
  19. Hi all, Purchased car from Private seller for Cash (Have receipt, logbook, service history MOT, proof of ID etc) Did basic HPI Check which showed Cat D - Negotiated lower price for car. Forward on two months. Yesterday, I received letter from Hermes (LBL) with photocopy of two pages of Bill of Sale. In 21 days they want the car back or me to pay pretty much the same amount I already paid. BOS was stamped at court 4 days after bill was signed. Also did HPI check and it shows as registered with HPI on day BOS was signed, I have seller's mobile, email, linkedin, facebook,
  20. Hi Need some help with a logbook loan I've foolishly taken out with easylogbookloans.tv (Christian Gachet) Took it out last December and it's for 12 months so due to finish next month. I've had trouble keeping up with payments of £362 per month. Currently I'm 1 payment and a bit in arrears, this will increase to 2 and a bit payments at the end of the week when the next payment is due. I can't make up my arrears, I can probably pay one payment by the end of the week but that will mean I will get behind on other things such as my mortgage. My first question is, can I use a deb
  21. Hi i revieved a letter from the dvla stating that a vehicle that was registered to me was used not taxed on the road. The vehicle in question was sold by me on ebay as a non runner just over a month previous to a motor trader in bolton area who had it recovered fom me in nottinghamshire. As per i had the trader section filled in and posted it a day or 2 after the sale with them taking the rest of the V5 logbook. Since receiving the first letter i have sent away the ebay sale and covering letters as an appeal to the dvla. All was still re
  22. Hello, i could really use any advice you can offer. I have an account with logbook loans - and they have been absolutely fine with me - however my son's health is bad and we have found ourselves over the last few months trying to raise funds to get him to a specific doctor for treatment. We did this but other things have suffered and today logbook have sent my account to repossession. I have made a payment via bank transfer but it seems to take a long time to register with them; i also can pay the full arrears on friday but not before. I am currently wi
  23. Hi can anyone give me information on logbook loans please my ex husband had a logbook loan and has since died does this debt die with him ? can they claim the car back or can i keep it to sell to pay for the funeral Many thanks Krystyna
  24. I have defaulted on a logbook loan with lbl and they want to repossess the car what can i do I have moved address too but not told them and am trying my best to hide the car How can I get out of this agreement somehow pls help Thks ash Also does anyone know how Anglian repo will trace me to new address
  25. Hi I'm new to this so apologies if I do things wrong... I need some advice and fast. Last September I fell into financial difficulties and needed to raise a large amount of money fast to stop my house being repossessed, I was £1,500 short so I contacted a company called Varooma online to enquire about taking out a logbook loan secured against my car (Stupid I know but I felt desperate at the time) an hour later a female agent was at my house telling me that I could have the money in my bank account in 20 minutes and all my worries would be over. I signed on the dotted
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