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  1. Hello, Going through my credit file and I have on closed accounts with a UC marker, details of an old logbook loan that was paid off 4 years ago, no defaults, no late payments ever. I wonder why it is there. stupidly it was not the only one I ever took out but they were all paid off. Is it normal for these loans to appear on a credit file? Thanks
  2. Thanks, looks like their time has expired? Is there a letter to send for not responding to a CCA request? and if I send a new SAR now, I need to sign, provide all addresses since the account opened and a copy of a Council tax letter with my current address on as ID proof ? Sorry for all the questions, just need to make sure I am doing things right, Thank you
  3. Hi, So far there has been no response from the CCA Request, is there a time limit,? It was received on 11th may. Thank you
  4. Ok, I will continue keeping a close eye on my credit file and will wait for a response to the CCA request. Thank you
  5. You mean the default thing? The entries that were on my file had a default date in september 2012 that was also the date txt loan referred me to a debt collector. september 2015 I received another default notice via email but from MYJAR they were threatening me with court action too,then making out it had already happened it was all very strange I just thought maybe they will try it on ?
  6. Yes, it's very close. It dropped off my credit file early, this month, this is what concerns me as I wonder if MYJAR will take some action. The original default is in September so it should stay on my CF until then? Unless MYJAR are planning to take it to court or to reinstate it on my CF with the later default date that they issued in 2015.
  7. Hi dx100uk , there are no others on my file the rest have gone, wonga was written off and others dealt with or dropped away so this is the only one left. This was the last of the loans I had, on 26/05/2012 it was for £300 ( credit limit increased from £200) I didn't pay anything on this one. So the last payment to them was £234 (for a £200 loan) the day before on 25/05/2012. Thank you
  8. Bank Fodder with the CCA do I use s.77/78 of Consumer credit Act to get this, along with a P.Order for £1 ? Thank you
  9. MYJAR don't have my current address, they have never corresponded with me at my current address. The last contact from them was via e-mail in 2015, this was to issue a default notice which had already been issued in 2012 by TXTLOAN. I last contacted them roughly 5 years 11 months ago. The account defaulted 6 years ago in September Thank you
  10. Hi Bazooka Boo, yes my credit file is up to date with current address,on electoral register etc all is above board. But how do I go about contacting them, this is almost 6 years old ? Thank you
  11. Hi BankFodder, That is my concern too and that is why I wonder the best thing to do. I have details of dates etc from old emails. All letters were lost. The original loan with TXTLOAN was for £300 with interest and charges added it was increased to £692, that was reduced to £554 presumably when MYJAR took over, and those are the details that were on my file. I wouldn't be able to pay back much as on UC and PIP myself now. Thank you
  12. Morning All, I have an issue with an old txt loan that shows as appeared on my credit file around 2014/15. Original loan was taken out 2012, a time when my partner was unable to work through illness, we both took out payday loans, wonga txt loan and provident etc. All of these debts have now gone, but this one remains as a reminder of those days. The details were always a bit weird on my file as it was made to look as though I had made a payment towards it but never did. The debt is very close to being statute barred but now it has disappeared from my file, it's registered at one of my old addresses and I'm concerned that a CCJ will be issued at the old address. I really don't know what to do about this, should I make contact and open up an old wound, make a payment plan or take a chance and leave it? Any advice would be much appreciated, Thank you
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