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  1. I am having a right nightmare with Kensington mortgage company and need some much appreciated help . I had a suspended possession order granted in oct 2007 as I had lost my job at the nhs and my wife business had collapsed the suspended possession order was issued in oct 2007 for my monthly payment plus £50.00 i think i need to dig it out as it was nearly 6 years ago i will post later the exact amount I have been making payments over the last few years to Kensington but also built up massive arrears on my council tax and second secure loan with welcome finance at the
  2. Hello, I am hoping to find some direction or legal advice. I split with my ex-husband 7 years ago and divorced 3 years ago on the grounds of his adultery. I moved out of the marital home so that he had somewhere for our young daughter to stay when he had her at weekends. I went and got myself a rental home. The agreement was that he paid my half of the mortgage and I in return didn't ask for any maintenance. I was somewhat shocked this week when the mortgage company wrote to me this week at my new address which they didn't have the details to get in touch with them. I asked my ex if
  3. On 25th March 2016 I purchased a van to be used for my business. I carried out an online HPI check before agreeing a deal which was clear of finance. Unfortunately this was on my phone at the time and no longer have a trace of it as it was 20 months ago. I paid £5000 cash and received the log book on the day of sale. Today I had a note posted at my home address from a bailiff company. On ringing their office they informed me they had attended to reposses the vehicle. They told me to ring another company called Varooma to whom explained the situation and have now
  4. now know why Varooma hassle you to write your review 1 day after taking out the loan, as obviously you will be happy with them at that point, but my god will that change. I seriously don't know how these guys can trade let alone be a member of the CCTA & FCA I fell into financial difficulty after taking out a £5k loan paying back £500 per month for 24 months, I took out my loan in January 2015 and have literally just had to sell my £11k BMW for £7k so they wouldn't repossess my car. They charged me over £3.5k in charges (not interest I’m talking about just charges)
  5. This is my first post on here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I seen a house that I liked so I arranged a viewing, when speaking to the estate agent who showed me around she said the property had been on the market for around a year with very little interest and that the property was for sale because the owner went bankrupt whilst he was renting this property out. Taking these few things into consideration I thought I would make a cheeky offer of 100k hoping that they would want a quick sale due to the bankruptcy situation (the property was on the market for 117,950). Two day
  6. Hi Last year we were in mortgage arrears and were told we would be taken to court, they were after a possession order. Stupidly I didn't get legal advice due to cost and my local CAB being unavailable pretty much all the time. The Mortgage company said if I arranged an amount per month with them in additional to my payments they would just get a suspended possession order and I needn't attend court (bad advice it seems but I was naive). so they got their suspended order and we started paying it, but then had some work difficulties and went through a period of not being able to pay
  7. Hi there I fell ill in oct. missed mortgage payment kept bank informed etc.. Was up in court last month moneymatters got me a lay defender who gave me lots of confidence beforehand then said nothing ..o except thankyou.. Complained to moneymatters who were more interested in getting my 9 separated 2 and a half years) wifes address for prosecutors. She told me they scratched each others back.. heeeelp owen Also told bank my daughters would make up any shortfall to interest paid by dwp.. werent interested.. Starting to believe their allin it together .
  8. Hi Guys, this is a long one so please excuse me and take some time to offer advice if you can. I bought a car worth £6000 which was financed by moneybarn in February so 8 months ago. I fell sick 2 months ago and was unable to make payments and had missed a payment prior to this too, so I put my hands up my payments were not on time and it is my fault. I went back into work last month and made a payment of £300 which is the most I could afford as I have a load of payments which have built up. I had fallen back with my payments to an amount of £800, and I got a
  9. Hi All, I have a big problem with my car finance company. I have had the agreement since about May 2013 and since about May this year I have had problems keeping up the repayments because I lost my job and the agreement as of last Friday, has been terminated I received my letter saying that I need to return the car. I haven’t paid over a third so I know they can repossess when they like. They've actually been quite good in the past and understanding so I can't really fault them as it was of my own making that I am in this mess. Saying that, they ar
  10. Hi I hope someone can help me. My home I had was repossessed last December and subsequently sold on Feb 3rd this year. After the mortgage company taking off their money and solicitors and everyone else I was left with £15000 to come back to me. Drydens who dealt with it all said they had tried to contact me regarding this money so hadn't been able to so the money was sent to the court funds office in Glasgow. I've now been in touch with both drydens and the cfo, I've been sent a copy of the lodgement receipt with my case number and amount being held. The county
  11. My wife left the house to set up a new life 4 years ago, the divorce went through almost immediatly however the financial part has just been settled. My position so far is I have my own business which hardly makes any profit and no capital but has commercial property valued at £200000, I also have a joint mortgage on the marital home valued at £220000 currently occupied by myself my 22 yr old daughter and 16 year old daughter (still in education). The financial settlement outcome was a court order that I continue with the mortgage payments and bills until my youngest daughter is 18 or
  12. Hi, I have sold my house due to being unable to pay mortgage wife leaving me etc, but I have about £9,000 in arrears it is only a couple of weeks away from completion but the lender wont wait and has issued repossession hearing in about 6 weeks time. I could exchange contracts any day now advice on stopping the hearing please and what happens if the lender is paid off before hearing? Thanks in advance for any help or advice
  13. hi i have a friend who bought a car on finance - the payments were made with no problems - 6 months after she traded it in for another vehicle financed through the same company - although the car sales place took the car back and gave her another one the outstanding finance was just added to the next car so the debt increased with all sorts of credit charges within a couple of months the car sales company contacted her to talk her into exchanging her car for another "better" car again the car company took the original car back and sold it but the outstanding finance wa
  14. Hi, new to the forum and having just read a fantastic post on a welcome loss, made super reading. I used a different company and bought a car over 48 months. After 36 payments, I lost my job but still managed to pay another 7 after that. This left 5 and I was finding it hard. I phoned the company and the rep was not interested in spreading payments. I defaulted but managed to pay the next instalment, leaving 4 but still a month behind. Charges were being put on but still no movement from them, they just wanted the money. I then paid the next payment ,le
  15. Sorry if this is the wrong place but I need urgent help, we are due for reposession at 9:30am on Tuesday, my husband has to call our lender (NRAM) at am on Monday morning to confirm that paper work we have faxed over is enough to put a hold on things. Our story, we got behind in mortgage payments when my husband was in between work contracts, we were always open and up front with our lender and a plan was set in place for the arrears to be covered, then in Nov/Dec we were fictims of fraud when a company sent false court papers to husbands work putting a wage arrestement in place, we prove
  16. Hi all , I need a bit of advice , After falling into arrears on our mortgage with Natwest we were threatend with repossesion , it duly went to court where I was able to come to an agreement with them. They placed us with their Debt Management group whom I had been paying regularly each month till I fell ill . Eventually I was able to get back to work and via a few phone calls to them came to an agreement in Feb2011 to pay them £3000 and have the remainder spread over the remaining mortgage , this entailed uping our payments from 520.24 to 534,36 as well. I have now received a lette
  17. Hello, I am hoping that someone can advise me on what to expect at the hearing that I am to attend. We have arrears of £2600 on our (only) mortgage, which is with GE Money. These have built up over the last few years due to a decrease in availability of work. (Self employed in construction industry). I have always had a payment arrangement for the arrears. However, because our income is based upon finishing a job or a builder paying us, our pay dates are never consistent. If the mortgage payment is due on the 28th and we get paid on the 30th (And pay the mortgage) the payment
  18. I had my home repossessed in Jan 2007 - Last payment made oct 2006 - house sold in Aug 2007. The main mortgage on the property was settled. The remainder of the equity was transferred to my 2nd loan - EPF under a non-regulated credit agreement. Does the 12 year time limit apply for the second load or does it come under the CCA 1974 - making it statutory barred after 6 years. If it is 6 or 12 years does this time limit apply from the date of last payment or from the date of repossession. I only ask as I haven't heard of them since they sent me a letter in 2007 saying that ther
  19. Hi Guys, hoping you can help me with a big issue my family have at the moment We bought my grandmothers home a couple of years ago. My father remortgaged the property 2 years ago to finance a business venture, which went bankrupt. So we were left with the remortgage at a horrible rate on a £120,000 property, paying out £800 a month. This has been ongoing for the past 12 months. Chopping and changing repayment amounts when RBS decide to 're-evaluate' our position. Basically, we have mortgage arrears of about £4000 on the house, and the mortgage was initially for £100.000. We hav
  20. HI, First time poster so apologies if I'm not doing this correctly etc. I have read through a few similar posts regarding Santander Consumer Finance and was hoping I could get some advice on my situation. HP Agreement commenced - Nov 2011 4 yr term Located in Scotland As above my wife and I purchased a car using SCF in November 2011 paying by direct debit, the original direct debit was set up against another account we hold (long story but we though it was a good idea as thats is where my travel expenses from work go) we had finaly closed this bank account
  21. Hi all Don't know if you can help and I am new on here. I lost my wife Jan last year suddenly and unexpectedly and my life turned upside down lost job depression etc etc. Fell into arrears with my mortgage and had a suspended order for possesion issued. I negotiated to pay back 62 a month on top of mortgage 2 months ago. Unfortunately I hit rock bottom again over the christmas perod (first chistmas etc) and stuffed up. I know its my own fault and I have been stupid and shouldnt have buried my head in the sand but what is done is done. My arrears are 6367.44 and total month
  22. Hi everyone I was recommended to this site by a friend. My mortgage company are taking me to court because I have arrears of £ 8025.85. The Court date is 21/01/13. Arrears built up because I am a single parent , paying nearly £700 per month nursery fees which ended when my child began school this September. I am now in position to start paying off my arrears . My friend told me that she thinks that there is form I could send the court to postphone the court hearing. Can anyone help me with advice? Thanks in advance for your response.
  23. Hi all, First time poster... use to forums though I took on a finance for a vehicle back in February 2012 and kept up with all payments as one should. However, in June 2012 I moved home, contacted the finance company to inform them of this and also changed the due date. Unfortunately though the bank wouldn't allow me to change my address without having an up to date bill to prove that I was living at the address, we are on quarterly bills in the new home so I had to wait. Finally received the first electricity bill, as to which my partner went into the bank and changed th
  24. hi all, not really got time to go into too much detail right now with the background of how this all came up (will give details tomorrow when I can) but due to changes in circumstances certain benefits got stopped last year and took quite a few months to be restarted again. .the same has happened over the summer this year and both of these instances have resulted in a build up of debt. I am on the verge of being taken to court for repossession of my home (local authority) but have paid the majority of what I owe with back payments of the benefits I have just had reinstate
  25. Hi all ,have hearing this month with arrears of around 3500 on secured loan. been refused agreement plan verbaly and letter subject to forwarding bank statements not happy to send them. I/E form + reasonable offer refused= unfair treatment?. over payments made evened out with charges and solicitors fees, true arrears aprox 1200, can I put house on open market before hearing? - further implications? PPI through broker claim full + interest from kensington? Previous breech of security -my full details, account +phone no, balance, address etc disclosed to th
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