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  1. Hi - I need some advice to help a friend - they have just been through a court hearing regarding illegal repossession of a car under finance - the judgement has not yet been given however from what they say it could go either way So here is where my friend needs help if the judge rules for the other side and awards them money and costs what would be thier next step - as when I say my friend has literally nothing but the shirt on his back I am not overstating his position - could he appeal on the basis that he has nothing and barely earns enough to live on? If so how would he go about stoppin
  2. ok maybe im not fully functioning this morning but the point of this is what exactly????
  3. I know this post is from some time ago but I would love to know what the final outcome was and if NWJ finally managed to get this off their backs? it made unbelievable reading but man I salute you for the help you gave - you went above and beyond the call of duty!!! you have my deepest admiration
  4. hi i have a friend who bought a car on finance - the payments were made with no problems - 6 months after she traded it in for another vehicle financed through the same company - although the car sales place took the car back and gave her another one the outstanding finance was just added to the next car so the debt increased with all sorts of credit charges within a couple of months the car sales company contacted her to talk her into exchanging her car for another "better" car again the car company took the original car back and sold it but the outstanding finance wa
  5. i know i am cutting this fine but i have been very ill and only have the chance to address this now so i will try to be as brief as possible i took a loan in 2000 - in 2002 i was finding things financially tight i was working 10 hour days and trying to finish a degree after rent and childcare my loan payment was the biggest expense i had so i contacted the bank and asked if they would extend the loan term to reduce payments they flatly refused and said if i didnt take a "managed" loan they would turn the loan i had over to debt collectors when they did the managed loan they put in the credit
  6. it is one of the worst aspects of getting mixed up with these people is the continuing hassle of phone calls, all i did was without even confirming who i was ask who they were and as soon as they told me who they were i just hung up - it worked as within a few short weeks they all stopped calling!!!
  7. it is disgraceful that in this day and age companies are allowed to perform like this without recourse - i have reported these sharks to office of fair trading but they still seem to be running thier scams. i know first hand how difficult it is in getting credit when your score is low but if it is repayments on credit cards or debts there is things you can do and a really good option is to find your nearest credit union and start saving with them you can save from as little as £2 per week and they also offer loans at really good rates - if anyone wants further advice just post a message and i
  8. just to update on the information about these companies - i have managed to talk to someone who actually fields calls at a central call centre for wentworth. wentworth have no actual phone numbers they do not issue them as they do not want the public to be able to harass them for the shoddy practises they have. anyway i managed to find out that after they have passed your details out to all unsundry they then hold your broker fee for a minimum of six months! how many people would pursue these people when they can not be spoken to for six months this is what they count on to keep your money - s
  9. do not give up contacting wentworth to get your broker fee back!! they count on messing people around so much that they give up and they get to keep the fee - so be persistant and annoying and you should get your fee back
  10. totally agree with that melly31 but one better is if they send you a load of forms and leaflet with a prepaid envelope just post all thier junk and send it back in thier envelope - that way they get charged for receiving thier own junk mail back - petty i know but it does give you a small degree of satisfaction
  11. hitchin23 as long as you have signed no agreement or contract then there is not much to worry about. filling in an on line form does not tie you into anything with this company they have to have a signiture before anything is legally binding. i have checked the site where the form is and it is pretty standard for an online form. if you get any correspondance from them do not sign anything irregardless of how they word it just ignore them from now on they may try and keep sending you stuff but dont be fooled by them some of these companies can be very underhanded in how they word - unless you p
  12. i am so glad i googled castle finance before i attempted to even go near them this forum has been an eye opener and the leaflet sent to me has been put through the shredder!
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