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  1. Hi there I fell ill in oct. missed mortgage payment kept bank informed etc.. Was up in court last month moneymatters got me a lay defender who gave me lots of confidence beforehand then said nothing ..o except thankyou.. Complained to moneymatters who were more interested in getting my 9 separated 2 and a half years) wifes address for prosecutors. She told me they scratched each others back.. heeeelp owen Also told bank my daughters would make up any shortfall to interest paid by dwp.. werent interested.. Starting to believe their allin it together .
  2. Surely this cant be right/ owen
  3. had a meeting with David Mundell mp. Had a fob off letter from JAMES PLASKETT UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE Owen
  4. Thanks Castlebest I refused it yesterday with the idea of going to the ombudsman as I live in Scotland but I am like everyone else now. TOTALLY MINDF....D
  5. Sorry The family are still in temporary accomodation. Lke the rest of us they dont know what to do and are being hindered by the guy from Norwich Union who keeps promising things that dont materialise, Their home is still being surveyed and is now actually just a shell The kids are fantastic despite having had operations trauma etc Surely happening in Nov last year the work to restore their home should be well underway Owen
  6. please help I know a family who were actually blown up in a gas explosion a year ago whose house still sits a blown out shell the kids have had loads of ops (still ongoing) and they are still not sorted PLEASE someonr
  7. They have written admitting this but omly offering 2027.68 because they say im claiming back more than six years and i would fail because of the Limitations act.
  8. rbos has offered me 2k in full and final settlement donation when i get it cheers
  9. Hello everyone first time A guy from RBS in edinburgh has phoned me to ask if i will accept my charges less interest as thats all his dept. can offer oweny
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