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  1. We didn't fit the critera, too large a mortage, ex bankrupts our LA will only mortage rescue upto £140k . Any shortfall is still included in our bankruptcy and we have had a letter from our mortgage lender confirming that they will not be pursuing us for any shortfall. We are not disputing the repossesion, we know we cannot afford the mortgage and with house prices falling all the time we are more and more in negative equity we do not want to keep the house. But are struggling to find somewhere, a couple of local landlords are happy to rent to us but neither will have anything avalible ti
  2. Sorry I should have said we've gone down the mortgage rescue scheme route and were not eligible and as for speaking to the CAB the advice we had from them has been as follows, find private rented or go into emergency accomodation. Helpful not really:-x
  3. We are in a position where we can no longer afford our mortage and are 7 months in arrears. We have had the house up for sale since May and have reduced the price 3 times but have only had 3 viewings its not overpriced but nothing is selling in our area. We have our first court date in a weeks time and to be honest I've been burying my head in the sand, we did have somewhere to move to but thats fallen through and the council have been no help. We have 5 children 1 whom is disabled and I have no idea what to do. I'm so scared of being homeless especially with christmas coming up, is there a
  4. Sorry I should have said we have already looked into the mortgage rescue scheme and were told we were not suitable due to the large negative equity. It was the mortgage rescue team that awarded us the high priority. Do you mean 3 months from the letter before action to having to leave the property? thanks again
  5. Hi I hope someone may be able to answer a couple of questions. I've never had to claim any benefits before but my circumstances have changed dramatically in the last few years that I have no other option for the time being. I am currently waiting to have my home repossessed as I can no longer afford to live there. I also went bankrupt a few years back so have been saving up and will be lent some money from family to pay the 6 months rent up front to a landlord for a private rental. I am down on the council list as a high priority but have been told I could be waiting for up to a year. My
  6. Hi I hope someone may be able to offer some advice as I've been twice to the citizens advice but it's been so busy I've not managed to speak to anyone. We are six months in arrears with our mortgage with NRAM, and know that due to ill health and a much lower salary we can not afford our home. As well as being approx 40k in negative equity. As we were previously bankrupt we have it in writing from NRAM that the shortfall will be included in our bankruptcy which basically means we can walk away owing nothing. However we have been saving like mad for 6 months rent we are also registere
  7. Hi thanks for replying, by clean up letter I mean the letter sent to to the data control officer when companies haven't put the correct date of default. For a credit file to be correct after bankruptcy the Default date MUST be NO LATER than the date of the Bankruptcy and the Settlement date (where shown) must be no later than the date of Discharge Which is why I'm unsure as the where we stand as the the above is how legally things should look on any debts prior to bankruptcy which the NRAM is.
  8. A bit of background first. Bankrupt in 2007 bought beneficial interest in house, made redundant and health problems was on an arrangement with NRAM which as now finished but we are 6 months in arrears and repossession process has started just waiting for letter before action. We've had a letter from NRAM confirming we will not be liable for any costs/shortfall (property in negative equity) and we are trying to sell before repossession. However what will all this mean to our credit file, as I understand it all debts prior to bankruptcy fall off at 6 years. So does this mean our m
  9. Thank you so much for replying. I'm 100% sure we never signed anything other than the forms from the OR to agree the purchase of the BI. Where do we go from here? NRAM really don't seem to have a clue, obviously we can't live here mortgage free forever. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  10. Evening, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place but I hope someone may be able to offer some advice. My husband and I went bankrupt in 2007 discharged a year later. Purchased the beneficial interest in our property for a £1 prior to discharge. Since then no problems until a year ago when my husband lost his job and one of our children was taken ill and everything that could go wrong did. We are now in a position where we are 6 months in arrears (NRAM MORTGAGE) and our home is in negative equity. Now up till now NRAM have done nothing, no letters, no phone calls nothi
  11. Hello I'm new and I hope you don't mind but I would love some advice. I currently have a mortgage with NRAM, it's a joint mortgage with my hubby we've had it for nearly 8 years and it's not a together mortage but we are in negative equity probably around 10k and currently owe £200k. We have had a nightmare of a year, job losses, serious reduction in income managed to use savings to make full payments up till last October. Since then have tried to pay what we can but it's been hard, we've been passed backwards and forwards from collections to the customer assistance team. Finally two
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