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  1. Hi I hope someone can help me. My home I had was repossessed last December and subsequently sold on Feb 3rd this year. After the mortgage company taking off their money and solicitors and everyone else I was left with £15000 to come back to me. Drydens who dealt with it all said they had tried to contact me regarding this money so hadn't been able to so the money was sent to the court funds office in Glasgow. I've now been in touch with both drydens and the cfo, I've been sent a copy of the lodgement receipt with my case number and amount being held. The county
  2. Bear with me on this one as its a bit long winded. My parents were farmers until the end of march when they both retired, my dads 67 and my mums 62. They retired for a couple of reasons, firstly neither of my parents are in very good health and secondly they are tenant farmers (they rent a farm off the council, some people ive spoken to dont know what a tenant farmer is, dont mean to sound patronising) and have been sort of pushed into retiring due to the council "preffering" their tenants to be younger than 65. As a tenant farmer my dad, 28 years ago when he
  3. right i shall get that done now, ive downloaded the form from my unions website so i shall hand deliver that to him today. Thanks
  4. sorry i forgot to mention im a team leader for a well known supermarket and my normal hours are 39 hours p/w no fixed hours or days off....my rota just changes each week and my shifts can be either 6-2pm, 8-4pm, 9-5pm or 2-10pm. I also forgot, see my heads all over the place, that the management team was store manager, assistant manager, 2 full time team leaders and 1 part time team leader. Since ive been off this has now changed to 3 full time team leaders and 1 part time.....i dont see how theres space for me to come back if im honest as we were over staffed before i went on leave, the new
  5. Hi all im hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. Im due to go back to work on June 3rd after being off on maternity leave (my older posts explain the problems i had there, but ive now got a lovely little boy called max) My maternity pay finished 2 weeks ago and i am now using up 4 weeks holiday from last year. A couple of weeks ago i popped into where i work and my boss (a new one not the one from my previous posts but hes just as bad) approached me and asked if i could pop into work one day to discuss my rota when i return to work....he already knew the date i had proposed to
  6. Hi people, i will try to keep this as brief as possible without leaving things i consider important out. For the past few weeks ive not been my usual self at work and this has been noticed by my manager who has made comments to other people but not actually asked me myself if there is anything wrong. Things finally came to a head on Monday where my manager took me into the office with the assistant manager as a witness. He didnt ask me to start off with if there is anything wrong he just tore strips off me saying i was THE worst team leader on his management team, my performance i
  7. Ah well guess im gonna have to make do with no telly,no bed and no holiday this year..................just wish the idiot would stop going round the house when im not there (gonna have to get the locks changed i guess) he swears he hasnt got another set of keys and gave me his back. Im lying awake at night wondering if my house which is 150 miles away is ok...............ive moved in with my sister in the midlands to get away from him and try to get my house in some sort of order to sell (replacing 2 doors he kicked in and the such like) I dread going back up there to bring more stuf
  8. Lo peeps, this time last year my partner (now ex) were given £700 as a gift from his mother towards a holiday (she had won some money at bingo or something).....we were both living together as a couple and had been for the past 10 years. In April this year we split up, my ex has now said that this money was meant to be for us (as a couple) and i have no claim to it as were no longer together. Hes taking great pleasure in telling me hes going away for 2 weeks in August on hoiday. Yes the easy thing for me to do would be to make a clean break and forget about the money, but surely half of
  9. Our set top box died a death a few weeks ago......the modem had died in it i think. The set top box was a couple of years old and Sky engineer came out and replaced it no problems, we were expecting them to charge us for a new box but they didnt, cant fault Sky on this really because this is our 4th sky box which has developed the same fault and been replaced free by them........known fault maybe? When i phoned them i was expecting the usual its out of warranty etc and then me threatening to cancel my multi room and HD but they didnt, couldnt have been nicer infact!
  10. OMG sounds like you work for the company i do! I usually get my rota on a thursday for the following week but never get asked if i have any preferences or appointments, like yourself theres only 1 day im sure im going to be working and thats till midnight every sunday, i only get a weekend off if i book a weeks holiday.......so that works out at 5 weekends off a year.........compared to his 2 a month! Ive tried talking to my boss and i get the "well you cant work full time AND be a mother, needs of the business come first" Ive spoken to our area HR people and they say that my rota is dow
  11. i also work in retail (sainsburys) and its drilled into us "if in doubt.....ask" i would rather my staff ID everyone, and there was a point in the part of the UK where i work where everyone purchasing an age restricted product had to be served under dual control.....the person serving the customer AND another colleague had to agree they were over 21 (which it was at the time) didnt matter if they were 18 or 80! The reason for doing this will be explained later. I myself think the think 25 policy is better than the think 21, its easier to judge someones age who is 7 years over the legal a
  12. Ello all, Hoping that someone can give me some advice on this matter.....its something thats been on my mind for a while now. I worked for a small local group of convenience stores, this local group was taken over by one of the top 4 supermarket retailers. When this happened all the staff had a 1 to 1 with someone from HR who went thru the in's and out's of changing our contracts to the "try something" employer. We were told that by signing the new contracts we would be no worse off, infact we would be better off! Great everyone thought.......until reality hit! Wi
  13. Hi there, for nearly 3 years i have worked in the same store as a colleague. When i first started working there we were a Jacksons convenience store, Jacksons sold the majority of their stores to Sainsburys and we were then known as Sainsburys @ Jacksons (still on Jacksons contracts) In October 2007 we were told we would all be changing to Sainsburys Local stores and would be changing our contracts to Sainsburys contracts. Every store had a visit from someone in HR and our contracts and employment changes were explained to us............this is where we are all confused! We were told we
  14. I recently had a discussion at work with my manager as to the bullying and harrasment im receiving at work and thru facebook from a member of management and a colleague at work. Im embarrased to admit that me, a 35 year old woman, is feeling bullied an intimidated by women that are 10 years younger than me and im on medication due to the bullying. I dont know what defines bullying and harrasment but i will list some of the things that have been going on at work. The other member of management had been off sick from work earlier this year, i dont know why, but i started recieving
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