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Found 5 results

  1. now know why Varooma hassle you to write your review 1 day after taking out the loan, as obviously you will be happy with them at that point, but my god will that change. I seriously don't know how these guys can trade let alone be a member of the CCTA & FCA I fell into financial difficulty after taking out a £5k loan paying back £500 per month for 24 months, I took out my loan in January 2015 and have literally just had to sell my £11k BMW for £7k so they wouldn't repossess my car. They charged me over £3.5k in charges (not interest I’m talking about just charges) for according to them, SMS Charges @ £1.5 per text, one month they sent me 30 apparently, Outbound call charges £5 per time, Late payment charges £15, Default Notice Charges £15, Default notice reminder charge £15, Final Demand charge £15, Demand for payment notice charge £15, Recovery handling fee £75, Recover agent fee £475 (I SPOKE TO THE REPO AGENT AND HE SAID THEY DONT GET PAID UNTIL THE CAR IS REPOSSESED). They contacted me to say the car was out for repossession and I tried to negotiate a payment plan, however they weren't interested, they wouldn't hold the repossession and demanded I paid over £3k in arrears that day or someone would come to my work and take the car. I was 1 month behind 1 month!!! I eventually sold my car @ a £4k loss just to pay these loan sharks. In total I borrowed £5000, I was 8 months into my loan and had paid back £3481.92 which was £518.08 shortfall (1 month ) and they forced me to pay back another £6857.13 even though I was settling my loan 15 months early. In total I paid them loan sharks £10338.92 for a £5k loan and only had it 8 months, that's £5338.92 profit in their back pocket. They target the venerable and nearly all the way through my loan except at the end they constantly emailed me offering further advances. I have an open case with the financial ombudsman, I have also contacted the FCA, watchdog and my local MP. I won’t let these sharks get away with what they have done to me I tried to post this on Trustpilot and guess what Varooma did "Varooma reported this review 16 hours ago for the following reason(s): The review contains sensitive information"
  2. Hi all I took out a loan with Varooma, I have looked again at the agreement after they said I had put the wrong registration number on my most recent payment ( I have had arrears).. The details on the agreement are wrong. wrong car model and reg. I have asked for a copy of the BOS but they are not forthcoming. .is this enforceable and what should I do Any help appreciated
  3. Hi All, I took out a log book loan for my sins due to personal circumstances at the time. Payments were being made unfortunately had a bout of ill health which caused me to miss 2 consecutive payments. Loan was for 12 months and made the first 4 on time before the ill health. I received a default notice after the second missed payment, the notice said that I only have 7 days to remedy the situation and pay the arrears and the charges applied. I then got a call on the 7th day to advise that as the default notice had not been remedied that the account had now been passed to repossession and that I need to pay the arrears and charges in full to stop the repo. I said that the default notice should give me 14 days to pay as the loan is under the CCA, he said that they had sent a default notice 7 days before the default notice I received and that the DN I received was a reminder. I said that I never received the first DN and not anywhere on the DN I received says that it is a reminder and that I have a further 7 days to sort out and that anyone reading the DN would assume that it is the only DN received. He said that he would look into this and come back to me, I also made a monthly payment at the same time which reduced my arrears to 1 month. Didn't hear any more until 3 days ago when I got woken up at 7am by someone wanting to repo the car, they clamped it and demanded the arrears and an additional £475.00 which is the repo fee. I had no choice but to raise the funds there and then as I use the car to ferry my 2 disabled children around. Can varooma the log book loan company pass my car for repo after only 7 days from date of default notice rather than letting me have the 14 days as they should do. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi i purchased my car back in november 2013. i did the relivant checks on the car. hpi text check out, paid extra for outstanding finance. when this morning i was woken at 7.30 to be told that my car has been clamped and the office opens at 8m for me to make payment. i thought i was still in a sate of sleep as i had no clue what he was rambling on about. he said yer green light credit. you got a loan agaisnt you car. i told him in no uncertain terms where to go and he was having none of it. dressed like he was about to take his next tour of iraq. stab proof vest the lot. i made my way round to the garages to where my car was parked in front of my garage. car was clamped and tow truck was there. he was asking me for my keys the whole time. trying to itimdate me. maybe he has some affect on other people when he prays on the unexpected or vulnerable, im 6ft7 and the best part of 18 stone. he seemed to back off very quickly once i started to get the ump a bit anyway i jumped in my car, locked the doors. phoned 101 and asked if i could be removed by the police or was breaching the peace or commiting some crime, they told me its nothing to do with them. they will only come out if a breach of the peace was to take place. as its a civil matter. so i then found out by making a few calls he was working for a company called varooma. and a log book loan had been taken out 2 weeks before i bought the car. now i got the v5 when i bought the car. the full document. and i have since received one in my name presumably thats how they found out where the car was registered to. they said there is nothing we can do, pay up or the recovery agents there will take you car. i said they will have a good job when im in it. chap knocked on my window and said are you getting out. i was just playing games on my phone at this point and ignored him he was on the phone for about 20 minutes. come over and said im not doing this **** all day and then proceeded to take the clamp off. Said that he had put a anpr marker on my car. (by him saying this, he must have thought i was born in a cave in a remote island off the west coast of nowhere yesterday and has just been introduced to civilization) even thought i knew the only people who could enter details onto the police national computer i phoned my soliciter who informed me he was talking out of his rear exit. and for my own peace of mind, phoned the police back who also confirmed, that a 3rd party having access to or being able to request details put onto the system, is completly untrue and also a load of erm rubbish so my question is now, as obvisouly my car is not safe, and my garage is about 6 inches to small to get the car in, what do i do, who do i go to i have phoned the high court after googled and finding information about a bill of sale, but thats £45 and 7-10 working days away. do i stand anywhere legally because i was not the person who took the debt out. there is no point going back to him because he is in the other end of the country and will deny it all day long, just a waste of time in that avenue.
  5. Hi I'm new to this so apologies if I do things wrong... I need some advice and fast. Last September I fell into financial difficulties and needed to raise a large amount of money fast to stop my house being repossessed, I was £1,500 short so I contacted a company called Varooma online to enquire about taking out a logbook loan secured against my car (Stupid I know but I felt desperate at the time) an hour later a female agent was at my house telling me that I could have the money in my bank account in 20 minutes and all my worries would be over. I signed on the dotted line agreed to make monthly payments of £193 over 18 months meaning I pay back £3,474 ( yes what an idiot but like I said I felt desperate) for the first few months I managed to make the payments ontime but in January I was 5 days late when I rang up to pay - they asked me for £400 ! They said this was late payment fees, I told them I only had £225 in my account so they said Ok that will do, this happened on four more occassions and they have accepted £200, £230, £210 & £218. At the start of June I knew I couldn't make my payment until the 19th (payment day should be 1st of the month) I rang and told them and they said that was fine, however the very next day the agent that came to sign me up for the original loan came to take my car.. . I went mad, got on the phone to them and they said unless I paid £700 she was taking it! my sister came to help asked her to leave and told me to drive my car off which I did and kept it hidden until I made my payment on the 19th, when I did they accepted £195 and said they would cancel the repossession order. I told them my July payment would be paid on the 31st they said this was fine. On the 31st July I rang to tell them I would be making payment on the 1st as money hadn't cleared into my account ( I have pre-payment card sometimes takes a day for money to load on) they said this was fine. I rang yesterday to make payment they said my card had been declined I asked them to try again, he refused and said contact your bank and find out what the problem is and call us back. decided to wait until I got home and check online, when I got home I found that they had been and towed my car away!!! They want £1,300 to release it back to me £495 for the recovery people, £193 for my months payment and the rest is late payment charges!!! They are refusing to show me the Bill Of Sale. Please can someone help me?
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