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  1. The only people who can arrest you, are the POLICE and court warrant officers. And the only reason you would get arrested by warrant officers is if you failed to turn up at court and the judge or magistrate issues a non bail warrant. Also the offence would have to criminal not civil for it to go to a criminal court in the first place. So i would not worry in the absolute slightest about getting arrested by anyone that isnt in a police uniform. utter bollocks. secondly there is no chance in hell that the ballifs idiots can issue a anpr on your car, or any car for that matte
  2. Hi i purchased my car back in november 2013. i did the relivant checks on the car. hpi text check out, paid extra for outstanding finance. when this morning i was woken at 7.30 to be told that my car has been clamped and the office opens at 8m for me to make payment. i thought i was still in a sate of sleep as i had no clue what he was rambling on about. he said yer green light credit. you got a loan agaisnt you car. i told him in no uncertain terms where to go and he was having none of it. dressed like he was about to take his next tour of iraq. stab proof ves
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