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  1. Hi All, ok so I called the TEC (Traffic Enforcement Centre) and asked them about the Warrant. They advised that the PCN info they received from congestion charge/transport for London was in the company name but also had my name on it as well. They advised me to complete the OOT declaration and also to contact the congestion charge people. I called the congestion charge who advise that the vehicle is both mine and the company name so either would be liable. I said that it can't be registered to 2 entities at the same time and that in what capacity would I complete it and get it witnessed as I am no longer a director of the dissolved company. They said that the info they received from the DVLA showed the company name as well as mine. I spoke to the DVLA and they conformed that the vehicle was in the company name with my name as the contact as per the V5 when it was completed. I called the TEC back and they continued to say that I should complete the OOT and put that the company is dissolved and to provide proof from companies house and to state that I am completing the form as a 3rd party no longer connected with the company? All a bit confusing but maybe I should fill it in?
  2. Thanks everyone, I will call them on Tuesday to see what they have to say then I'll update you all.
  3. ok I will fill in the out of time statutory declaration. My understanding is that the clock gets reset to when the PCN was originally issued? If so then what do I do then as the company lo longer exists, I don't know who was driving the van on the day of the PCN so not much help
  4. No, the van was sold last year when the company was dissolved. I saw the Bailiff parked behind my car before he came and knocked on my door. Not sure if he did a DVLA check on my car but he never mentioned my car when he was talking. Once I told him that the company was closed last year he just wrote a letter and gave it to me, however like I mentioned in my first post the letter is addressed to me only and does not have the company name on it?
  5. Hi, The bailiff claimed that the paperwork he had was in the company name which was a limited company. He said it was for a PCN that was unpaid. However he also said that the information that the DVLA gave showed me as a contact. I explained that I didn't know anything about the PCN and that the limited company is dissolved. The vehicle in question was a van which was in the company name was sold when the company ceased. The bailiff has then said that as my name has been given by the dvla that I am now liable for the debt? The V5 was in the company name. but they have my name as a contact? according to the bailiff. Also the date of the PCN was before the company was dissolved.
  6. Hi All, Seems to be never ending witn these people. Yesterday I was at home and a bailiff from Martons knocked on my door and wanted to collect money for a PCN. The paperwork was in the name of my old company but also had my name on it as a contact. I was totally unaware of this PCN and I explained that the vehicle was registered in the company name and was used by about 4 workers including myself. Also that whilst the company was registered at my home address it was closed down and dissolved in august 2018. He went on to say that as my name was given by the DVLA as a contact allthough the vehicle was registered in the company name I am liable for the debt and it makes no difference that the company was dissolved nearly a year ago. I called the transport for london who advised justto pay it, then they went on to say to complete an Out of Time statutory declaration and sent it in to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. Needless to say the bailiif did leave eventuelly after leaving a letter which he has now put my name only on it and said he will be back. Any thoights? thanks
  7. please find attached the N244 form, I have not added any personal information. thnx N244 NPOWER.pdf
  8. I will add this to my application. Big thanks for your help and will update the outcome as soon as I know. Thanks
  9. Sorry, also when the judge told me that he would give the claimant 14 days to submit an amended claim, would that start from the hearing date or later as I was told today by the court that they received the amended claim on the 5th November which is over a month from the hearing date. Thanks
  10. Ok thank you. Quick question. Should I have received claim form also. I will file an n244 application today.
  11. At the court hearing on the 3rd October the judge advised that whilst he had set aside the judgment he would allow the claimant 14 days to file an amended claim. Nearly a month later on the 2nd of November I received the letter of cancellation from the court. I have today been informed by the court thet the claimant filed an amended claim on the 5th November and I was then given 28 days to file a defence. Between the receiving of the cancellation of the judgment and then receiving a notice of judgment by default I haven received any correspondence. The Tomlin order I was sent to sign arrived after the hearing to set the judgment aside and in it was an agreement to set the original ccj aside provided I pay 100 pounds per month. As I had already beed to the hearing and had the ccj set aside I never signed the Tomlin order.
  12. Hi, After I received the letter dated 2nd November I emailed the solicitors to ask that if the ccj has now been set aside do I have to wait until they send their defence in and then if the judge agrees with them do I have to agree to a Tomlin order as the current claim reference had been set aside. Until today I have not received any more info from the solicitors or any claim forms from the courts. Also the very short amount of time they have given to pay the monies is crazy, especially since they wasted 2 days before even sending the judgment out?
  13. Hi All, Been a while but after a bit of assistance/info. I managed to get behind on my Power gas account about 4 years ago and a prepayment meter was installed. No issues as was easy to manage. We changed supplier and spoke to NPower asked to come to an arrangement as obviously they could no longer take the debt from the prepayment meter. I heard nothing for ages out of the blue I find out that there has been a CCJ registered against me for £1800.00 and had been there for about 6 months. I contacted Wilkin Chapman (NPower solicitors) and advised that I had not received any claim form or any court correspondence. I filled out an N244 form to request that the CCJ be set aside as I was unaware of the CCJ and was unable to defend any claim. After I told the solicitors I have requested that it be set aside they offered my a TOMLIN order to complete. I then received a court date to go to court for a hearing for the request to set aside the CCJ, I was told by the solicitors that I didn't need to attend and that I should sign the Tomlin order. I decided to attend the hearing as I thought I had to and the solicitors never turned up and the judge accepted my claim to set aside and was later sent an N441A Certificate of cancellation of judgment debt and it was also taken off my file. Well that was on the 2nd November 2018 and all was well... today when I receive a Judgment for Claimant by default letter from the court ordering me to pay the amount of £2152.85 to NPower by the 29th March. The judgment letter is dated 23r March but the date on the franked envelope is 25th March. The court have given me 2 days to pay over 2k for a judgment that was set aside and I have had no further correspondence from anyone until today. The claim number is also the same on the set aside letter and also the new judgment letter. Not sure what to do now, do I submit another N244 form to the courts? the ccj is not on my credit file either. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  14. Hi, Yes the claimant have to submit any defence by 4th November 4pm, and I have to submit a defence by the 4th December 4pm.
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