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  1. Hi All The BOS was ok, they actually registered it 4 weeks after, but applied for an extension from the court, which was granted. I did have written permission from them to sell the car. I just can see how charging over £3k in charges is legal. I wrote directly to the 2 directors of the company and never even got a response, but hopefully when the Ombudsman contact them, they will reply.
  2. now know why Varooma hassle you to write your review 1 day after taking out the loan, as obviously you will be happy with them at that point, but my god will that change. I seriously don't know how these guys can trade let alone be a member of the CCTA & FCA I fell into financial difficulty after taking out a £5k loan paying back £500 per month for 24 months, I took out my loan in January 2015 and have literally just had to sell my £11k BMW for £7k so they wouldn't repossess my car. They charged me over £3.5k in charges (not interest I’m talking about just charges)
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