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  1. Hi Yes we lost our house because of it!!!! They were taken to the Court of Session in Edinburgh but that was too late for us and in this last week we got a letter from the Met Police to say they are investigating them!
  2. Good luck dealing with nram, they repo'd our home yesterday despite us paying toward the arrears and offering to pay more, they also had a near market value offer from a property investement company which the declined, they are nasty vile people. Fortunatly we have moved into an amazing new home and can start to put this all behind us x
  3. What happened was when Shelter Scotland represented us in court both my husband and I were represented in court instead of just one of us, had it just been either myself or my husband then yes we could have gone back to court, it is unbelieveable that this is the way it works but it is, 3 lawyers have told us so. Mandate is in place so we are at their merci. The offer for the property that is going to be given is only 5-10k less than market value but we know in our hearts it will be refused
  4. Well NRAM are going to get a very decent offer for the house but we have a feeling they are going to refuse it simply because of who they are and how they conduct themselves. Lawyers are astounded that they are doing this even though we were paying our mortgage plus extra! I started packing today and we get the keys to our new home in a day or so, it is a beautiful house where we can start to out al this behind us what ever the outcome. i am having to move my childrens schools which for autistic spectrum disorder (aspergers) is going to be a huge stressful adjustment but we will get there no m
  5. Hi We are almost at this position with nram ourselves, our date for us and our 4 children is the 27th Nov next week). We have a property group making an offer to nram which being honest is a great offer, not too much less than market value and we would be willing to arrange a payment plan for the short fall. If nram refuse and auction the property it will sell for 40-50k less than the offer they are being given yet we have a strong feeling they will refuse it, they are nasty people and pray on people. We fell vivtim to fraud last year which left us unable to pay our mortgage for a couple
  6. We are still no further along with this, have has 2 letters from NR saying that they won't accept our proposals.Spoke to emergency accommodation people and we can't actually get into accommodation until the day of eviction. This is awful, I haven't eaten all week our poor children are suffering, we just don't know what to do
  7. yes they have our bank statements, we faxed them twice, got fax confirmation that they had gone yet NR say they didn't get them, funny that. They have got them now though. Even the lawers acting on NR's behalf are surprised. Al we want is a bit more time to get ourselves housed in the property we are looking at tomorrow then they can do what they want with the house. We do have other options but it is hard not to look beyond the worst situation
  8. The extra payments weren't agreed in court, they were agreed with NR when my husband spoke to them after the mandate was issued
  9. I have spoken to Shelter Scotland and they say that because we were legally represented in court and the mandate still issued then there is basically nothing we can do. I am just going to call a lawyer
  10. I posted some months ago about an eviction date set for Feb this year, we managed to get a Stay of Eviction and (sadly Northern Rock). The court date was set and the court sided with NR and a mandate put in place. We managed to negotiate paying extra with our monthly mortgage and this has been fine, we pay over the phone every month but on Monday we were served an eviction notice for 27th Nov at 10am. We spoke to NR and agreed further additional payment and had to fax over bank statements which we did but NR said they didn't receive them, it is so hard to get through to speak to any one and
  11. No idea why Shelter where like that. When my husband spoke to nram yesterday it turned out they had made several errors in our expenditure form and even said they thought it looked unusual but they didn't contact us!!! How ever it is sorted now. For the mean time we would rather pay the increased amount and have the 5k in an account as backup should we have a month where money is very tight so we can say use half from our bank and half from the savings, that will take us through to next year when husbands next annual bonus is due (it was late this year) when we can then give them a lump sum.
  12. Another update My husband finally managed to get to speak to some one at NRAM today and they have said we can either pay just over £900 a month and try to sell the property in 3 months (never going to happen) or pay £1200 a month to start paying off the arrears which we are going to do, it will be tight but we will manage. WE are terrified that NRAM move the goal posts again though! A letter is being sent out stating the above options. I am going to squirrel away 5k into a bank acc should any hard time arise. So we are cancelling the rental property we had found, husband still wanted to
  13. So sorry to hear you are going through this, hopefully some one will be along to help you soonx
  14. We don't understand either, I have read so many cases where people go on like this for years yet one court hearing and we are out. I just don't know where to turn and my husband now just wants rid of this house
  15. This has only been going on since Feb when the original eviction notice was for. I don't understand why NRAM are being so harsh on us especially when we have been paying extra to the arrears, we even offered them an extra 2k at the end of this month on top of our normal payment but that was refused at the last court date 2 weeks ago.
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