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  1. *apparently issuing the eviction was all a big mistake . So. I have now sent a complaint letter in after the legal side was sorted .. Thanks again
  2. Update* Kensington have written to me to advise all legal action has been canceled .and so has Lightfoot solicitors they have also confirmed it's canceled . Kensington have refunded the enforcement fee along with also resetting up the arrangement on the account .. so thank god it's all been sorted .. Thanks to everyone on here for being there and listening and helping . Anybody reading this . If you are prepared to fight and listen to all the people on CAG you have a fighting chance ... Hold your head up high and seek help and advice straight away .. The
  3. I have called Lightfoot solicitors ..and they have confirmed it's been canceled and they will send me written confirmation. I can't believe a company can accidentally apply for an eviction by mistake. 3 days of utter distress and disruption to our lives for nothing
  4. I will write to them and ask them to confirm in writing .. Thanks ell
  5. Thanks for all the help DX and thanks spud .. And everyone else that has always been here .. Can't believe it's been a mistake
  6. Update * after wife rang them * The call handler confirmed they have had 9 months of full cmi payments along with 9 months of £200 towards the arrears (£1800) extra. And they have had the full payments for may and June . She placed my wife on hold for over 25 minutes . Then she came back with the BOMBSHELL. She offers her full apology and states after speaking with her senior supervisor the letters and instruction to get the possession order shouldn't of occurred ! And are a mistake . She then placed my wife on hold and said she would call the solici
  7. Hi DX . Wife needed to ring them because she was so so upset and angry and wanted answers .. I always write to them. .but we needed answers to why they were persuing an eviction ....I hope you guys are ready for the answer !!!!
  8. * update As of the above I have missed April 2019 payment out of the past 9 months and have paid the cmi plus the court order of £200 for all the other months ! I love how they state as We are writing to you because you have not maintained an acceptable level of payment or reached a mutually agreeable payment arrangement with us . The arrangement by a court judge is cmi + £200 also they have had 9 cmi payments along with 9 extra £200 each cmi payment is due ! my wife is going to call them . as the reasons for the evictio
  9. Good afternoon I've just got back from work . And Kenny's have sent a 3rd letter stating they see eviction as a last resort . And the letter states . We hold a possession order against your property . We are writing to you because you have not maintained an acceptable level of payment or reached a mutually agreeable payment arrangement with us . As a result we have instructed our solicitors to request an eviction date from the court bailiff . We genuinely view eviction as the last resort . We have for some time attempted to resolve this
  10. Hi DX . I'm working away untill Tuesday so I will scan them in then .. The reply to my letter and the solicitors letters .. is that what I'm scanning Thanks again .
  11. I will keep u updated ..thanks so much for the help and support
  12. Hi Ellen . Yes there was a gap of 6 weeks I didn't go Infront of a judge this year .. it was withdrawn by Kensington . The last hearing was last August 2018 of all things . Nearly exactly a year .. The arrears were nearly £30.000 then ..a year later they just over £21.000 Regards Markez
  13. Yes .as we had no spare funds at the time I think I explained this on the previous pages . Because wife changed jobs .. Do u feel it will because of this ? As I could see if I could raise April's payment .. I doubt it but it it would help I could try my best .. The arrears have gone down by £640 since april ..also the cmi has just come down by £30 a month
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