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  1. I have written to them to advise of income change and employment change .. they haven't even acknowledged the income change ..they just stated I have advised about how I'm paying cmi but not addressed how I'm paying the arrears ..I have a court order in palace to pay the cmi + 200 extra they know this . However they still threatening me with eviction . And demanding more income and expenditure so I will send that in to them and see where we go as they will probably demand more again .as the income is now higher . But they are only having the extra £200 as inline with the court order . Regards Markez
  2. She hasn't been paid since 12th of April from her last job and was then paid on the 15th of may from her new job and will be paid the 15th of each month thereafter
  3. Even the fact they want an income and expenditure form ?? I've forwarded the reply to fos as our letter clearly states we have advised the date of the cmi payment along with the offer for the arrears ... Regards Markez78uk
  4. and they haven't listened they are telling me to call them - I have written to them several times stating no calls jesus the panic this causes is unbearable Regards Markez
  5. Thanks DX I only called them as I had no response to my letter. And just wanted to know if they had received it and also there is nothing worse than the eviction letter arriving completely out of the blue .. I'm even paying more than what the court order was for ..so hopefully that would go in my favour .. See what happens and I will keep you posted . Regards Markez
  6. So all has been paid on time and I haven't heard a peep from them .also the complaint is still with fos. However we can't afford to make the 30th April payment untill the 15th of next may and the 15th every month thereafter . Wife has a payment date change .I have called them and advised and also written to them .. They state my account is not edible for a payment date change .. So they will proceed with legal action ... Regards Markez
  7. Thanks for the kind words.they changed my account number last year in march and my online statements only show from march ..I did argue the arrears balance at the eviction hearing also I argued again when the suspended possession hearing occured for a renewal of the order apparently they had to apply for renewal after 6 years ? I have asked them several times for statements of the cahrges and arrears to no avail Regards Markez
  8. thanks guys and girls, im sending an email today to appeal against the FOS Decision - they havent even picked up on my complaint correctly they have advised they cant see anything wrong with kennys upping the cmi from £589 - £592 as im on a variable rate my complaint wasnt about one rise it was about several rises in the past 5 months grrrrrr i will let you know how i get on Regards mARKEZ
  9. Thanks Ellen ... I hope it doesn't come to that again as I can't face a day in court again .. I'm going to make some small payments through the month as well to chip away at it ..so it will be coming down even quicker and the payments will be higher than what was orderd on the court order..as my wife has had a pay rise start of this year ..won't be telling them ...but will be paying them extras as we want this arrears situation gone ....sooner than later Regards Markez
  10. hi all yeah im going to appeal HB and see if a big ombudsman will look at it Thanks spud , Andrew it just gets me every time ..but im surviving off the fact im making the payments i did miss a payment last august thats why they issued the eviction but haven't missed a payment since ...im even paying an extra £100 this month on top off what the judge stated as i have some pennies left over just shows willingness on my part thanks all so much Markez
  11. I have the option to appeal,can I check something the Fos has said I’m on a variable interest rate and kennys are entilted to put my cmi up .which is fair enough but the interest rate has only changed twice last year and kennys have changed my payment over 7 times in the last year . Fos have stated only 1 change on the reply letter from £589 to £592 kennys have since changed it from £592 to £604 then £612 and this month changed it to £615 do u guys feel that’s enough for me to appeal against there decision and try and point out the Fos are missing the point that they keep changing the cmi even when there is no change in the interest rate ....variable also means it can go down of which it never has Regards Markez
  12. I know DX but I was late with a payment back in August and couldn't afford the full amount . That's why they issued the original eviction warrant .. I have paid ever since it was canceled tho ..so hopefully that will be in my favour Regards Markez
  13. Hi all just an update ..the fos have replied and basically said they can't see anything wrong and because I'm on variable interest Kenny's are in the right to keep upping the cmi .and because they refunded £8000 towards the arrears they have followed what most banks would do .. now I have to await the dreaded letter from Kenny's for an eviction as they stated they may still go for eviction as the warrant was only suspended because the fos asked them too ..and the deal was they would only cancl it if I paid off the £20000 arrears in full of which I can't do So I b et they reissue it ..my head and heart have sank to the lowest point ...I've been paying on time since the warrant was suspended in August ..regards markez
  14. Cheers Andrew . It just natural that it gets to me every time ..I'm now awaiting the decision of the fos then let's see what happens m this will be my 4th payment so I'm getting a bit of history going . Regards Markez
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