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  1. Unfortunately it is never me who ends up being the one arguing lol. Two weeks after taking delivery of the car and I discovered a fault with it and called them I was told - why are you telling us, it's nothing to do with us it's your car. I pointed out that it was a HP agreement so the car is theirs and the lad on the phone insisted it wasn't. Funny because I had the agreement in my hand that stated right at the top ownership of the vehicle belongs to first response until final payment is made. Also had many other dealings with them in which they have argued, lied, spoken to me like dirt and so on. Hence wanting to avoid calling because I know the call will consist of them threatening me with scary charges and trashing my credit rating, me saying no you won't then them getting angry and probably hanging up. They don't like their customers to know their rights or question them so conversations go nowhere fast.
  2. Ok so the finance co. have replied to my e-mail and have said that they cannot (will not) process the voluntary termination until they speak to me on the telephone and I must call them. I assume this is incorrect? they have had two letters, both typed out but both signed by me so surely I have done what I need to do? cannot think of any reason for why I MUST call them other than for them to try argue with me. So frustrating.
  3. No unfortunately I have no access to any private land so it's stuck sat on a public road outside the house until they decide to acknowledge the VT and move things forward.
  4. It's first response. They would have recieved the VT letters (two sent 1st class on the 1st Oct with proof of postage to two of their offices - head office & account management office) yesterday and they definitely got and read the extra copy I emailed over as despite me telling them I would like to handle this in writing they immediately started calling me (I knew they would lol) Hopefully I will get a written response within the 14 days. If I do or I don't I am sure I will be back to find out what I do next! In the mean time I shall keep the car taxed & insured.
  5. Sent off a template letter and e-mail yesterday to VT a HP car that I have just made the last (halfway) payment on and have a few questions. I specified in the letter that I only wish to deal with this in writing via email or post due to bad experiences with the rude finance company staff in the past (they immediately started ringing me after I sent the email, I assume they don't wish to put their threats of 'you'll never get credit again, we'll get thousands out of you blabla' in writing!) I wanted to double check that I am actually OK to insist this is all done in writing? Also when do I cancel the insurance/tax and change the V5 over, I assume I am being reasonable enough if I do it after the 14 days I gave them in the VT letter? Lastly if they come back to me with collection charges do I have to pay these? everything I have read says not but wanted to double check.
  6. Hiya, Paid by Visa debit card, I will contact the bank and see if they can help with a chargeback. Just worried they will refuse as Amazon can show something (albeit an empty box) was delivered!
  7. Hope this is the right place, I will try keep this brief. Ordered a phone from Amazon, payment taken, order sent. HDNL delivered order next day, driver handed package over and quickly walked off without obtaining a signature. Package was squashed, had clearly been tampered with - no phone in box. Amazon kindly sent out a replacement, but ignored my request to send it via a different delivery company. HDNL delivered the replacement the next morning which again was empty. (although this time the box had no clear signs of damage to it) I contacted Amazon again who told me they would issue a refund, then changed their mind and insisted an 'investigation' was needed due to the amount involved. I was assured after this I would receive a refund. I then had HDNL arrive at 8am the next morning (delivering pampers baby wipes, surprising they didn't go missing!) and the driver was rather aggressive, insisting he delivered the packages from Amazon and had done nothing wrong. Being heavily pregnant and home alone this frightened me somewhat but I closed the door and went about informing Amazon. I then receive an email from Amazon stating that HDNL had emailed them saying they delivered the package and it was signed for and that Amazon have investigated and both box weights when leaving Amazon were correct and I signed and therefore accepted the packages (only signed for one!) so they feel they have fulfilled their obligations and if I think HDNL have stolen my items then it is up to me to contact the police and deal with it myself and nothing to do with them. Should I contact the police, or will I be told it is a civil matter? What should my next steps in this situation be, I cannot afford to lose this amount of money and as it stands I have neither the money or the goods. Is this right?
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