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  1. I have made the offer in writing and on a call. I offered my contract payment plus £80.00 off the arrears . They will set up a payment plan once I have paid .. I have the payment and I will contact tomorrow as agreed.
  2. Yes they want me to pay on Wednesday 12 then agree one last Payments plan if we can
  3. Yes we both work and have a combined in come of £2500 per month
  4. They are applying for an eviction notice and March 2019 last payment They said they applied on 31/01/2020
  5. Thank you but I am struggling of what to do , they have not served me with a order yet what are my steps , I struggle sorry
  6. xxx PLEASE HELP xxx Britannia mortgage with approx £10000 arrears Have not paid mortgage since March 2019 Suspended Order of possession & money order granted by court in April 2016 Have been told of their intention to apply for warrant to evict I am working full time now after a serious illness and i made arrangement to pay in October 2019 but failed because of ill heath , now SPML are looking to apply to court for an eviction order. What can i do stop this ? sorry i am very dyslexic an i find this hard - so ashamed sorry but please h
  7. Because it like taking action on a court bailiff who has received instruction from a client and then claiming they are harassing you. You cant do that, the weight of case law around debt is so in Hydron favour it would take an supreme court ruling to over turn this and the cost would cripple most people. Hydron like most debt agency are audited by the CSA and have industry wide process that are regulated , I cant honestly see how they have acted badly by visiting you and they have a right under the gas and electric act 1954 to do this as the meter is the suppliers property and they a
  8. Hydron receive instruction from First Utility and they would of certified that this account was good to collect on- that is premise for the action of debt recovery, there the definition of harassment is as I understand is to harass someone with out reason. All Hydron will have to say is that they had certified debt that was fit to collect and the district judge will find for them- it a really simple judgement to set down Save your fee and go after First Utility where you have more chance of a positive outcome. Plus if I was the defendant and I get a judgement in my favour I would be seek
  9. to be honest I am no fan of First Utility or Hydron. But you have got this all wrong. Taking action against Hydron you have picked the wrong defendant. This action should of been directed solely at First Utility as the are the entity who instruct Hydron. The only thing that will happen for sure is you have just wasted your court fee.
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