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  1. Hi all , I need a bit of advice , After falling into arrears on our mortgage with Natwest we were threatend with repossesion , it duly went to court where I was able to come to an agreement with them. They placed us with their Debt Management group whom I had been paying regularly each month till I fell ill . Eventually I was able to get back to work and via a few phone calls to them came to an agreement in Feb2011 to pay them £3000 and have the remainder spread over the remaining mortgage , this entailed uping our payments from 520.24 to 534,36 as well. I have now received a lette
  2. Many thanks for the information everyone , I had Scotcall ring me again today asking for my wife . I'm getting in contact with the insurance company to try and sort this matter out and if they wont bend and insist its paid hopefully I'll be able to ste up a repayment plan with them.
  3. Thanks dx , I've been trying to contact Express Insurance to query these debts but im just getting passed from call center employee to call center employee . If we owe the debt then I'll happily sort out a repayment plan with them but I cant understand how we owe for something we didnt and arent using. Jerry
  4. Hi all , My wife received 2 letters from Scotcall dated 04/04/2013 about outstanding debts with Express Insurance , 1 for £45.43 and the other for £279.51 . The last time my wife had insurance with these people was back in August 2012 but when it came to renewal I found her a cheaper quote so she changed companys . I rang Express Insurance and they said we had to put it in writing or the policy would automatically be renewed. I did this and we received her documents 3 days later from express insurance , I rang again and was told to send back all documents which I
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