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  1. Have to totally agree with above post. You have to forget it and move on as there is little you can do. Put it down to experience.
  2. Yes , I have just re checked and it is from a different address and the person and email is included. I will put together a letter now and send it direct. Thank you
  3. Hi, my brother car is a Toyota hybrid 6 seater. He changed his insurance to business to try and stop getting his car towed away. Technically it was still covered by his own insurance once the items were removed, adding business cost him £37 extra to save £150 seizing and the time to go and get it. He is a pen pusher and he never took the insurance out 10 mins after I was stopped, it was longer but that is the time on the offer notice. However, I did not know that at the time and would have argued for them not to have seized the car. I phoned him after the officer said I was not insured on his policy, which I was but when you have an officer talking down to you, there is very little you can do as my wife was with me at the time. We were shopping on a Saturday. As for insurance we both have fully comp and each allows us to drive another's car. I am not a named driver on his policy as he is not on mine. My purchase was not a business buy and I do not have a company or employ people. I use my car for social and to and from work, where ever that may be. My insurance states self employed builder and its a car, not a van. I am going to pass this over to the solicitors and see what they can do as I feel as a member of the public, the odds of getting anywhere other than the court are stacked against me with the police. I may as well employ them now.
  4. paid by my personal debit card in my name. If I paid cash the invoice is cash no name. The stop was one of them random pull over a couple of cars at a time. One thing I forgot to add, on the conditional offer notice it states, On the 16/06/2018 at 14:05 hours. I had already phoned my brother to tell him the officer has mentioned business. Having checked I have just seen my brother amended his insurance to add business at 14.15 hours. Could I have stopped them seizing the car then if he had told me..
  5. That's the joke, it was a cash , cash and carry with no membership. The officer didn't even ask which one or to see receipt.
  6. Thank you, I do have an idea of what I said but fail to see how the officer could state I was not insured. I have always had insurance as is the same with my brother. As for the attitude, I could have told him I owned Tesco's as I couldn't believe I was going to have my brothers car seized. On the appeal front, I have never trusted the law. Many years ago I was taken to court for speeding on Tottenham Court road. I had watched the police car drive by me as I was sitting at lights at the beginning of it. Further up I passed the police car on the inside as the traffic was slower where the police car was. This went through 3 different courts before I gave up but my best quote to the Judge in the final court was. On my first appearance I was a normal driver, on the second appearance I was Stirling Moss and on the third I was Evil Kenevil. I had proved I was not speeding and pointless carrying on. It was a joke. And for me years later I am getting the same thing again. The frightening part is most seem to thing its OK for the police to act in this way. One friend changed their insurance to business as they often use a step ladder to change bulbs round their old mums house. £15 a month cheaper, result.
  7. Every now and then we like to do a big shop for bulky items like toilet rolls and kitchen roll, it was summer so bottled water and diet coke cans as the boys drink quite a lot. Everything fitted into the back of the mini cab we had to take home. I have had far bigger shops in Sainsburys and Morrisons. I have no problem going court but would like to see what was said as the officer assumed without asking which cash and carry or looking at receipt. I just felt I was being picked on and he was looking for something to do me with. This has got worse since then as I am finding the people who are legal and abide by our laws are being targeted for the slightest infringement. I just paid a £65 fine for having the rear of my car in a yellow box junction on green lanes junction with St Anne's road for 13 seconds. I never knew it was there until I double checked. So if I am in the wrong I admit it. This abuse of power in making me defend myself in a court that is bias towards police is wrong. One other question please, if found guilty , can I appeal and how far can I go. Thank you all for time and help.
  8. Just a quick update. Received letter back stating I was not insured as being used for business. I have been given an extra 14 days to reply but I see this going to court. I am going to reply and ask to see footage of any body camera worn as I can get a bit short when dealing with the police as I have no trust in them or common sense. Will keep you informed.
  9. Yes, but when you send them in they were not received. Registered mail did not prove what was sent. With 4 BYO, I even sent parking permit from previous owner and tax disc, still lost it and nothing returned.
  10. Just a simple question, can I legally request a copy of a Police Officers Body camera evidence to defend myself if they want to prosecute me?
  11. If this were the case , why and how did DVLA sell the registration numbers to the 3 famous Italian Job minis. The DVLA can do what they like as it is near impossible to bring them to justice.
  12. This was one of the biggest mistakes DVLA made relying on Car Clubs, they are run by people who are enthusiasts but a fair few were run by people who used the club for their own gains. Majority of car clubs are limited companies and can be dissolved at any time. Most of my plates were stolen by DVLA using the simple excuse of no record of ownership. They were all stolen prior to the DVLA use of SCORN, which was just another money earner. A few cherished number plate companies were started by someone working at DVLA or having someone on the inside. My main post refers to a registration mark being removed because of ownership dispute and car club information. The car club involved are still going with completely different people running it but still covering things up as its in their interest. Car clubs are a dying trend now so please don't think otherwise.
  13. Hi, a fact that the majority of people don't know is that DVLA own all registration marks and can they remove that mark. They even took the document back as it is their property. 4 BYO for an example, they said the mark did not exist and not on system. This was years ago when they stole numbers by the thousands. They have made Millions selling personal numbers, thousands of people lost marks.
  14. Started 24 years ago removed mark 2 years later. The time is not important any more as I am just interested in if it has still gone on. I have lost registration marks to the DVLA over the years, 4 BYO and 33 ALC spring to mind. I am interested to know if anyone has taken them to Court and won.
  15. Many years ago the DVLA removed the registration mark of a vehicle I owned. In doing so they reduced the cars value to zero as they did not affix a replacement number. The car had ex works history but was involved in a racing accident. Having purchased the vehicle some years after and restored it, there was a claim made to the vehicle. But then the claimant then changed their story and made up another. Long and short DVLA removed registration mark. I want to know what legal power they had or have. And if this has ever happened to anyone else.
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