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  1. Yes I did have 2 cards but gave them up 3 or 4 years ago. The £290 claim I did have some papers arrive but sent back as never received anything before. So that is why it says that. They just kept upping the limit and just paying minimum+ was getting nowhere.
  2. Just received the first Lowell one yesterday with a bunch of Christmas cards and the second was the one I posted. I still do not know what DCA stands for please? letters.pdf
  3. I always thought that credit cards were unsecured debts? If a CCJ were made can Bailiff's then be used?
  4. No not at all but still having problems with Royal Mail as they have us listed wrong as they changed it for some unknown reason a few years ago. Our mail has been bad for at least the last 3 years.
  5. I have received a Lowells letter which is from someone who says they are the handler of my account with Lowells. They have attached a copy of agreement, default notice. ' It states that their client has now issued legal proceedings against me that could lead to a County Court judgement being entered against me. To avoid the following I can pay a lump sum of £290 or £405.88 in 6 monthly payments. There is a copy of a capital One statement that says I am £72 over limit and a default notice issued dated 3/4/17 and another dated 6/5/17 stating I owe £297 in total. If I pay the £290 is this finished?
  6. I do not know if this is OK to post but who are Lowells and what is a DCA. I ask as I have a letter from them saying I owe them £475 or £290 if I pay now from an old capital one card. I think they are also after payments from SKY and Virgin who I cancelled years ago as they broke the contract and over charged as I agreed only to a fixed rate. The Capital one they want to take me to County Court. Should I be worried?
  7. Sorry for delay but personal issues to deal with. I cannot believe that as that is exactly who phoned? Will do that now, thanks.
  8. Thank you, To be honest its been such a bad year and only just started using my mobile again as I let someone use it as its on contract and we just isolated after losing someone very close in June. When I answered the phone it totally through me and when I phoned the company Moneyway, the guy I spoke to was not listening at all and had an attitude that if they send a letter out to someone, a Court accept that as proof I received it even though I had not. It just caught me by surprise that he could just make an application to the court and they would rubber stamp it with me not being able to represent a defence. He also said they do not respond to emails which also made me doubt myself as the easier way of proving you sent something is by email? I have still been attempting to keep track of payments and the fact there is little left to pay against percentage paid that I had no confidence as I was being spoken to too in such a threatening tone and way. All what you have stated has restored my confidence in help that is out there and can only say a big thank you. I will wait to see what paper work arrives and then post an update. Whilst typing this the recovery company has texted me to see if I contacted Moneyway and I replied I did. The text back says "No problem, as we've provided all the options available and your aware of them I'll ask them to continue with the action and await further instruction." What a piece of work he is? All he said yesterday was do I want to hand the keys back and I should contact Moneyway. Should I still keep paying the same way I have been doing during this coronavirus?
  9. I am looking for advice on Car HP debt during the Coronavirus crisis. I isolated in March 2020 as things were starting to impact as no work and went behind a month on car finance. Sent the company an email to ask for corona payment holiday but heard nothing back. Still tried to make payments as and when I could. Received a phone call last night from a recovery company seeking possession but first I have heard of it. Phoned company straight away and spoke to the most unhelpful person ever. He informed me that I had defaulted and they wanted the vehicle back. I told them I have received no mail whatsoever but he was adamant that as long as they had sent it that was proof I had received it. He also stated that they only need to apply to the Court as I defaulted and they could repossess the car without me being allowed to defend myself. The original finance was for £17000 and I still owe £2700 in total. I cannot believe during this crisis companies can be so confident that the Courts will take their side without no defence. I have double checked and I have received nothing from them for 9 months . I have only just started using my phone again as I thought we were coming out of the crisis only to be put straight back in. I found the phone calls to be very threatening. Any advice welcome.
  10. Have to totally agree with above post. You have to forget it and move on as there is little you can do. Put it down to experience.
  11. Yes , I have just re checked and it is from a different address and the person and email is included. I will put together a letter now and send it direct. Thank you
  12. Hi, my brother car is a Toyota hybrid 6 seater. He changed his insurance to business to try and stop getting his car towed away. Technically it was still covered by his own insurance once the items were removed, adding business cost him £37 extra to save £150 seizing and the time to go and get it. He is a pen pusher and he never took the insurance out 10 mins after I was stopped, it was longer but that is the time on the offer notice. However, I did not know that at the time and would have argued for them not to have seized the car. I phoned him after the officer said I was not insured on his policy, which I was but when you have an officer talking down to you, there is very little you can do as my wife was with me at the time. We were shopping on a Saturday. As for insurance we both have fully comp and each allows us to drive another's car. I am not a named driver on his policy as he is not on mine. My purchase was not a business buy and I do not have a company or employ people. I use my car for social and to and from work, where ever that may be. My insurance states self employed builder and its a car, not a van. I am going to pass this over to the solicitors and see what they can do as I feel as a member of the public, the odds of getting anywhere other than the court are stacked against me with the police. I may as well employ them now.
  13. paid by my personal debit card in my name. If I paid cash the invoice is cash no name. The stop was one of them random pull over a couple of cars at a time. One thing I forgot to add, on the conditional offer notice it states, On the 16/06/2018 at 14:05 hours. I had already phoned my brother to tell him the officer has mentioned business. Having checked I have just seen my brother amended his insurance to add business at 14.15 hours. Could I have stopped them seizing the car then if he had told me..
  14. That's the joke, it was a cash , cash and carry with no membership. The officer didn't even ask which one or to see receipt.
  15. Thank you, I do have an idea of what I said but fail to see how the officer could state I was not insured. I have always had insurance as is the same with my brother. As for the attitude, I could have told him I owned Tesco's as I couldn't believe I was going to have my brothers car seized. On the appeal front, I have never trusted the law. Many years ago I was taken to court for speeding on Tottenham Court road. I had watched the police car drive by me as I was sitting at lights at the beginning of it. Further up I passed the police car on the inside as the traffic was slower where the police car was. This went through 3 different courts before I gave up but my best quote to the Judge in the final court was. On my first appearance I was a normal driver, on the second appearance I was Stirling Moss and on the third I was Evil Kenevil. I had proved I was not speeding and pointless carrying on. It was a joke. And for me years later I am getting the same thing again. The frightening part is most seem to thing its OK for the police to act in this way. One friend changed their insurance to business as they often use a step ladder to change bulbs round their old mums house. £15 a month cheaper, result.
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