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  1. Sorry bud I’m not arguing for the sake of it honestly! I also paid two months tax for a cheap runabout I bought during that period when I sorted the brake lines on this car for the MOT... Is the court process worthwhile? Are the costs extortionate for going to court to get someone independent to listen to this? Are you then able to pay in instalments as the DVLA won’t allow it? It just seems so unfair on the average motorist who is and has paid tax for 30 years; I’m really tempted to get a magistrate to hear this but is the process a nightmare?
  2. Just looking at the DVLA’s guide to re-taxing, their official line is ‘Your direct debit will not automatically renew if there is no vehicle keeper in the DVLA’s records’ ... Wouldn’t the previous owner (who didn’t send the logbook off) still be in their records as the keeper? And hence the vehicle does have a keeper and the tax should have been renewed?
  3. Would a court see any common sense in this or am I better off trying to pay?
  4. Thanks for the reply bud, yes it’s on me . Nothing I can do? It’s not as if I was unwilling or refusing to pay ... The DVLA stopped the renewal...
  5. Apologies guys a few mistakes/typos above but it was too hard to go and fix them all whilst on my phone! I’m also aware of the fact that it is my responsibility to check about the logbook after four weeks - I’ve got no argument there ... Just seems wrong that they can not renew a DD - what possible reason would they give for that? The complaints perhaps from owners who sold the cars but were still getting charged?
  6. Hi all, first time poster here, apologies if I get anything wrong! I bought the car two years ago, immediately set up a direct debit and - foolishly now it seems - thought that was that. You all know where this is going... So, last month my car got clamped outside the house, that was the first I knew that my car was untaxed. It turns out I’ve been driving for a year with no tax, I was (and still am) a broken man . I regularly check my MOT and insurance online, but tax - it just never crossed my mind, the direct debit was set up immediately, it renews, so all good? Surely t
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