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Found 6 results

  1. Hi There I will need a new clutch please see the case below I purchased performance enhancing software for my car, this has now caused me to experience clutch slip when driving the dealer explained that the vehicle was experiencing to much power through the clutch, I went to this particular dealer for this software because they are the head office for the distributor network within the UK. I have spoken to other dealers within the network who agree that before they offer the software that I have on my car, they advise the customer that he will need a new clutch as part of the performance upgrade because of the power. I have never had any such advice from the guys at the head office informing me that I will need a new clutch consequently I am now suffering clutch slip which could have been easily avoided if they had given me the right advice to start with Please can somebody advise where I stand legally with regards to the above concern. the dealer has agreed to pay a full refund for the installation of the software but the software has now sadly caused damage to the clutch many many thanks
  2. So I part exchanged my car in the middle of last year; sent off the slip to the DVLA and thought nothing more of it. Then December last year I started getting letters from the DVLA etc saying my car wasn't insured. I sent off the proof of sale and they sent me a document telling me I was no longer the registered keeper. So it seems like they never received the original paperwork and I'm now still being pursued for not having insurance for a car I have proof of sale of! This seems ridiculous to me - do I really have to defend myself against this?!!
  3. Hi all (sorry, this is long) I am seeking advice on whether to pursue a PI claim against Tesco. I haven't had anything like this happen before and I can't seem to get my head together. There is so much background and I am in pain and very anxious, so I think I need an outside perspective? I slipped on some water in the drinks aisle at Tesco yesterday. I didn't fall all the way down (tried to stay upright due to the embarrassment of being in public!) but another customer saw it and came over to see if I was ok (it was a real "banana peel" moment, with my right leg going up in the air). I was more embarrassed than anything so I kinda just brushed her off, saying I was fine. I went over to the tills, reported the spillage to the supervisor and she apologised and asked if I was ok. I said yes, and went off to get my shopping (this happened within seconds of entering the store) - I was only picking up a couple of bits, so was in there less than 5 minutes, I guess? By the time I got back to the till, my lower back, right leg and lower right side of my stomach had started hurting and I think shock kicked in? I got all shaky and hot and started sweating profusely. I bumped into the same customer again, she asked if I was ok (I probably looked rough!) and I said no, I was feeling a bit rough now. She gave me her name/number (she kept saying to me I would be in more pain tomorrow and I should make a claim) and said I should sit down. Luckily I was at the self-service tills, next to customer service, so I went over. They got me a seat, some water and a fan and phoned their "injury helpline" to report it. They offered me ibuprofen but I didn't want to chance it (see below) so I gave them my details and, once I felt well enough, I left to pick my daughter up. Background medical: I am 9 weeks pregnant and on blood thinning meds to prevent miscarriage (I have a diagnosis and a previous successful pregnancy whilst on these meds). I also had a slipped disc in 2006, treated by GP & NHS physio at the time, with the occasional recurrences treated by a private osteopath. I saw my GP last night (I was picking up my repeat prescription anyway so made an emergency apt as I was in pain). He examined me, said it was probably a pulled muscle in my abdomen and that I shouldn't take ibuprofen, just paracetamol because of my other meds. He was concerned about the risk of internal bleeding due to my meds and said that if I bruise or start to bleed, I need to attend A&E immediately. Apparently because of the blood thinners there is a risk of internal haemorrhage. He ordered 2 days' bed rest and paracetamol, and to phone him if it got any worse - he offered to prescribe codeine but I don't want to risk it. Today, I have sciatic pain radiating down both legs (my slipped disc previously affected my left leg only) and am unable to stand, sit or walk comfortably. Also the pulled muscle in my stomach is killing me whenever I sneeze or stand up too quickly. My parents have had to come over and help out with my daughter most of the day, so I could stay in bed. My dad and husband are both telling me I should claim against Tesco - I don't understand why? What could I claim for - I didn't break anything or even hit the floor, I just have sciatic pain which could be attributed to my prior disc problems? I do have some slight bruising along my lower spine - I am waiting for my husband to get home from work to decide whether to go to A&E. If anything does happen, won't Tesco just claim that it is due to my history of miscarriage? I am just worried that they will demand to see my medical records and just say I had a prior back problem, which is exacerbated by pregnancy. I am sorry for the flood of info - I am hoping that there is a "legal" someone out there who can pick out all the relevant info. My mind is spinning and I am struggling to look after my 4-year old, as I don't want to take any more meds. I also run our business from home and can't focus today, as I am just worried about this little person inside me! If anyone has any advice, it would be gratefully received. I think I am mostly glad to get all this off my chest - it was a bit traumatic and I haven't had anyone to talk to about it today. Thanks for reading, if you got through all that!
  4. came from self employment to unemployment then in aug got work for agencey driver hirein aug 2012 i earnt £4883.36p to dec 2012 tax code was 810l/x. changed jobs dec 2012 to present gross income £6,000 to end of tax year.tax paid £1204.00 ni paid £344.64. tax code BR .so far this year tax paid £488.00 nat ins £137.52 to date 31/5/13. tax code still BR.married with 3 children under 16 yrs no other employment apart from stated here.why am i paying tax on everything i earn.seem worse off in work to be truthfull.any advice please would be helpfull to me.
  5. :|Hi Guys! Anyone with one of the above cars experiencing unusual clutch slip (at about 2000 rpm when accelerating, as in overtaking)? If so what has been reaction from dealer both in and out of waranty?
  6. I don't know if I am posting this in right place. My self and my husband got behind with council tax. The council have just put a attachment of earnings on my husbands wages. When my Husband got his wage slip there was no mention of the attachment of earnings on it. There was just a separate hand written piece of paper stating how much they had deducted from his wages to pay the council. Is this right can they just hand write it and not put on wage slip. It is causing us alot of problems. You see my husband gets paid by cheque. He is given cheque on a Sunday, but works Monday and Tuesday with no break so can't get to bank until Wednesday. My husbands bank takes 8-10 days to clear cheques. Meaning we have to wait at least 2 weeks after payday to access husbands wages. My husbands bank will clear cheque quicker (within 2-3days) if my husband faxes over his wage slip each month. But with the attachment of earning not being on wage slip. The wage slip and cheque he receives show different amounts. So bank won't accept wage slip. What can we do or are we stuck with having to wait 2 weeks to access wages. He has tried speaking to employer but employer doesn't care and won't for some reason put attachment of earnings on wage slip. I am guessing the reason is to save money as a accountant does wage slips and he writes out cheques. And so once he receives wages slips and sees how much he has to write out cheques for. He just deducts what has to be taken off and sent to council and writes 2 cheques and does it him self. I am guessing it would cost him more for accountant to do it. no any way any advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
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