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  1. They sent me a new one in January (recently dated) after I sent them the proof of sale,
  2. That's the problem - I thought I'd had the acknowledgement letter but can't find it - so maybe the slip didn't get to the DVLA. I got a letter from the DVLA in December so sent them my proof of sale document and got an acknowledgement letter then. I'd thought that was the end of it!
  3. thanks Radway - this is still hard to swallow! I've already told them I'd made all reasonable efforts to register my car properly. Seems like you're saying I should plead guilty as ridiculous as it feels to me
  4. If I've proven I wasn't the owner at the time why are they still trying to enforce against me? As I see it I have two options - A) not guilty as I wasn't the owner of the vehicle B) guilty by negligence - as I could have checked that the DVLA had updated their database What do you think?
  5. I'll have to check my current log book to see if I can remember exactly which. It was a part of the logbook that I completed; not anything else. Thanks for your replies guys
  6. So I part exchanged my car in the middle of last year; sent off the slip to the DVLA and thought nothing more of it. Then December last year I started getting letters from the DVLA etc saying my car wasn't insured. I sent off the proof of sale and they sent me a document telling me I was no longer the registered keeper. So it seems like they never received the original paperwork and I'm now still being pursued for not having insurance for a car I have proof of sale of! This seems ridiculous to me - do I really have to defend myself against this?!!
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