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  1. You have several grounds for complaints But getting a bos struck out once registered with the high court is of the upmost difficulty You would need either a very experienced pro bono or very deep pockets If you lost you are liable for the lenders costs Impossible to do yourself
  2. Yes you are going to have to put payplan in the picture Agree with dx that they are unlikely to try anything then whilst the matter is being addressed On the bright side here is an outcome of a complaint to the fos that may interest you https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/decisions-case-studies/case-studies/my-lender-has-said-itll-take-my-car-because-i-cant-afford-to-repay-my-logbook-loan
  3. Yes ban ends 31Jan Time order would be good but Just suggesting a free urgent alternative to buy a 30 day stay BOS are still the Wild West of lending Law Commissions proposals were dropped by the Government However once you have secured your car you have grounds for complaints IRL, unfair treatment ,etc Problem is once you sign a bos you have effectively transferred ownership of your vehicle
  4. Hate saying this but your lbl is linked to a personal loan agreement not an hp agreement they can just lift the car you don't have HP protections They must of course follow CONC when dealing with you I would get the car locked away in a garage and contact urgently stepchange Northern Ireland and get them to agree a repayment plan with CCP Under the CCTA logbook loan code ( section 4.8)CCP will then have to halt recovery procedures for 30 days if stepchange are involved
  5. Very much as expected HSBC is of course doing this to mitigate the fine from the FCA Much as Barclays has done https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-fines-barclays-treatment-customers-financial-difficulty The question is whether £25 to £100 is sufficient redress When the facts come out this I very much doubt
  6. No wonder HSBC have set aside £ 227 million to deal with this, seems that the problem is systemic amongst the banks We await the full details, but it seems to me that £25 won't cut it! A small detail buried on page 30 in Barclays’ full results for H1 2020, published on Wednesday, July 29 2020, shows that since February 2018, the FCA has been investigating whether the group implemented effective systems and controls with respect to collections and recoveries and whether it paid due consideration to the interests of customers in default and arrears. Barclays and HSBC refuse to comme
  7. Very Interesting, from the latest HSBC Interim Report These payments clearly relate to this HSBC will not comment further until the investigation is complete Various HSBC Group companies, including HSBC UK, are subject to an ongoing investigation by the FCA in connection with collections and recoveries operations in the UK. HSBC UK is cooperating with the investigation. There are many factors that may affect the range of outcomes, and the resulting financial impact, of this matter, which could be significant. At 30 June 2020, a provis
  8. These letters relate to very historic collection/recovery "service failures" concerning current accounts, credit cards and loans I have not had an account or debt with HSBC since 2008 My gut feeling is that it maybe connected to the use of their fake inhouse collectors Payment Sevices (PSB), Metropolitan and DG Solicitory but I will know more when they reply to my letter demanding details
  9. Just bank the cheque 100% genuine Banked mine, cleared, money in account ready for a bottle of something on HSBC for Christmas Have written to HSBC requesting details of their "failure " and will decide on the details of their reply whether to press for further redress
  10. Be very careful what you are signing You do not pay for collection Photograph from every angle with date of photos
  11. I wanted to see exactly what happened between the OCs receipt of your VT letter and their sale to Link It would also be useful to see your agreement To explain a little about PCP CCA 1974 was obviously written well before the inception of PCP Although there have been a couple of reported county court cases re excess mileage charges(decisions have gone both ways) there is no case law on which to rely The lenders seem reluctant to push forward with this, relying instead on S99(2) Right to terminate hire-purchase etc. agreements. (1) At any tim
  12. Something doesn't add up here re the default Can you post up the Comms log please
  13. Highly likely providing you were the first private buyer to purchase the car with HP or conditional sale outstanding the solicitors will conclude that you have good title and act accordingly As dx says let consumer law deal with this, keep the vehicle well hidden just in case but if you turn up at the sellers work and cause problems and the Police become involved its highly likely you will be the one with big problems
  14. From Alasdair Macleod , 40 years in stockbroking and financial analysis The Eurozone is bust. The deterioration of TARGET2 imbalances have been hardly noticed, but in recent months it has been alarming. Despite official denials over the years that it is a matter of concern, it is increasingly obvious that the national banks of Italy, Spain and other nations with increasing bad debts are hiding them within the TARGET2 system. The first wave of Covid-19, which is leading to bankruptcies throughout the Eurozone, is now being followed by a second wave, which will almost certainly take
  15. So, to deal with your assumptions Trump supporter? No, just don’t think it is correct to wish an overweight 74 yr old ill when ,at the time ,it was announced he had contacted covid in fact it would probably be a good thing for America if the president, congress and senate were all represented by the same party. I do however believe that Americans have a poor choice of candidates for the presidency. Climate science denier, no again, I dislike nonentity politicians such as Drakeford, who jump on a bandwagon in order to justify the loss of investment, job opportunities and prosperity t
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