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  1. im not sure if its the dvla or the royal mail losing it as i have had 2 letters not delivered from my local post office. Unfortunatly i have not made any copy as i've never had an issue before but since i make copies and take note of the dates posted and such. I mainly need advice as how to resolve the issue Thanks Sean
  2. Hi i revieved a letter from the dvla stating that a vehicle that was registered to me was used not taxed on the road. The vehicle in question was sold by me on ebay as a non runner just over a month previous to a motor trader in bolton area who had it recovered fom me in nottinghamshire. As per i had the trader section filled in and posted it a day or 2 after the sale with them taking the rest of the V5 logbook. Since receiving the first letter i have sent away the ebay sale and covering letters as an appeal to the dvla. All was still re
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