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  1. Thanks for the reply. Was just concerned that they would come back with a locksmith without notice. I've actually just paid the amount due in respect of the walking possession I signed (paid online to Bristow & Sutor) Am I right in thinking the walking possession cannot be then applied to the subsequent 2 accounts that were passed to them AFTER I'd signed the walking possession for the first account? I just need time.. I will actually be able to clear the amounts on the two remaining accounts at the beginning of June if needs be. Would rather make a payment arrangement but can
  2. Nothing has been seized, they knocked & I didn't answer, they put a notice through my door. Fees seem to be approx £400 from what I can work out. Just really need to know if they can force entry etc
  3. I've got into a pickle with council tax on various properties. I should point out that I've had terrible personal issues and have bipolar hence why this situation has occurred. Will give a brief outline now. I owed council tax on a property I moved out of oast year. I had a visit from a Bristol & Sutor agent a few months back, foolishly let them into my home, agreed a payment plan but also signed paperwork which included a walking possession document and inventory of my items. I thought I was being sensible at the time as had every intention of keeping up with the plan. Have now got
  4. Hi Need some help with a logbook loan I've foolishly taken out with easylogbookloans.tv (Christian Gachet) Took it out last December and it's for 12 months so due to finish next month. I've had trouble keeping up with payments of £362 per month. Currently I'm 1 payment and a bit in arrears, this will increase to 2 and a bit payments at the end of the week when the next payment is due. I can't make up my arrears, I can probably pay one payment by the end of the week but that will mean I will get behind on other things such as my mortgage. My first question is, can I use a deb
  5. Hi Hoping someone can help! I've got a default notice on my file for a Welcome Finance loan that I took out. I missed a couple of payments due to some extreme personal circumstances at the time..silly I know but couldn't be helped. Anyway, next thing I know, they had marked the account as defaulted and gave me no warning of this. I was able to catch up with my arrears but refused to until the default notice had been removed. As far as I am aware, they have to give notice of issuing a default..is that right? I'm sure I read it somewhere!! I contacted them on numerous occasions
  6. 2001...I shall wait and see what they come up with!
  7. Hi I've made a complaint to Next regarding PPI on my Next Directory account. I do not remember taking it out and would not have knowingly done so. They have come back with a very vague letter stating it would have been taken out either by ticking a box or during a phone call but they have not stated which and have not provided any supporting evidence.They seem to just be making a general statement rather than specific to my account. I have made a subject access request but am just wondering what to do after that if they don't have the application or can't prove where I select
  8. Thanks..it was paid off more than 6 years ago but luckily I have the paperwork! Have just finished completing the fos forms, fingers crossed they will look at!
  9. Thanks, I will crack on with FOS forms then! I didn't think there was a time limit..cheeky buggers!
  10. Hi I've made a PPI complaint to GE Money regarding an IGroup loan taken out in 2002. They have come back and said that it is timebarred under the Limitation Act 1980. As far as I was aware, for a PPI complaint to be timebarred it had to be sold more than 6 yrs ago AND they had to prove that the customer was aware that they had cause for complaint within the last 3 years. As they can't prove the 3yr rule, surely it cannot be timebarred? I'm a bit confused! They have also stated that the complaint can be referred to the FLA but don't mention the FOS - I'm confused as to what make
  11. Thanks for your help. Will contact FOS and hope for the best! Not sure how to go about doing a claim through the court but no doubt there will be plenty of info on here to help me decide if that's a possibility too.
  12. Hi Just wanting some help with a claim against Colonnial now Chatham Finance. The original response I got was actually from Paragon so it appears Chatham are part of that group. The basis of the complaint is that my dad was self employed & wasn't given details of T&Cs relating to self employment plus the cover wasn't described as optional. We have the agreement and the box relating to PPI is pre ticked and it doesn't state it is optional. He had no reason to query it at the time as was told he had to have it. The sale was made in August 1999 and the credit agreement was r
  13. Hi Just wanting some advice on a similar situation..it seems here is the place to be! I'm helping my dad with a claim against Colonial/Chatham Finance which now appear to be Paragon as I've received a response from them. The basis of the complaint is that my dad was self employed & wasn't given details of T&Cs relating to self employment plus the cover wasn't described as optional. We have the agreement and the box relating to PPI is pre ticked and it doesn't state it is optional. He had no reason to query it at the time as was told he had to have it. We received exact
  14. Thanks for your responses everybody, very helpful! In relation to your questions papasmurf, he had just said that he wished to raise a grievance shortly before he went off sick or it might have been initially when he went off sick and he sent an email saying he would like to raise a grievance, I would have to check. The HR lady then emailed him and said she would like to have a meeting to discuss the grievance, as he was then severely ill I responded and said he was in hospital and we would deal with the grievance at a later stage so it was just left at that. We since haven't had the ener
  15. Hi To be honest I don't think he wants to go back which is understandable but we are thinking he deserves the sick pay he will get for the time being after all he's been through..we want to get something out of it all and just don't feel like they should be calling the shots and deciding what's what after the stress they have caused him and the least they could do is pay sick pay until his sick period is up! Not that I'm bitter about it or anything
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