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Found 10 results

  1. Id really appreciate some help on this, I always pay my bills and I'm annoyed I'm getting chased for this. The Problem Me and a room mate lived in a 2 bedroom flat, arrangements were made by a student only letting agency on behalf of the landlord. Before signing we were told we had each got £8 a week allowance for gas/elec/water, but that the landlord would be handling the water bills. A few weeks ago I got a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owe the water company for the property £260. I didn't respond to any letters from the water company because I haven't lived at the address for a year now and I wasn't expecting any letters in the first place. For some reason its addressed to me only, not me and my my room mate. I rung them up instantly and explained how the bill wasn't my responsibility (I maybe shouldn't of done this, this is my first time ever dealing with this sort of thing I always pay my bills), they put the case on hold for 14 days whilst they investigate, I rung up the letting agent and they emailed me a copy of the agreement we signed for the property, although they said they no longer have a signed copy, me or my roommate also do not have a signed copy, I kept it for months and just got rid of it recently as I thought i wouldn't need it. I sent them the unsigned version, they said it wasn't enough. I went to the lettings agency and got them to provide a signed letter that states that the unsigned contract I had shown them was in place during the dates they provided and that it was the landlords responsibility (attached to this post), they replied saying that it is still not good enough and that I still needed to pay. They are constantly emailing me, I emailed back asking for an original invoice of the water bill addressed to me (Someones advice, I was sure they wouldn't have it as I never agreed to pay for water or expected one whilst living there) and I received an invoice today in the mail addressed to me. According to the invoice I owe Northumbrian water £160 however the agency is saying I need to pay them £260. More information: I also just noticed the letter the lettings has provided had the incorrect dates (16/17 instead of 15/16) on it which don't line up with those that the debt collectors have provided (when they should), I've emailed asking for a corrected version. Me and my room mate are still friends, if needed he was willing to still split the cost of the bill with me, id rather not have to do anything to jeopardise our friendship The invoice and letters are solely addressed to me for some reason I've done a credit check and this hasn't affected my credit score The dates provided by the credit agency for the water and the dates we lived there do line up I don't have any contact information for the landlord Any help will be greatly received, I will be monitoring and replying to this thread.
  2. Good morning everyone! My partner has had recent contact from this shower, who are acting on behalf of HSBC. A while ago, my partner opened a bank account with HSBC. He admits to running into an overdraft of £200, and, because he panicked, has ignored a number of letters from them trying to resolve it. He realised he couldn't ignore it any longer when a text message came to my landline for him, and I happened to pick this up, and asked him about it. he did telephone them, and spoke to the ethereal "Chris", who said that, if he coughed up instantly (there's no way he can), he would only have to pay £240, and not the £308 that they'd quoted (£108 being the "penalty" for not paying back the original £200). He has never denied that he owes the £200, but trying to set up an arrangement to pay in instalments is proving difficult. He telephoned "Chris" again about a week after the original call, and got his ansaphone, on which he left a message asking to be called back. That hasn't happened, at least, we've not had a call from "Chris". Another text message came to my landline last Saturday morning, from the equally ethereal "Claire", saying that no payment had been received, and they couldn't hold off further action any longer. He immediately phoned the quoted number, and found that the office was closed, even though someone somewhere had triggered off the text message, and so he left another message, saying that he was going to be out of the country until 4th October (he's a continental coach driver, and often away for more than 7 days at a time), please would "Claire" phone him back then, as he wanted to make arrangements to pay. I am typing a letter for him to send to them, as I think we should now deal with this only in writing - I'm sick of having to deal with text messages, and tw*ts who don't phone back. I have already suggested that he offers to pay £10 per month - this is what I would like your views on. Should this be agreed, what would be the best way to make payment each month? Neither of us is keen on trying to set up a DD or SO - I've read too many horror stories on this site! I've offered to write a cheque for him each time, but he's worried that they'll then have MY details, too, and try other nefarious things. He likes the idea of a postal order. Your opinions would be very gratefully received. Thank you all in advance.
  3. as the title says, I need some advice. Last night I was playing taxi service to my Mum, a small price to pay for the 17 years she did it for me. On my way I came to a mini roundabout slowing down as, the left turning is blind and I could see headlights. The car then jumped into the wrong lane cut the mini roundabout and caught my car, scraping the front bumper with the side of his car. I was about 2 feet away from the give way lines on the roundabout. It was then the pursuing police car came shooting past, pursuing the other car. After stopping and checking on the people in the car behind me, as they were a bit shocked but not hurt or anything, having a cigarette. I called the police, they told me the vehicle was uninsured and based on what they said I don't think they caught the driver either. my question is, what do i do next? I know if I claim on my insurance, I'm going to end up paying increased premiums due to some little (won't say the next word) who was breaking the law. Is there anything or anyone else, do the police hold any liability due to them pursuing at speed in a 30 mph speed limit?
  4. The following is an extract from a press article today. Westminster Council already have a similar system in place. If only other local authorities could follow this example. http://www.camdennewjournal.com/council-tax-exemptions THOUSANDS of people in Camden are set to be made exempt from paying council tax to save the Town Hall cash on chasing for money they do not have. Labour council chiefs are looking at a plan which would see around 11,500 of the borough's poorest residents no longer receive the bill from the Town Hall. The proposal will go out to a public consultation but could come into use next year. The people who will be covered by the scheme already have a discount of around 90 per cent on their council tax bill due to their circumstances, but would move to a status of paying none at all. Most are living on very low wages or entirely on benefits, and include families and disabled claimants. Conservative opposition councillors said the idea was borrowed from neighbouring Westminster, where the Tories are in power. In Camden, the loss of income would amount to around £1.4m a year, but the council estimates this will be offset by savings on bailiffs and court costs from no longer pursuing people and as the result of more money coming in from the recent increase in council tax. “There is not much point chasing people for £100 or so bill, after the discount they already have, with court orders bailiffs if they are never going to be able to pay." He added: “The rise in council tax will allow some room for redistribution. “In all, people get a good deal from the council with years of frozen council tax or below inflation rises.” “They should have listened to us earlier, as in Westminster they are already doing this. The trouble with Camden though is that council tax is far too high.”
  5. So I part exchanged my car in the middle of last year; sent off the slip to the DVLA and thought nothing more of it. Then December last year I started getting letters from the DVLA etc saying my car wasn't insured. I sent off the proof of sale and they sent me a document telling me I was no longer the registered keeper. So it seems like they never received the original paperwork and I'm now still being pursued for not having insurance for a car I have proof of sale of! This seems ridiculous to me - do I really have to defend myself against this?!!
  6. Hello, at my wits end with this, i sold a car 18th AUG 2014 the new owner went into a bus lane in Glasgow city centre on 12th SEPT 2014. The council contacted DVLA one week after and they provided them with my details, because their system was still showing me as the registered keeper. For over a year now and i have been fighting Glasgow city council and stirling park(debt recovery) over this mistake, i have provided DVLA headed documents to show that i wasnt the registered keeper at the time of the contravention yet they STILL chasing me for the debt. They have no right chasing me for money that i ain't liable for as far as iam aware?? Can someone please help, so i can get these people off my back?
  7. Hello, Back in 2007 I took out a loan with Welcome Finance. It was to pay off debts for a wedding which never happened. I went through a bit of an emotionally rough time and I don't even think I made my 3rd monthly payment. TODAY I received a claim form from the County Court Business Centre in Northampton. LOWELL PORTFOLIO LTD are chasing me for the money owed and attempting to obtain a CCJ on the debt. The debt is certainly STATUE barred. I've never acknowledged the debt, certainly not in writing, and no payment have been made within the last 6 years. Should they be attempting to obtain a CCJ if they know this? or are they known for trying it anyway? My worry is that I might be missing something, surely the court would throw this straight out otherwise? Thanks for any advice, really appreciated.
  8. Hello, I'm new to the site and I do appreciate people are volunteering their time. I am under time constraints though because the company say they will take further action if I don't reply within 14 days of the date of their letter, since it took 7 days to arrive that gives me a very short turnaround period. So here is my problem. In 2009 Wescot agreed to accept £1500 as final settlement on a credit card debt of £2500, thus leaving £1000 unpaid. I asked Wescot for a letter confirming this was a Full and final payment but they only partially complied. The letter they sent me says it was a final payment and that Wescot will not be pursuing the unpaid £1000 portion of the debt. I don't have proof but from memory I think Wescot were acting on behalf of Arrow Global. A company called rossendale have now written, they say on behalf of Arrow Global, seeking the unpaid portion of the debt. I wrote back explaining my circumstances and that a final settlement had been paid. They asked for proof, I wrote back with partial quotes from my Wescot letter and suggested they go back to Arrow Global and ask them to look up their files. Interestingly Arrow Global are able to quote the date and amount of my final payment, but say they need proof that this was a full and final settlement. I could just send them a copy of my Wescot letter, but I smell a rat and think they may try and say that just because Wescot said they wouldn't pursue the balance it doesn't mean they won't. Is there any legislation that covers a circumstance such as this? I'm tempted to write and ask them for copies of the information they have on file. I've been approached by rossendale out of the blue, I don't recognise the reference they use to identify the debt and I dislike the intimidating suggestions about 'taking this further' and whatever that implies. I really need to make this go away as quickly as possible, and I couldn't deal with the stress of fighting a court action. When I made this payment I had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer a nd was trying to clear as much debt as I could and put my affairs in order. My terminal illness hasn't gone away of course and it's still vitally important to me that my affairs are as clear of debt as possible as well as being free of any on-going issues. Were my cancer curable they'd say I was in remission, it's not, and I'm living on borrowed time. I don't want to seem melodramatic but I would really appreciate some help and advice Many thanks Iola
  9. Whilst living in student accommodation, I had a dispute with the landlord after my passport was stolen (reported to police) and myself and house-mates moved out on 2/2/2007 back home with our parents. No house-mates name was ever on any bill as all bills were included in with the rental price and we all left with 2 weeks paid notice. Now I'm being pursued by Buchanan Clark and Wells on behalf of British Gas after an electricity bill was taken out in my name on 14/02/2007 until 17/07/2007. The ONLY proof I have that I moved from that address is a bank letter stating a change in address on the 2/2/2007. I rang both BC&W and British Gas telling them the debt wasn't mine and was told to prove it. (My bank letter is unacceptable apparently and I wasn't given a tenancy agreement). I asked for proof of debt, electric contract, etc and was refused by both companies. How can I get these companies to accept the debt is not mine and/or leave me alone? Any help will be much appreciated. Just to point it out again, it is NOT my bill. I WAS NOT living there, so my name was fraudulently added to the bill.
  10. We have a mortgage on a second home in Portugal. We live in Canada and are no longer able to pay the mortgage for it especially as they want the whole amount repaid before we turn 75 in 10 years time. We have tried to sell it but can't, even at a low price. The mortgage is worth just over half of what we paid for the property so we have paid nearly 50% of the cost of the place. We think the best thing is to let it be repossessed Is the Portuguese system like the Spanish one where they can only pursue you up to 50% of the value of the original valuation? If so are they likely to pursue us in Canada for the ten to fifteen thousand shortfall? Any help would be really appreciated.
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