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  1. Great news from Court this morning. Eviction suspended. There was a representative from Shelter who came in with us and spoke on our behalf. The mortgage company wanted the application dismissed however when it became clear that they were relying on the pre action protocols having been completed in Dec 2010 when the possession order was fist granted and suspended the Judge basically finished the hearing and said due to no evidence of complying with pre-action protocol she was awarding the eviction suspension. This Company only bought the mortgage last September and all previous arrears had been cleared by 2012, so she said these were two distinct events. Thinking now that I should raise a complaint with the mortgage company to have the charges and costs removed on basis that they had not followed protocols. Any thoughts?
  2. Just been reading some CAG files and need to ask if the hearing does go badly tomorrow do I need to ask the district judge for leave to appeal? How do I appeal if eviction is not suspended? Thank you
  3. Quick update The court date got cancelled, Judge collapsed and no other judicial available. New date of 24th of August Received letter from Engage yesterday which was to reject latest offer to clear arrears as evidence provided to support proposal does not confirm the offer is affordable. I called them as I had not made an offer and wondered if this was the details supplied to the court as part of the hearing. Turns out it wasn't they are basing this on the field agent visit who looked at the income expenditure, IVA and agreed with us. I really think they are just pushing to court as the original suspended possession was Dec 2010. Should I consider asking for costs as they of course will end up passing to me otherwise?
  4. No duty legal rep available, said they are only available in magistrates court not in county?
  5. I don't I will have to see on the day. I will be seeing if my community support worker can come with me. Is it best for both the wife and I go?
  6. Dec 2010, I think they pushing to court due to proximity of 6 year date. They only applied to court to replace claimant name end last month. Anyway been to court and all good except fee remission form was wrong one, old one apparently. Hearing planned for Monday 15th. Will keep informed
  7. Yes thanks Ell-enn and budget sheet and fee remission Will go to court today. I did not know about going into fact of original suspended possession order was nearly 6 years ago., 2010, and with different company and has been managed fine and had been back to normal and eventually capitalized in 2012
  8. N244 with xx.pdf Converted to PDF to see if works. Strange but all the other attachments show normally on preview?? N244 with xx.doc
  9. I will get this right N244 with xx.doc What am I getting wrong on attaching the document?
  10. This is the statement I have prepared, using Ell-enn advice so thank you N244 with xx.doc
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